India has become a force to be reckoned with in the technology world. It has multiple centers of progress and development, including Delhi. It’s the country’s capital region and home to the capital city of New Delhi. The bustling area contains offices for some major names in the global tech landscape, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the top companies to keep an eye on in Delhi.

Top Delhi Tech Companies

  • Microsoft
  • ZS
  • Aristocrat
  • Acquia
  • Concentrix


Top 5 Tech Companies in Delhi

Industry: Software, hardware

As one of the biggest names in software, Microsoft is familiar to most computer users who have likely worked with its iconic suite of office and productivity tools, like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. It also offers collaboration tool Teams, Outlook for email and the full Microsoft 365 portfolio of software tools for business or personal use, as well as computer and gaming hardware.

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Industries: Professional services, business consulting, healthtech, artificial intelligence

ZS is a management consultancy and tech firm that serves businesses across industries, with a particular focus on the healthcare space. It offers sales and marketing strategy, business tech consults, research and development strategy, AI and analytics, and other management solutions. In the healthcare sector, ZS works on connected health services, clinical development, patient engagement and connected research.

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Industry: Gaming

Aristocrat is an entertainment company that offers software and hardware for mobile phone gaming and casino gambling. It operates several large gaming franchises and produces casino equipment like slot machines. The company says it also advocates for responsible gaming and publishes open resources for problem gambling and responsible mobile game play. 

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Industries: Cloud, adtech

Acquia makes a digital experience platform, which is a comprehensive collection of integrated software products that together cover all aspects of digital experience. It’s meant to eliminate gaps and silos in service and offer a centralized management hub for operations. Acquia’s DXP provides an integrated approach to data and content management within an open architecture that’s fully customizable.   

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Industries: Information technology, business consulting

Concentrix is a customer experience specialist that offers a portfolio of services ranging from experience design and digital engineering to CX strategy consulting and enterprise modernization. It uses solutions like virtual assistants, generative AI, digital selling and asynchronous messaging to create a comprehensive strategy for client companies to engage with customers.

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