15 Top Tech Companies in Pune

Pune’s top tech companies come from industries like IT consulting and manufacturing.

Written by Margo Steines
15 Top Tech Companies in Pune
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Rose Velazquez | Jun 25, 2024

Pune is one of India’s largest cities and home to a growing number of tech companies. With the country employing upwards of 5 million IT workers, Pune is considered one of the industry’s major hubs. Here are some of the most influential tech companies drawing talent to South Asia in industries that include IT consulting, healthtech and manufacturing.

Top Tech Companies in Pune

  • MetLife
  • Acquia
  • CrowdStrike
  • John Deere
  • Siemens
  • Wipro
  • ZS
  • HCL Technologies


Top Tech Companies in Pune

Industry: Cybersecurity

SailPoint offers enterprise-level identity security solutions. The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud includes features for efficiently managing access to important data and business systems and provides access to insights for making data-driven access decisions. The company has a significant presence in India, which includes a growing team of software engineers and other technologists in Pune. 


Industries: Big data, fintech, cybersecurity, business intelligence

Consumers look to TransUnion for solutions that allow them to keep up with changes in their credit scores and prevent, identify and respond to identity theft. TransUnion also serves businesses. Its TruValidate solution helps companies ensure they’re interacting with legitimate consumers, for example, and TruLookup provides actionable intelligence to enable investigations.


Industries: Software, social impact

Level Access makes technology to advance digital accessibility. For example, the company provides businesses with tools and expert consultants to help them embed accessibility into their digital experiences across the design and development phases. Its customers include well-recognized names like CarMax, Walmart and Merck.


Industries: Internet of Things, software, hardware

Chamberlain Group develops smart access technology that’s used worldwide. Its solutions ensure homes, businesses and other physical spaces are safe and secure, making it easy for authorized individuals to enter and exit as needed. The company has an engineering hub in Pune where team members work on its myQ suite of products.  


Industries: Healthtech, Software

Zocdoc is a health platform that simplifies how people find a doctor and book appointments. With its digital platform, people are able to search for all types of medical specialists, like acupuncturists and oncologists, and book an appointment without having to pick up a phone. Zocdoc’s platform can also filter for medical professionals within a person’s insurance network, helping patients save money in the process.



Industries: Software, database

EDB develops software for database management. Its products are based on the PostgreSQL database, and work by expanding its features and workload capacity such that it’s appropriate for enterprise applications. EDB software takes the Postgres database and optimizes it to avoid productivity disruptions and increase web-based application availability. A large EDB software development team is based out of Pune. 


Industries: Software

Acquia is a software company that makes digital experience SaaS products for Drupal, the web content management platform that provides the back-end web development for millions of websites globally. Acquia’s services include web hosting, content management, marketing automation and customer data management. The company maintains its Indian hub in Pune, where teams in departments across digital experience work.  


Industries: Insurance, Financial services

A global household name in insurance with a growing presence in Pune, MetLife continues to invest in its IT workforce. Though widely known as an insurance company, MetLife has expanded into fintech and big data analytics with over 43,000 employees around the world.


Industry: Big data

Fivetran’s automated data movement platform that comes with more than 300 data source connectors, built-in privacy and security features, data governance capabilities and other features “moving data out of, into and across your cloud data platforms.” The company offers solutions for industries like retail, manufacturing and financial services.


Industry: Cybersecurity

CrowdStrike is a global cybersecurity company, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company provides cloud workload, endpoint, identity and data security for companies as well as cyber attack response services. In 2018, the cloud-native platform announced its expansion into Pune with the opening of its Innovation and Development Center.


Industry: Machinery manufacturing

John Deere is a manufacturing company, making the iconic green and yellow tractors that have become emblematic of rural American industry. It also manufactures excavators, harvesting equipment and skidders for use on commercial job sites and industrial farms. Beyond farm and construction equipment, the company also manufactures engines that can power marine hydraulics.


Industries: Manufacturing, artificial intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity

Tech company Siemens serves industry, healthcare, transport and infrastructure clients by “bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds,” which it accomplishes via cybersecurity, digital enterprise and global business services. The company also offers specialized services to the healthcare, real estate, and rail and road spaces, working with area experts in each category to deliver tech solutions.


Industry: Information technology

Wipro is a tech company that offers IT and business process services to client companies worldwide. Its service areas are diverse and include cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI, robotics and data analysis. Incorporated in 1945, the company today serves the IT and digital development needs of clients in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to life sciences and pharma. 


Industry: Healthtech

ZS provides tech and management consulting for healthcare companies. Bridging the gap between science and business, it has expertise in pharma and biotech, medical technology, and health plans, as well as in financial services, telecommunications and business services. The company works with clients to examine market dynamics and implement strategy within the health and medical spaces.


Industry: Information technology

HCL Technologies is an IT services and consulting company that focuses on areas like cloud-based services, AI, engineering and IoT. It operates more than 60 innovation labs and its software and products have been used by approximately 10,000 customers. The multinational company employs over 200,000 team members and regularly makes Forbes lists like World’s Best Employers and the Global 2000.

Sara B.T. Thiel and Abel Rodriguez contributed reporting to this story.

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