20 Chip Manufacturing Companies in India to Know

India’s semiconductor companies specialize in chip design, fabrication and developing materials for chip manufacturers.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 10, 2024
20 Chip Manufacturing Companies in India to Know
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Semiconductors, commonly referred to as chips, are essential computing components that have allowed tech to proliferate throughout much of the modern world. These tiny pieces of hardware, made from silicon and germanium, contain electric circuits that power most electronic devices from data centers to personal computers, down to the smallest of sensors.

Despite their prevalence in our day-to-day lives, semiconductor companies and chip manufacturers have only become the center of attention in recent years due to the emergence of artificial intelligence. The rise of AI has created a need for faster and more powerful computing systems to train and operate chatbots and LLMs, or large language models.

In the race to build better and more powerful chipsets, India is becoming an important center for many global semiconductor companies as the country has vast expertise in all aspects of the industry, from chip design to fabrication and validation. Below are some of the chip manufacturing companies in India to know as the AI and semiconductor sector continues to grow. 

Top Chip Manufacturing Companies in India

  • AMD
  • Samsung
  • Intel
  • Arm
  • Microchip
  • Broadcom
  • Incore

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Top Chip Manufacturing Companies in India to Know

NVIDIA is a computer hardware manufacturer one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. The company came to prominence manufacturing graphics cards and quickly became popular among gamers. The company is now teaming up with AI developers, as it’s made significant advances in chips to train AI systems. NVIDIA operates several offices throughout India, including ones Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai.


AMD manufactures semiconductors and recently established a global design center in Bangalore, also called Bengaluru. The Bengaluru facility joined AMD’s Delhi and Karnataka offices. AMD’s chips, used in products like laptops and graphics cards, have artificial intelligence applications as they power and train generative AI and large language models. It’s also developed AI-specific hardware.


Samsung has gained recognition for its TVs, smartphones and home appliances; however, it also manufactures the chips to power them. Samsung designs its semiconductors under its Foundry brand and uses the brand to manufacture chips for various clients. Powering Samsung’s chip manufacturing is an impressive office network throughout India and around the world.

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Intel is a storied American technology company with global manufacturing operations. The company’s chips power everything from personal computers to data infrastructure and AI and LLM engines. Intel has a huge presence in Indio, employing more than 14,000 workers. 


Arm is a British semiconductor company. Its chips serve as central processing units, or CPUs, in automobiles, cameras and cloud computing, among other uses. AI is also an enormous focus for Arm and it’s developed AI CPUs that optimize processing for workloads. 


Microchip develops semiconductors for all use cases, from aerospace to medical devices and consumer appliances. The variety in its products means that the company uses a wide range of technologies in its units including microprocessors and radio frequency devices. 


Broadcom is a global hardware manufacturer specializing in designing semiconductors for telecommunications products like internet modems and network storage systems. Although Broadcom is headquartered in the United States, it operates in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

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Incore is a fabless processor company headquartered in Chennai. Fabless is a type of semiconductor manufacturing process wherein one company decides how to assemble and sell its products but outsources the fabrication to another company. In Incore’s case, the company uses a tool called core-hub generators to design open-source hardware with a variety of applications.


Mindgrove Technologies is an Indian chip manufacturer creating Systems-on-Chips, or SoC, components. SoC products are small but powerful because they integrate multiple components into one system that can power sensors and IoT devices

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Tessolve provides end-to-end semiconductor services ranging from chip design to manufacturing and testing. Through its VLSI design team, it works with clients to develop semiconductors that meet their business needs, go-to-market strategy and post-silicon testing. To date, the company has worked with clients in the automotive, industrial and avionics industries.


Headquartered in Hyderabad, MosChip is a fabless semiconductor working with aerospace, medical and telecommunications clients. The company excels at chip design and development but also provides a bevy of adjacent services, including post-silicon validation, printed circuit board design and software development. 


Aura develops high-precision chips for the telecommunications industry. The company’s semiconductors use a mixed-signal integrated circuits construction essential to reduce latency issues for 5G services. 


Sankalp is a specialized service provider in the semiconductor market. Its services range from microchip design to circuit layout. Throughout its operations, it has advised Fortune 500 companies and established international offices in the United States, Canada and Germany. 


Bharat Electronics Limited is a government-backed defense and electronic company and manufacturer. It has historically developed defense products like weapons and tanks but recently ventured into tech and semiconductors. According to the company, it specializes in designing — rather than manufacturing — chipsets. 


HCL Technologies is a large tech company possessing expertise in AI, cloud computing, engineering and semiconductors. The company employs several thousand people to design chips and the accompanying software. It has also invested heavily in chip-producing labs and facilities.


L&T designs silicon chips and develops software to expand their usability. According to the company, its accompanying platform software provides chip validation and enables chips to connect with devices like IoT sensors and drones.


Micron Technology is an American computer company with a semiconductor factory in Gujarat. With over 40,000 employees, the company designs and manufactures chips for graphic processing units and storage devices like solid-state storage, or SSD, and random-access memory, or RAM, products. 

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While Applied Materials does not manufacture chips, its tech and services are essential in the industry. The company specializes in engineering materials for semiconductor development. According to the company, it modifies materials at subatomic levels and provides versatility to clients when designing chipsets. 


Tata Elxsi is part of the Tata Group, a large conglomerate of companies headquartered in India. Alongside semiconductors, the company focuses on tech development including artificial intelligence capabilities. That said, its chips serve as the backbone for much of the AI and machine learning engines it develops. 


ASM Technologies is an Indian tech company with expertise in the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries. Over the years, the company has developed experience in the field and now develops the semiconductors used in its products.

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