13 Tech Companies in Mexico to Know

Mexico’s tech industry is big on fintech, IT and enterprise software.

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13 Tech Companies in Mexico to Know
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Margo Steines | Jun 03, 2024

Mexico is Latin America’s second-largest tech hub, according to World Finance, and a growing technological powerhouse. In recent years, the country’s national government has embraced tech adoption and redefined the idea of govtech by innovating platforms for various governmental services and creating research guidelines for several industries

The country’s private sector has also followed suit and is a global player in fintech, enterprise software and IT outsourcing. Its proximity to the United States and friendly geopolitical relations have also helped Mexico’s tech flourish. The local tech industry is expected to grow in the coming years and these are some of the top companies already innovating throughout Mexico.

Top Tech Companies in Mexico to Know

  • Arrive Logistics
  • Taboola
  • Kavak
  • Konfio
  • Kapital
  • Ancient
  • Heru


Top Tech Companies in Mexico

Qualtrics offers experience management software, which gathers first-person reported data on how customers and employees genuinely feel. Qualtrics surveys are customizable and can collect data on anything from perceived experience with a supervisor during a 360-degree review to the intricacies of UX on a software dashboard. Its surveys are also anonymous in order to solicit a deeper and more truthful set of data than simply collecting information through informal reviews.


Cisco Meraki provides cloud-managed IT network services, which businesses rely on to handle their communications and essential operations like security, wireless internet, routing and IoT device management. From the dashboard of its signature platform, clients can observe and manage their internal networks, which are maintained through a “zero touch” service. Cisco Meraki’s Mexico City base is growing its team of network support engineers.  


Adyen operates a B2B payment platform used by retail, digital business and hospitality clients as an end-to-end solution for financial management, data and payment processing. Trusted by massive e-commerce and mobility clients including Uber and H&M, the company takes transaction data sets and turns them into actionable insights for areas of growth. In Mexico, the company has had a presence since 2016 and can process any credit or debit transaction across banking institutions.

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Arrive Logistics is a third-party logistics, or 3PL, company with locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The company helps businesses find carriers who will transport their cargo to its destination. In addition, Arrive Logistics develops industry software that helps both its internal team and external partners manage freight.


Taboola’s software helps creators market their digital work. Using its Discover platform, content owners can generate marketing campaigns. The platform then uses artificial intelligence to find audiences for the content and displays it on sites like Yahoo and the BBC. Taboola also develops tools that collect and analyze audience data. 


Kavak is a used-vehicle marketplace and one of Mexico’s largest tech companies, valued at over $8 billion. The platform hosts an extensive lineup of used cars and also provides financing and delivery services. Since launching in 2014, Kavak has expanded throughout Latin America and parts of the Middle East. 

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Konfio, which translates to trust, is a fintech platform for Mexican businesses. Through Konfio, businesses working in retail, construction or wholesale can get access to credit lines, business credit cards and payment terminals. According to the company, its payment terminals provide monthly payment options in addition to traditional checkout features. 


Kapital is a corporate platform that incorporates AI and automation into finance. Opening a Kapital account gives businesses access to corporate cards, credit lines and the Kapital AI, which generates financial forecasts, manages transactions and identifies recurring payments. Its AI also features chatbot functionality to help with strategic financial decisions. 


Ancient is a web developer with offices in Cuernavaca and Guadalajara — the Silicon Valley of Mexico. The company works with insurance, banking and telecom clients to provide custom software, blockchain platforms and IT consulting services. 


Heru develops tax and HR software for independent contractors. The platform allows employers to grant contract workers benefits like gym passes, telemedicine services and voucher cards, which can increase retention rates. The platform also helps independent contractors track their earnings and save money with a built-in savings account feature.

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Parrot develops restaurant software that helps boost revenue and streamline operations. Its platform aims to be a single-point solution for all restaurant needs and can process payments, aggregate customer reviews and generate operations reports.  


Alluxi is a software development company specializing in bespoke web and mobile development. The company has several years of experience developing with React and Python languages and has made a name for itself by employing strategic development strategies. Aside from in-house development, Alluxi also provides nearshoring services for software, design and maintenance work. 


Covalto is a neo-banking platform that offers products and services to businesses. The company aims to be a one-stop-shop and provides business accounts, credit lines, leases and fiduciary advising.

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