6 Multinational Companies in Brazil to Know

Multinational companies are bringing digital solutions to Brazil’s developing tech industry.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 Multinational Companies in Brazil to Know
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Ana Gore | Jul 12, 2024

Brazil is a booming tech market and many global technology companies are making their way to the South American Silicon Valley. The use of personal computers, cell phones and internet services is increasing throughout the country and creating a demand for digital solutions. Below are some of the top multinational companies addressing Brazil’s booming tech industry. 

Top Multinational Companies in Brazil to Know

  • Dynatrace
  • Getty Images
  • monday.com
  • Duda
  • Wise
  • Dell

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Top Multinational Companies in Brazil

Dynatrace is a unified platform designed to help businesses simplify and secure cloud complexity. It offers an AI-powered automation and analytics platform that aims to increase infrastructure observability for multi-cloud environments. Dynatrace is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, and has offices all around the world, including one in São Paulo. 


Getty Images provides a large repository of images and digital content for marketing, news and other ventures. The company’s image library spans several decades and categories, and it recently got a new boost through the release of generative AI tools. With its AI tool, which is powered by NVIDIA, Getty Images can create and edit images for custom use cases. 


Monday.com was founded in 2012 but has quickly expanded to multiple strategic locations, including in São Paulo. The company develops productivity software that’s easily customizable and can assist with project management, product lifecycles, UX design and sales processes, to name a few. Featuring a modular design and snappy interface, monday.com is used by top companies like Coca-Cola and Universal.


Duda is a web design platform for freelancers and web-dev experts. The company’s SaaS platform features website builder tools, e-commerce integrations and AI-powered SEO recommendations. Its services and tools help businesses and individuals launch and grow websites.


Wise is a fintech platform that enables users to send international transfers. Its services cover over 50 currencies and 160 countries and are processed through a branded debit card that charges no fees. Wise has its headquarters in London and also maintains an office in São Paulo.


Dell is one of the largest computer hardware companies in the world, developing components for personal and enterprise systems. The company has also been covertly developing AI-enabled computers and compute services to provide artificial intelligence capabilities to other clients. Dell has a long history in Brazil and operates seven offices throughout the country.

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