Jessica Powers | Aug 10, 2022

Semiconductors are ubiquitous. These hardware components allow everything from simple switching circuits to devices like computers, smartphones and medical equipment to function and respond to user commands accurately. 

As semiconductor technology continues to improve, devices of all kinds will too, opening up new possibilities across all industries.

Semiconductor Companies To Know

  • Nvidia
  • AMD
  • Qualcomm
  • Intel Corporation
  • Micron Technology
  • Broadcom Inc.

When semiconductor hardware is paired with powerful software, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning programs, it opens up near-limitless amounts of potential and a pathway to exploring applications that will make life easier for people worldwide.

Excellence in semiconductor tech is only achievable through the continuous research of professionals pushing the boundaries of what our devices can offer us. These 40 semiconductor companies illustrate how the next piece of life-changing technology is just a breakthrough away.


Semiconductor Companies to Know


Location: Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

II-VI produces engineered materials, optoelectronic components and optical systems, developing integrated solutions for the communications, aerospace, defense, life sciences and consumer electronics industries. From producing LiDAR automotive components and optical amplifiers for submarine communication to refining rare metals for use in high-pressure applications, II-VI enables continued research across a range of industries.

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Location: San Jose, California

In the semiconductor industry, Advantest is a large manufacturer of automatic measuring equipment. It also designs the test systems needed to develop and manufacture advanced computer and telecoms products. The company said the lineup includes SoC and memory test systems, test handler, device interface, test cell and automation solutions.


Location: Santa Clara, California

AMD, well known in the gaming hardware world, produces internal processors, high-powered graphic systems and specialized gaming products for multiple use cases that make the most of silicon, hardware and software technologies.


Location: Cupertino, California

Apple is one of the world’s largest technology companies, creating devices that are used by billions of people worldwide. Apple’s products include the Mac series of computers, the iPad and the iPhone, with brands like Beats Electronics and InVisage Technologies existing under the company’s umbrella. It also uses the M-series of chips in some of its newer devices.


Location: Centennial, Colorado

Arrow Electronics makes and distributes a variety of technology and computer components. Along with semiconductor solutions, the company also offers lighting, solar and power supply products. Arrow Electronics partners with manufacturers around the world, including Analog Devices, Ultraleap and Infineon.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Applied Materials’ provides services and materials for the manufacturing of semiconductor chips that are used in electronics like iPhones, televisions and cars. The company said it invests in digital infrastructure to shorten product development cycles.


Location: San Diego, CA

Qualcomm makes semiconductors and components for a variety of industries. The company has had a notable impact on mobile and smartphone applications with its Snapdragon 5G platform. Qualcomm also offers a semiconductor mentorship program where it works with startups in India to refine their semiconductor products.


Location:  Santa Clara, California

NVIDIA is a gaming hardware and AI company known for its creation of the graphics processing unit in 1999. Since then, the company has developed hardware and software for gaming, laptops, data centers and apps. Its solutions are used in industries such as architecture, cybersecurity, robotics and game development.


Location: San Jose, California

Cadence Design Systems produces all-encompassing software for IC and IP design that, according to the company, enhance capabilities throughout the 5G, automotive, aerospace, defense and AI industries. The company’s custom, analog and RF IC solutions bring streamlining automation functions to circuit design, circuit simulation, layout design, layout verification and more, with an IP platform available to customize app-driven SoC designs.


Location: Maynard, Maryland

EFFECT Photonics specializes in integrated optical communications products. The company’s products use its Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology which combines multiple data signals into a single optical fiber. EFFECT Photonics aims to address the need for connections between data centers and cell towers by integrating photonic components within a single chip.


Location: Malibu, California

HRL Laboratories creates innovative radio frequency, millimeter-wave and electro-optical sensor subsystems and components. Its new high-frequency technologies reduce system size and weight by enabling smaller passives and apertures. The research and development laboratory provides engineering, prototyping and production services that involve semiconductor and microfabrication technologies.


Location: San Diego, California

InnoPhase is a fabless semiconductor company that has set out to redefine how wireless solutions are processed, helping the IoT industry move seamlessly into the future. The company’s technology reduces the power-consumption requirements of Wi-Fi and allows devices that formerly could not be battery powered due to massive power draw to become portable, and also increases the chargeable lifespan of many devices from hours to weeks.


Location: Milpitas, California

KLA is an equipment and services semiconductor company that operates across industries like IoT, automotive and AI. The company offers process control and process-enabling solutions for manufacturing wafers and reticles. KLA aims to improve the speed of devices through its extensive chip manufacturing sector that works in the data analytics and metrology industries. 


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Lightmatter combines electronics, photonics and algorithmic expertise to create a next-generation computing platform purpose-built for AI. The company has created a photonic processor and interconnect that offers what it says are record-levels of speed, efficiency and cooling capabilities. 


Location: San Francisco, California

Tempo Automation provides the foundation for devices across industries, designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards for aerospace, medtech and industrial tech companies on which to launch big ideas. Specializing in rapid PCB prototyping and low-volume circuit board production, Tempo Automation’s services include AutoCAD analysis and same-day DFM capabilities.


Location: San Jose, California

Broadcom designs, develops and supplies semiconductor technology and infrastructure software solutions, covering a range of enterprise storage, networking and communications use cases. The company’s line of products include storage adapters, wireless embedded solutions, RF components, processors, custom silicon devices and motion control encoders, helping power massive businesses across a range of industries.


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Location: Chandler, Arizona

Qorvo uses its radio frequency and microchip products to increase connectivity across the globe. Its chips are used across several applications and fields including defense and aerospace, Wi-Fi connectivity, automotive and wireless infrastructure. The company offers locations in 17 different countries and its products can be bought online.


Location: Boise, Idaho

Micron Technology deals with memory — computer memory and data storage. It creates products for companies that produce smartphones and also memory and storage consumer products. Micron pioneered a way to store ever-growing amounts of data in a cost-effective way, according to the company’s site.


Location: Durham, North Carolina

Cree is a global leader in silicon carbide technology and production. Its products provide services for industries ranging from electric vehicles to renewable energy and storage to aerospace and defense.


Location: Austin, Texas

Mythic’s Analog Matric Processors enable the deployment of AI in edge devices (routers, routing switches and integrated access devices) across multiple industries, including urban spaces, consumer electronics, vehicles and intelligent machines and robots. AMPs leverage analog computing by performing calculations required for inference of deep neural networks inside a dense flash-memory array.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Intel is used in a variety of sectors, ranging from hospitality and retail to sports, healthcare, financial services and transportation. Its product lineup includes its Pentium and Intel Core and Xeon chips; chipsets for mobile, desktop, server and embedded use; graphics processing units; single- and multi-node servers and server chassis and boards; plus FPGAs and programmable devices, according to the Intel website.


Location: Plano, Texas

Ares Materials produces AI-enabled optical polymers designed to bring the display industry to new heights. The company analyzes the requirements of its customers and transforms them into formula splits to rapidly produce new prototypes, leading to optical films and adhesives that the company said outperform expectations.

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Location: Burlington, Massachusetts

Butterfly Network created the first handheld, whole-body ultrasound probe, which is paired with cloud-based software to deliver an imaging system that delivers vital information, in a variety of use cases, across multiple care settings. The Butterfly iQ and next-generation Butterfly iQ+ have received CE Mark and FDA clearance, and are sold in hospitals and clinics worldwide.


Location: San Jose, California

Celera utilizes an AI-driven platform to offer custom integrated circuit design to customers with a variety of needs. The company said it is among the first manufacturers to be able to offer custom integrated circuit boards by automating the design process, allowing Celera to deliver chip layouts 100 times faster than legacy teams and flows — a breakthrough in the analog/mixed-signal research and development process.


Location: Fremont, California

Corsair produces several lines of products that, according to the company, not only allow for high-powered computing, but make the digital experience as enjoyable and capable as possible. From memory, storage and cooling components to gaming chairs and ambient light setups, Corsair serves those in need of exceptional computing solutions across industries.


Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Dover Microsystems’ CoreGuard technology presents a solution for preventing software vulnerabilities from being exploited in embedded systems and protecting processors from network-based attacks. The company said it believes in addressing cybersecurity challenges from the root cause and stopping attackers’ abilities to take over the processor before all else, adding protection capabilities to the physical unit to pair with existing software protection measures.


Location: San Jose, California

GCT Semiconductor creates IoT connectivity components that support and enhance the growth of an industry, according to the company’s website. GCT’s ultra-low power IoT solution offers easy plug-and-play capabilities and minimal operator maintenance, leading to further advancements in devices like smart cars, smart homes, healthcare devices and more.

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Lightelligence says it is committed to increasing the speed and capabilities of artificial intelligence technology, utilizing the power of photonics to achieve exceptional results. The company’s optical chips offer high speeds, low latency and low power consumption capabilities, leading to upgrades over traditional electronic architectures, with deep learning algorithms and tunable Efficient Unitary Neural Networks integrated to empower high-performance computing.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Marvell designs silicon technologies that expand capabilities in the automotive, enterprise and cloud industries, driven by comprehensive research and development when creating processor, switch, SSD and Ethernet products. The company has been involved in launching advanced data centers, connecting automotive networking technology through a centralized Ethernet and installing smart 5G infrastructure.


Location: Milpitas, California

Micross provides semiconductor solutions to innovative companies across the aerospace, defense and commercial industries, offering full turnkey capabilities and testing expertise to solve emerging challenges. The company said that its reputation, built up over decades of working with the unique demands of clients, has led it to become a leader in driving time-to-market, even when a high level of service integration is necessary.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

NanoGraf Corporation designs silicon anode products that help bridge the gap between the power-consumption needs of today’s consumers and the technology that is available to them. Utilizing silicon as a replacement for graphite in lithium-ion battery powered devices, NanoGraf Corporation increases gravimetric and volumetric capabilities in devices when fully lithiated, helping deliver longer battery life and better experiences to users.


Location: Dallas, Texas

NetMercury is a high-volume supplier of semiconductors and hi-tech products, with more than 1,200 suppliers worldwide. The company produces and houses more than 30,000 products for uses ranging from advanced process control, assembly and packaging to chemical delivery, cleanroom tech and more, with repairs, sourcing and supply chain management solutions available as well.


Location: Austin, Texas

Patchr.io said it bridges the gap between innovators and manufacturers by offering an intuitive platform for PCB design and prototyping through both software and low-volume manufacturing capabilities. The company’s solutions feature a complete design suite, a streamlined prototyping stage and a fabrication process that utilizes only top-quality materials and includes assembly as well.


Location: Cupertino, California

Real Silicon offers a range of high-performance SOC, internal processor and IoT technology solutions that enable manufacturers to pack remarkable amounts of power into their designs while still producing streamlined products. Multiple performance chipsets are available, along with low-power devices for applications requiring battery endurance, and are put into use by companies like AMD and Juniper Networks to consistently bring new capabilities to extraordinary industries.


Location: Sunnyvale, California

Sentons designs surface-agnostic touchscreen technology, combining acoustic electromechanic principles and proprietary SurfaceWave technology to develop interactive surfaces in any shape or material. The company’s touchscreen technology has been applied to technology ranging from wearables to automotives and PC devices, with gesture-tracking algorithmic software also available from Sentons that provides more natural user experiences in all devices.


Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Syndiant produces micro-display chips that allow consumers to enjoy large screen experiences in portable electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, game consoles and cameras. The company’s patented architecture uses powerful parallel processing to create high resolution light modulating chips within a small form factor for use in pico projectors.

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Location: Seattle, Washington

Vita Inclinata Technologies relies on advancing silicon capabilities and growing automation applications to ensure that technological limitations never result in death for those working across dangerous industries. With use cases in the aerospace, defense, construction and additional high-risk industries, Vita Inclinata’s load stability, hoisting and long line solutions bring additional lines defense into play when they are most needed, with additional solutions available for the private sector as well.


Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Volta Labs engineers tools that lead to more critical discoveries in the biotech industry. Combining computing and automation expertise with material sciences, biochemistry and genetic engineering, the company creates programmable fluidic chips that make biological automation possible, opening up a world of possibilities that further blur the line between life science and technology.


Location: San Jose, California

Alien Technology produces RFID technology that it says leads to heightened capabilities and significantly better security across physical and digital devices. Specializing in the design and fabrication of RFID ICs, readers, antennas, tags and labels, Alien Technology offers RFID solutions and professional services to back up their work.


Location: Austin, Texas

Ambiq Micro develops low-power batteries for use in IoT and wearable devices that it says broadens the limits of what is possible in portable tech. The company’s Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology utilized in its batteries uses 13 times less energy than conventional batteries without having to sacrifice device functionality or appearance, making it the battery of choice for everything from gaming headsets to intelligent remotes.

Lisa Bertagnoli contributed reporting to this story.

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