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Companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees tend to be destinations where workers get to enjoy the ever-elusive perk of work-life balance.

In general, work-life balance refers to the sweet spot employees experience when they have the time and energy to reasonably handle the responsibilities of both their personal and professional lives.

Businesses can encourage work-life balance among their workforces by offering a range of employee benefits, including: 

Companies that provide employees with various benefits can boost employee engagement and enjoy higher retention levels. On the other hand, companies that fail to provide enough benefits can accelerate employee burnout and experience more turnover. Prioritizing work-life balance saves companies the time and money it takes to fill open roles and allows them to generate more revenue from a productive workforce.    

Considering only 24 percent of employees strongly agree their companies care about employee well-being, businesses that do take care of their people will stand out to job seekers. This can be a major advantage for employers, especially since 32 percent of Gen Z workers and 39 percent of Millennial workers select a job based on work-life balance

There’s no right way to achieve work-life balance, but the following companies with the best work-life balance all make their employees’ well-being a top priority.

Companies With Work-Life Balance

  • Cisco
  • Ensono
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • GoHealth
  • KnowBe4
  • DailyPay
  • Sprout Social
  • Affinitiv 
  • Asana


34 Companies With the Best Work-Life Balance

Location: Fully remote

Industry: Cybersecurity

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Generous parental leave, mental health benefits, wellness programs, open door policy, job training, unlimited vacation

Nisos’ team of expert security analysts provide risk assessment and threat monitoring services along with client-specific intelligence to protect organizations from threats. Its services and solutions support security and intelligence teams, enabling them to eliminate digital vulnerabilities, prevent data leaks, respond to threats and mitigate fraud and misinformation.


Location: Fully remote

Industry: Software, professional services

Company size: 1,001 - 5,000 employees

Benefit highlights: Flexible PTO, virtual-first work model, remote work stipend, access to mental health resources through Modern Health and Therify, generous parental leave

Thumbtack runs an online platform consumers use to find local businesses and professionals with the skills to meet their home project needs. Users are able to see information like reviews and the number of times a business has been hired through Thumbtack. The company also offers a portfolio of tools that includes booking management and payments capabilities to support businesses and professionals.


Location: Fully remote

Industry: Big data

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Unlimited PTO, paid parental leave, wellness programs, remote work stipend

Enigma is a big data tech company that focuses on insights about the identity, financial health and activity of small and medium private businesses. It scours hundreds of data sources to gather information like names, websites, bankruptcy filings, corporate structures and average monthly card revenues. Enigma’s insights enable financial institutions to accurately evaluate loan applications, for example, and gives B2B companies intelligence that helps them better identify prospective customers.


Location: Santa Barbara, California

Industries: Cloud, software, information technology, artificial intelligence

Company size: 1,001 - 5,000 employees

Benefit highlights: Generous leave programs, annual professional development fund, Work Well reimbursement program, hybrid work culture

LogicMonitor offers a platform for IT infrastructure monitoring that has applications for industries such as manufacturing, retail, education and financial services. Its employees have several benefits they can depend on to enhance their work-life balance. That includes a hybrid work culture, wellness initiatives, an unlimited vacation policy and money to support each team member in their professional growth.


Location: New York, New York

Industries: Information technology, marketing tech, software, business intelligence

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Flexible PTO policy, wellness programs, professional development opportunities, hybrid work model

ActionIQ specializes in technology that helps brands make sense of and act on customer data so that they can enhance customer experiences. The company says its employee benefits are “catered to the whole person.” Those offerings include professional development in the form of workshops, conferences and other opportunities designed to help foster team members’ skills and talents. To ensure employees have the flexibility to prioritize their personal lives as well, ActionIQ provides them with wellness programs, generous PTO and a hybrid work model.


Location: Santa Monica, California

Industry: Automotive

Company size: 201 - 500 employees

Benefit highlights: Flexible paid time off, generous parental leave, summer Fridays, wellness perks

Edmunds provides vehicle shopping support, helping consumers choose which vehicle to buy and publishing sales listings, independent reviews and comparison tools to assess quality and value. The company supports employee work-life balance with benefits like flexible hours, a menu of paid leave options and wellness programs.


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Industry: Healthtech

Company size: 501 - 1,000 employees

Benefit highlights: Generous paid parental leave, remote and hybrid work options, five paid days a year to celebrate special moments, wellness programs

PatientPoint employees work to bring medical providers solutions that help them connect to and interact with patients, with the goal of improving health outcomes, revenue and the overall patient experience. To support its workforce, the company offers “a robust, modern, affordable benefits package” that allows team members to make work-life balance a priority. It includes paid sick days, holidays and Yay! Days on top of the four weeks of front loaded flexible time off that’s given to employees each year. They also get four to 12 weeks of paid leave to welcome new family members, whether there’s been a birth or they’ve made the choice to adopt a child.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Industry: Healthtech, Insurance

Company size: 1,000+ employees

Benefit highlights: Sabbatical leave, childcare benefits, paid volunteer time

Trupanion is a pet medical insurance provider that offers a wide array of benefits to help employees balance their personal wellness with their professional success. In addition to generous PTO that increases with every year of service, employees also qualify for a five-week sabbatical after five years of working at the company. It also offers paid volunteer time, on-site daycare for working parents and a pet-friendly workspace.


Location: Boulder, Colorado

Industry: Cybersecurity

Company size: 11 - 50 employees

Benefit highlights: Employer-paid health insurance, professional development opportunities, paid parental leave, team retreat

Rule4 provides a broad range of services centered around cybersecurity and emerging technology, with offerings such as cybersecurity assessments, penetration testing and compliance audit prep. The company’s employee benefits are intended to support team members’ professional growth and give them the resources to care for their personal well-being. Some of the highlights include employer-paid health insurance, a $1,000 outdoor pass, paid parental leave, professional development opportunities, team retreats and sabbatical leave.


Location: Bannockburn, Illinois

Industries: Cloud, logistics, software

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Paid sick days, generous paid vacation, company outings, open-door policy

Revenova is a B2B company that makes transportation management systems for third-party logistics companies using the customer relationship management platform Salesforce. Working with freight brokers, carriers and shippers, it enables global transportation logistics. Revenova supports work-life balance via company outings, generous paid vacation along with paid sick days, an on-site gym and game room at the company’s Chicago office and an open-door policy.


Location: Fully remote

Industry: HR tech, productivity, professional services

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Remote work, unlimited PTO, annual wellness stipend

Double is an HR tech company that connects as-needed executive assistants with busy professionals who could use help, but don’t quite need a full-time assistant. Clients pay for a package of hours based on their projected needs, with tiered hourly rates that decrease as hours increase. Both Double’s contract-based assistants and internal team members are able to work from anywhere as the company boasts a remote-first culture. Double also offers its unlimited vacation and PTO, a yearly wellness stipend, a sabbatical at three years of employment and paid volunteering time.


Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Industry: Software development

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Remote work program, unlimited PTO, onsite gym

PlayerLync’s mobile platform lets businesses engage their employees through learning, communication and access to important content and operational support. To engage its workforce, PlayerLync has established a benefits package that comes with perks for employees’ work and personal lives. It includes a remote work program, unlimited PTO and parental leave for both primary and secondary caretakers. In addition, PlayerLync’s office space has a game room, gym and stocked kitchen for employees to take advantage of.


Location: Austin, Texas

Industry: Hospitality

Company size: 51 - 200 employees

Benefit highlights: Childcare benefits policy, unlimited vacation, company-provided tech

InKind provides financing for restaurants, while also using its mobile app to connect them with a loyal customer base. InKind’s employees enjoy an array of benefits from unlimited vacation and money for childcare to company-provided Apple devices and access to a fitness center. The company’s benefit offerings give employees the tools to be successful at work and make their personal wellbeing a priority.


Location: Denver, Colorado

Industry: E-commerce, retail, mobile

Company size: 501-1,000 employees

Benefit highlights: Flexible hours with self-defined start and end times, generous parental leave

Tech company Ibotta runs a cashback app that allows users to get cash rebates when they make purchases in the Ibotta network of stores. It offers great benefits and work-life balance to its nearly one thousand employees, including flexible hours with self-defined start and end times and a return-to-work program that follows its generous parental leave.


Location: San Jose, California 

Industry: Cloud, information technology, Internet of Things 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Tuition reimbursement, job swap opportunities, generous PTO, fitness centers

Cisco equips businesses with physical and wireless connections, ranging from routers and switches to mobile access points. The company also provides data analytics tools and cybersecurity measures, so companies can keep track of their digital assets and take precautionary actions when needed.  

Cisco also implements thoughtful measures to preserve its employees’ well-being. Tuition reimbursement, generous PTO, a fun fund for team activities, job swaps, parental leave and onsite fitness centers encourage employees to fulfill their personal and professional needs.


Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Industry: Cloud, information technology 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Free wellness programs, paid volunteer days, company training programs

Ensono provides hybrid IT solutions ranging from mainframe to cloud and managed infrastructure. It also offers consulting and advisory services that range from IT assessments to cybersecurity strategy.

Ensono promotes a work-life balance through a variety of perks like paid volunteer days, performance bonuses and free wellness programs.


Location: Redwood City, California   

Industry: Cloud, software 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Mental health support, flexible time off, paid parental leave, employee stock plan

Box is a developer of cloud-based management tools for digital content. Its software allows secure collaboration and sharing of files inside or outside of a business, and offers more than 1,500 app integrations for easier workflow implementation.

Box offers a hefty batch of perks and benefits designed for employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Unlimited time off, paid parental leave and an employee stock purchase plan are just a few of them.

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Location: Fully Remote 

Industry: Cloud, consumer web, productivity 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Flexible work options, generous PTO, 401(k) match, paid volunteer hours

Dropbox is a service for storing files and photos, keeping them accessible on mobile, web and desktop formats. Besides additional and cloud storage options, Dropbox lets customers restore lost or deleted files with convenient version history and file recovery features.

Employees at Dropbox enjoy a great deal of flexibility. Remote work, a 401(k) contribution match and up to four consecutive weeks of PTO highlight the benefits package. And because every employee is different, Dropbox lets its employees customize their benefits with the company’s Perks allowance.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Healthtech, information technology, sales

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: 401(k) with company match, healthcare benefits, professional growth support 

GoHealth aims to streamline the health insurance process for both consumers and carriers. Through the platform, consumers can compare health insurance quotes and buy online. For carriers, it offers tools that help them engage and retain members. 

GoHealth shows its support for health and wellness all the way to the perks and benefits it offers. Generous parental leave, paid sick days and unlimited PTO are a few of the benefits employees can enjoy.

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Location: Clearwater, Florida  

Industry: Cybersecurity

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Flexible work, company-wide monthly bonuses, free gym benefits

KnowBe4 hosts a platform for cybersecurity awareness training programs and tools. With its software, users are educated on topics such as phishing attacks and social engineering, and can measure specific trainee performance and risk factors.

KnowBe4 provides multiple options for employees to maintain their work-life balance. Flexible and remote working programs, company-wide monthly bonuses and fitness subsidies are just a few of the perks and benefits offered.


Location: New York, New York 

Industry: Fintech, HR tech, financial services

Company size: 501-1,000 employees 

Benefit highlights: Unlimited PTO, hybrid and remote work, 401(k) plan with 4-percent match

Instead of waiting for a paycheck every few weeks, DailyPay allows employees to choose when they want to be paid. Employees accrue their money in an account for each active hour they work and then they can choose how much money they want to take out at any time. When paycheck time comes around, all the money that was taken out via DailyPay is automatically deducted from the overall check so there’s no confusion or loss of money.

DailyPay offers a 401(k) option with a 4-percent match, free daily meals, hybrid and remote work options, unlimited PTO and more for employees seeking work-life balance.


Location: Chicago, Illinois  

Industry: Marketing, business intelligence

Company size: 1,000+ employees

Benefit highlights: Unlimited PTO, remote work option, parental leave, mental health services

Sprout Social makes social media management and business intelligence tools for brands and brand ambassadors. The software helps companies across multiple industries track business analytics, improve customer engagement and satisfaction and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients.

Sprout Social provides perks and benefits aimed at cultivating a healthy work-life balance for its employees, including an unlimited vacation policy, a remote working program, and social events ranging from local volunteer opportunities to company outings.


Location: Fully Remote  

Industry: Marketing, automotive 

Company size: 501-1,000 employees 

Benefit highlights: HSA plan with company match, generous PTO, remote work  

Affinitiv is a marketing technology company for auto manufacturers, dealership groups and individual dealers. The company’s digital marketing suite of tools is designed to help companies in the auto industry reach more customers.  

Affinitiv gives employees a meaningful work-life balance through perks like a remote work policy, generous PTO, leadership training and HSA plans with company matches.


Location: San Francisco, California   

Industry: Productivity, software 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Mental health programs, parental leave, in-house culinary program

Asana hosts a SaaS application for work coordination, management and organization. Its software aids workers looking to congregate key productivity tools and resources into one space. Teams using Asana are able to create projects, delegate tasks to specific members, track company-wide goals and metrics, and more. 

Asana aims to support work-life balance with its perks and benefits. Some that employees can enjoy include sabbatical leave, generous parental leave, as well as both flexible and remote working programs.

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Location: Santa Clara, California  

Industry: Artificial intelligence, cloud, information technology  

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Flexible work models, fertility benefits, tutoring programs for children 

Intel supports individuals and businesses with a host of hardware and wireless products. Besides its renowned laptop and desktop products, the company also provides processors, GPUs, Wi-Fi products and Ethernet technologies. 

While covering all its bases on the technology front, Intel hasn’t forgotten about the human side of its company. Employees can appreciate benefits that include flexible work models, fertility benefits, tutoring programs for their children, four- or eight-week sabbaticals, mental health apps and reimbursements for gender reassignment or reaffirming procedures for LGBTQ+ employees.


Location: Louisville, Colorado

Industry: Fitness, music, eSports 

Company size: 201-500 employees 

Benefit highlights: Hybrid and remote work, on-site fitness facility and cafe, unlimited time off

Peaksware is the parent company for software brands TrainingPeaks, TrainHeroic, MakeMusic and Alfred Music. These brands provide resources, technology and expertise to advance training for athletes and musicians.

Peaksware encourages a healthy work-life balance by offering its employees perks and benefits like unlimited flexible time off; an on-site fitness facility; access to discounts on memberships and gear for health and wellness; and remote, hybrid and in-office work options.


Location: Fully Remote

Industry: Travel 

Company size: 51-200 employees

Benefit highlights: Remote work, paid family leave, education stipend, wellness stipend 

Travel company Going is the next iteration of Scott’s Cheap Flights, a membership service that scouts flight deals. With a fully remote team and benefits like paid family leave, continuing education, a wellness stipend, flexible Fridays, time off to do volunteer work and a generous expense account for work-related tech and equipment, work life balance is a priority for the company.


Location: Fully Remote

Industry: Digital media, consumer web

Company size: 201-500 employees 

Benefit highlights: Unlimited PTO, remote work, equity grants, $100 monthly food credit 

With Cameo, celebrities set their own rates and people can book them to make personalized shout-out videos. The site is full of thousands of bookable celebrities ranging from actors to musicians and YouTubers.  

Cameo offers its employees several perks that promote a healthy work-life balance, like unlimited PTO, flexible work options, a $100 monthly food benefit, a company hotspot and a bi-annual work stipend.


Location: Denver, Colorado 

Industry: Travel, hospitality 

Company size: 51-200 employees

Benefit highlights: Flexible PTO, paid volunteer time, paid parental leave, remote and hybrid work 

Travelers Haven is a national provider of corporate apartment rentals for traveling and relocating professionals, with housing options available nationwide.

Just like how it prioritizes the leisure of its customers, Travelers Haven also prioritizes the leisure of its employees. A few perks and benefits include generous parental leave, paid wellness time off and paid volunteer time.

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Location: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Cybersecurity, information technology 

Company size: 51-200 employees 

Benefit highlights: Medical and dependent care FSAs, unlimited PTO, remote work options 

NowSecure creates mobile app security testing software that assesses an app’s security protocols in minutes. The company has provided automated security testing, penetration testing and risk intelligence data to global brands like CapitalOne, Under Armour and Kellogg’s.

NowSecure makes sure work-life balance is a priority with flexible work-from-home policies, medical and dependent care FSAs and a 401(k) plan.


Location: North Billerica, Massachusetts   

Industry: Edtech

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Flexible PTO, tuition reimbursement, fitness center, financial support fund

Curriculum Associates is known for developing an online educational program known as “i-Ready,” which provides instructional resources for teaching foundational reading and mathematics skills for grades K-8. Curriculum Associates overall aims to provide equitable learning opportunities for all, and improve the classroom environment for students and teachers. 

Curriculum Associates offers a variety of support for its employees to maintain work-life balance, such as unlimited vacation, tuition reimbursement, company-held outings and a company fitness center.


Location: Chicago, Illinois 

Industry: Marketing, design 

Company size: 51-200 employees 

Benefit highlights: Childcare benefits, generous PTO, remote work program, parental leave 

One North Interactive creates individualized digital experiences for the professional services industry. The agency integrates strategy, UI/UX design and different applicable technologies into each digital experience. One North has worked with professional service industry giants like Sidley, Skadden and Berkeley Research Group to boost their digital experience and create a more engaging experience for users.     

One North Interactive promotes a healthy work-life balance by offering comprehensive health benefits, childcare stipends, an onsite gym and four weeks of PTO.


Location: Fully Remote 

Industry: Edtech 

Company size: 201-500 employees 

Benefit highlights: Parental leave, flexible time off, remote and hybrid work, wellness stipends

Panorama Education’s platform is designed to help educators use data to support students’ needs and improve schools. The platform includes a social-emotional learning dashboard, which helps measure and track a student’s social and emotional well-being so they can be successful in class. Additionally, the “Student Success” dashboard tracks students’ progress across academic, attendance and learning levels with the goal of getting them the proactive help they need.

Some of the perks and benefits Panorama Education provides include parental leave, a remote working program, wellness programs and unlimited vacation.


Location: Fully Remote  

Industry: Internet of Things, payments, software 

Company size: 1,000+ employees 

Benefit highlights: Paid vacation time, education reimbursement, flexible work options 

CSG helps companies launch and monetize their digital content and services. The company’s cloud-based software solutions range from monetization to revenue management and customer experience tools designed to help manage costs, time spent on getting to market and overall user experience. 

CSG ensures work-life balance is a staple for its employees with the perks and benefits it offers. Flexible working schedule, tuition reimbursement, unlimited vacation and more can all be enjoyed at the company.

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