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As the tech world continues to focus more on the development of groundbreaking digital products, the demand for product managers has never been greater. For those unfamiliar with this increasingly popular role, product managers are typically responsible for identifying the goals for a product, outlining the pathway to success and inspiring others to believe in the vision for that product. 

According to McKinsey & Company, having a “mini-CEO of the product” has become even more important as products and ecosystems become more complex, boasting new features and frequent improvements and upgrades. In this sense, being a product manager is as much about understanding consumers as it is about unlocking the potential of a product, making the role a demanding, multi-faceted one. 

Product Management Courses to Keep in Mind

  1. Skillshare
  2. Udemy
  3. General Assembly
  4. Brainstation
  5. Udacity
  6. Product School
  7. Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management
  8. Mind The Product
  9. Stanford Online
  10. Blackblot

Considering the need for product managers continues to grow, it’s no surprise that many techies are trying to enter this fast-growing profession. Luckily, there are countless online resources available to help people get ahead in the product management realm. Whether you’re new to product management or are trying to brush up on your skills, there are many online courses and programs designed to help learners master the fundamentals of the subject and set them up for a successful product management career.

Here are 22 product management courses to keep an eye on.


Top Product Management Courses 


Skillshare offers an online Fundamentals of Product Management course for first-time entrepreneurs. Taught by CEO Ellen Chisa, the course consists of 13 lessons and covers topics such as creating a feature list, expanding a user flow, creating wireframes and scoping a project. Skillshare’s course is geared towards beginners and allows learners to develop their own product management side project.



Udemy provides a variety of online product management courses suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. The courses are designed to teach learners a wide range of skills including leadership and communication, how to build persuasive products, product design management for Agile practitioners, personas and product strategy. Learners can choose either free or paid product management courses through Udemy.

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General Assembly 

General Assembly offers an online product management course that caters to busy professionals who want to be part-time students. The course is geared towards learners with varying levels of experience and focuses on Agile best practices, stakeholder management and working with data. Throughout the course, learners are introduced to essential concepts and tools behind the end-to-end product management process. Students finish the course by completing a capstone project and delivering a stakeholder presentation.



BrainStation provides an online, part-time product management course. During the course, students will learn how to identify market opportunities and user needs, create a comprehensive product launch and gain greater understanding of the Agile methodology and the product management framework. Students conclude the course by developing a go-to-market plan for a new product, defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and performing a market assessment before presenting their product solution to stakeholders.



Udacity offers an online product manager program suitable for beginners. The four-month program teaches learners a wide range of skills such as how to pitch a product vision, run a design sprint, manage the product development process and deliver a product to market. During the program, participants work on real-world projects and are granted access to career services like interview preparation, personal coaching and resume assistance.

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Product School

Product School offers various online product management certification programs. The company’s programs can be taken part-time for two months or full-time for five days, allowing learners to live-stream lectures and collaborate with peers in real-time. In each course, students learn how to build digital products from end to end by participating in real-world case studies, group activities and hands-on mentorships. Product School also hosts free, online events led by product managers from top tech companies like GoogleUber and Amazon.


Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management offers an online product management course titled Product Strategy: Discovering, Developing, Managing and Marketing. The two-month course is intended for business managers and leaders from a wide range of industries who are involved at any point in a product’s lifecycle. Led by Professor Sawhney, the course consists of live webinars, real-life case studies and customized assignments and quizzes. Upon completion of the course, learners should know how to build a wireframe, create a strategy roadmap and calculate the revenue and profit analysis for subscription businesses.


Mind The Product

Mind The Product hosts a Product Management Foundations remote training workshop geared towards working product managers. Over the course of two half-day sessions, learners will take part in interactive, online lectures, Q&As and group activities. The workshop covers a variety of topics such as design thinking, goals alignment, persona development, lean testing, user stories, and wireframes and prototypes.


Stanford Online

Stanford Online offers a remote product management course designed to help learners master the product lifecycle framework. The course teaches students how to identify problems that can be transformed into economic opportunities, build and manage product roadmaps, quickly make decisions to scale the impact of their product and improve their prioritization skills. The course can be taken as either a graduate certification course or a professional program and is taught by Stanford University lecturers Jiaona Zhang and Anand Subramani.



Blackblot provides an online Strategic Product Manager training program that gives learners the skills needed to plan and manage advanced products. The program covers a variety of areas related to the topic including product planning and marketing. Each program attendee receives a training package, which includes a toolkit, a digital seminar slides booklet and access to Blackblot’s career networking group.


Cornell University’s Product Management Certificate Program

Cornell University’s Product Management Certificate Program equips learners with the skills needed to develop and manage products end-to-end. Over six courses, students will cover topics such as product hypothesis development and user personas, product vision and goals, roadmapping, analytics and iteration, prototyping and engineering, and execution. Cornell University’s flexible, online program is personally developed by the university’s faculty and is designed to complement learners’ professional schedules.


Institute of Product Leadership

The Institute of Product Leadership offers a digital learning course that covers the fundamentals of product management. Conducted via live seminars, the two-week course teaches students a broad range of skills including values proposition design, design thinking and hypothesis validation, Agile user stories, personas and scenarios, and marketing and launch planning. The course is intended for project managers, software developers, marketing professionals and more.


Imperial College London Business School’s Brand & Product Strategy Program 

Imperial College London Business School’s Brand & Product Strategy Program is suitable for those wishing to broaden their knowledge of brand and product strategy. The online, seven-week program covers a variety of topics such as product extension and leveraging strategies, product architecture development, brand and product promotions, and business identity management. The program consists of coding and A/B testing exercises, as well as real-world case studies.


RMIT Online

RMIT Online provides a remote product management course. The eight-week course covers a broad range of areas such as product vision and opportunities, market and competitor analysis, go-to-market strategy, prioritization frameworks, design sprints and strategic product roadmaps. Throughout the course, participants are granted access to a global network of industry experts and have the opportunity to build a portfolio for future employers.



Highbrow offers an online, introductory course to product management. Learners are delivered five-minute daily lessons by email over the course of 10 days, which cover topics including the core disciplines of product management, tradeoffs, launching, metrics and strategy and vision. Those who sign up for a Highbrow membership gain access to a catalog of over 250 courses.


The 280 Group

The 280 Group provides an online optimal product management and marketing course. The course, which consists of live, online modules, covers topics such as the optimal product process, customer journey mapping, segmentation analysis, persona development, whole product strategy and product launches. Throughout the course, learners take part in online lectures, team discussions and hands-on exercises.


Mastering Design Thinking by MIT Sloan Executive Education

MIT Sloan Executive Education offers an online Mastering Design Thinking course. The three-month course teaches students about a wide range of areas including customer needs identification, product architecture, prototyping, financial analysis and product development processes. The course is geared towards product managers, growth managers, R&D managers, product heads and more.

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a broad range of online product management courses. The courses, which are taught by industry experts, cover topics such as service innovation, go-to-market plan creation, product development, retail sales education, product roadmap development and product launches. Each course grants learners the chance to take quizzes to test their knowledge and receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


Product Manager HQ

This Product Manager Certification course is offered by Product Manager HQ and is designed to help learners prepare for interviews and land a product manager job. Throughout the course, participants learn about areas such as product lifecycle and development cycle, conducting user research and user interviews, managing a product backlog and the process of wireframing, prototyping and conducting usability tests. The course grants learners access to over 70 lectures, downloadable PM templates and interviews with top product managers.


Digital Product Management by Boston University 

Boston University offers a MicroMasters Program in Digital Transformation Leadership through edX, which is the successor to its Product Management MicroMasters program. The program consists of five courses and focuses on areas such as product management, business analytics, data-driven decision making and platform strategies for businesses. Upon conclusion of the program, participants can continue their education by pursuing their Master of Science in Digital Technology degree.



Cognitor’s beginner-level class Introduction to Product Management offers a tech-first approach to the product manager position. Over the course of nine chapters, participants dive into topics like minimum viable products and lean startups while also dabbling in tech-based areas like software development. With no prerequisites and an estimated completion time of 12 hours, this course enables professionals to quickly add A/B testing, problem-solving strategies and other essential skills to their tool belts.



In partnership with the University of Virginia, Coursera explores what it means to be a product manager in the digital age through the 11-hour course Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals. There are four main sections where participants watch videos on product management methods, product ideas and other topics. Those looking to ease their way into product management will appreciate the course’s beginner-level status and flexible deadlines.

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