34 Top Tech Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is a leading tech hub, drawing in high-growth companies and startup capital.

Written by Margo Steines
34 Top Tech Companies in Bangalore
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Margo Steines | Jun 11, 2024

Bangalore, formally known as Bengaluru, has earned the nickname of India’s Silicon Valley. It’s become a magnet for high-growth companies and startup capital, establishing its standing as a leading tech hub not just for southern India, but throughout all of Asia. These top tech companies in Bangalore are helping to propel the country’s tech momentum. 

Top Bangalore Tech Companies

  • Zoom
  • ServiceNow
  • Caterpillar
  • Toast
  • NorthernTrust
  • Q2
  • RingCentral
  • Opendoor


Top Tech Companies in Bangalore

Definitive Healthcare makes commercial intelligence software for the healthcare industry. Its products give clients access to comprehensive portfolios of data and information on healthcare providers and institutions, guiding business decisions in sales and marketing, product development and other areas of healthcare commerce that rely heavily on business intelligence. The Massachusetts-based company has an operations hub in Bangalore. 


Schr​​ödinger is a molecular biotech firm that makes software products to aid drug discovery. Using enterprise software tools for computation and technology like predictive software and molecular simulations, it facilitates accelerated research, efficient spending and new discoveries in pharma products that rely on molecular biology. In India, the company operates a headquarters in Bangalore and another in Hyderabad.


PwC consults with companies across a range of industries on developing and implementing solutions to enhance internal efficiency, overcome challenges and capitalize on business opportunities. It focuses on areas such as cybersecurity, generative AI, data and analytics, sustainability strategy and operations transformation. The global company has a significant presence in India with multiple office locations in Bengaluru.


Global payments platform Flywire is tailor-made for the travel, education, healthcare and B2B industries. The company’s technology enables businesses to accept payments in customers’ local currencies, then handles foreign exchanges and fund disbursements. The company has a co-working space in Bangalore and is expanding its footprint in the region. 

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Motorola Solutions, a household name in telecommunications, develops tech for use in law enforcement, healthcare, transportation and cybersecurity. The company has a global presence and is well-known around the world for its robust product development. Motorola Solutions is hiring for a number of roles in Bangalore. 

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JPMorgan Chase has a lengthy history as a leader in providing financial services, leveraging its solutions and expertise to support clients’ financial goals. Bengaluru is home to multiple technology-focused initiatives at JPMorgan Chase and a corporate center that provides support for the financial institution’s global business operations.

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Warner Bros. Discovery builds tech that advances media and entertainment. With an international reach that covers television, streaming and movies, the company is responsible for an array of brands that distribute content in more than 50 different languages. Warner Bros. Discovery has an India Innovation Hub that includes engineering teams spread across Bangalore and two other locations. These professionals collaborate on solutions for the company’s streaming products.

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Cleo makes tech for ecosystem integration, serving the transportation and logistics, manufacturing and wholesale and distribution industries. By bringing together functionality for over 700 applications, it allows businesses in these spaces to operate from a single streamlined ecosystem. The company also offers B2B service and support for supply chain integration.

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Novo Nordisk is a global company working to develop treatments for people diagnosed with serious chronic diseases, such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, haemophilia, Alzeheimer’s disease and sickle cell disease. Novo Nordisk says it’s responsible for roughly half the world’s insulin supply, with more than 36 million patients around the globe using its diabetes care products. Novo Nordisk has been supplying insulin to India since the 1930s and established the headquarters for the Indian branch of its business in Bengaluru in 1992. 

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ThousandEyes makes internet and cloud intelligence technology, which it uses in its digital experience monitoring platform. The software monitors factors like network infrastructure, application delivery and internet performance for digital networks, returning insights into what is working well, what can be optimized and what needs urgent attention. 

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Cisco Meraki is an IT company offering solutions that securely connect people and places. Its capabilities cover hybrid and remote workforces, as well as safety measures and smart technology for physical work environments. The company serves more than 700,000 global customers.

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Clari is a RevTech, or revenue technology, company that makes a revenue operations platform and associated software products. By bringing together sales analytics and forecasting via automation and AI, it can radically improve efficiency in revenue teams and thus has an impressive ROI of 448 percent, according to Forrester’s.

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Companies use Esper’s software to manage their device fleets. Its products cover a broad range of critical functions from deploying to updating hardware devices. Esper provides solutions for businesses across industries like healthcare, retail, education and hospitality.

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Epsilon is a global adtech and digital marketing agency with over 8,000 employees working in locations across the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The company aims to provide its partners with privacy-safe insights into their customers through a suite of digital media, messaging and loyalty solutions. It also holds a number of patents including consumer-privacy advancements and real-time modeling languages.

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Take-Two Interactive Software, or T2, develops, publishes and markets interactive games and entertainment around the world. The company has published products through 2K, Private Division and T2 Mobile Games. T2 designs games for consoles, PCs and mobile devices. The company has a large presence in Bangalore through Take-Two Interactive India Private Limited.

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Fivetran is an automated data movement platform that takes the “extract, load, transform” data process and makes it low touch. Its tech is designed to allow users to collect and utilize business processes and customer data with maximum efficiency. The global company has served brands like Okta, Dropbox, DocuSign, Morgan Stanley and JetBlue.

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Videoconferencing giant Zoom has cornered the market on remote learning and conferencing, providing services to individuals, companies and institutions that can use the classic “Zoom meeting” format to facilitate remote collaboration. The company also offers connected conference rooms, messaging and provides in-meeting security services to protect users and information. 

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ServiceNow offers a workflow automation platform for enterprise companies, which can use it to improve their operational efficiency. Its product comes with options for workflows and service management systems for tech, employees, customers and creators, which together allow a client company to automate many of their internal processes. 

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Caterpillar makes building equipment, like excavators and lift trucks, for construction and mining. It also produces machinery for heavy industry, like solar turbines and drills for oil and gas extraction. Under Caterpillar’s umbrella is a group of industry brands that includes Hindustan, which provides heavy industry equipment to the Indian market, and MaK, which makes marine engines and generators. 

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Toast brings together the various systems that restaurants rely on for operations: point-of-sale systems to take credit card payments on site; payment processing to turn swiped cards into payments; and an online ordering platform that allows customers to order their meals remotely and then pick up, receive from a third party delivery service or eat on site. 

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ZS handles management and tech consulting for client companies with an emphasis on the healthcare space. Using AI and analytics, the company applies its expertise to solve challenges in industries like medical technology, retail, life sciences, health plans, financial services and pharmaceuticals and biotech.

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Pluralsight is an online education software company that creates and distributes video training curricula for professionals, including software developers, IT admins, scientists and creatives. Individuals or organizations can use its offerings, such as learning paths and assessments to help users learn, optimize and deploy new skill sets.

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Northern Trust is a wealth management firm that serves high-net-worth clients, bringing them banking services, financial planning, investment strategy, philanthropy consulting and trust and estate planning. In addition to serving individuals, it provides asset servicing and wealth management to institutions and high-net-worth families.

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Q2  is a virtual banking platform that provides most of the services of a traditional banking institution, with the exception of cash services and in-person banking consults. It works with consumer, commercial and fintech clients to service their accounts, manage their funds and provide banking products that client companies can bundle into the package of services they offer to their users. 

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RingCentral offers a cloud-based phone system that can handle text messaging and business telephone calls. The service can be accessed from a mobile device, desktop computer or desk phone and comes with analytics to help client companies optimize their operations. It also offers functionality for video conferencing, team messaging and walkie-talkie style push-to-talk comms. 

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BlackLine makes software that automates the financial close process, which is the accounting process that verifies and adjusts account balances at the end of accounting cycles and generates financial reports. That process can be time consuming and tedious, and BlackLine says its software expedites those steps and reduces the potential for human error. 

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Industries: Safety science, sustainability, business consulting

UL Solutions is an expert in the safety sciences space, providing product testing, inspection and certification services to client companies. It is approved by OSHA to inspect and certify industrial equipment and home appliances. The company says the UL Seal shows consumers and insurers that a product is safe. 

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Navan offers solutions for corporate employee expenses and travel management. Client companies use its offerings to book, track, reimburse and report employee expenses and travel from a single dashboard, with flexibility for guest and group travel, access to live travel agents and self-service with an AI booking agent. 

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eClinical Solutions is a data management services firm that serves more than 100 clients throughout the life sciences industry. By speeding up the pace of research through strategic data management and maximizing data usability with biometrics services, the company aims to bring scientific discoveries to market faster and more equitably.

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Boomi is a cloud-native integration system that can take various entities — from software, applications and IoT devices to data and people — and connect them digitally. In doing this, it eliminates much of the need for manual data entry within a company’s operations. Known in the software space as an ETL tool, which stands for “extract, transform, load,” Boomi essentially takes data from the entities it is connecting, consolidates the information and makes it legible to the rest of the entities in the network. 

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SmartBear is an optimization company helping clients build quality software. It offers a range of services for software developers and administrators, from automation and performance testing to code review. For example, its UI testing services allow developers to test their software according to various levels of user skill, giving a 360-degree view of an actual user’s experience with the tech.  

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JumpCloud provides solutions that allow businesses and employees to secure their online identities and decrease friction in their digital processes. Its product works by consolidating users’ login information and authentication data for apps and devices into a single sign-on. It operates across Windows, Mac and Linux systems with cross-system integration. 

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Opendoor is a real estate tech company that serves as an intermediary between homeowners, realtors and buyers. It’s able to make fast offers on properties, typically forgoing walkthroughs or onsite inspections in favor of a virtual walkthrough process. The company then either renovates or quickly relists the property for sale, in a process that is equally streamlined for buyers.

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Acquia’s product is a DXP, or digital experience platform, which integrates multiple software products into a single user interface for digital operations. It covers data and content management in a customizable platform, with the aim of reducing redundancies, gaps in service and incompatibilities across programs and products.

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