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Artificial intelligence has many applications beyond robots and self-driving vehicles. In fact, companies of all kinds rely on AI to optimize business processes and drive growth.

Artificial Intelligence in Business Examples

  • Customer Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Marketing and Sales

The companies below provide AI-powered products to help optimize customer success, cybersecurity, recruiting or sales and marketing efforts, to name a few examples.

Companies Using Artificial Intelligence in Business

  • Twilio
  • Emplifi
  • Acquire
  • CrowdStrike
  • LogRhythm
  • SparkCognition
  • Sophos
  • Eightfold AI
  • Leoforce
  • Textio


AI Business Customer Service Chatbot
Image: Shutterstock

AI in Customer Support

Customer support is a key part of many businesses, and now customer service is accessible around the clock thanks to AI chatbots. Integrated into business websites and social channels, chatbots field questions and provide assistance so there’s less need to hold for the next available representative. Here are just a few chatbot solutions that are improving customer success.


Founded: 2015

Location: Fully Remote

Kustomer offers customer relationship management products and services that rely heavily on AI. Serving the retail and e-commerce, financial services, travel and hospitality, government and higher education sectors, Kustomer’s range of offerings includes KIQ Customer Assist, a customer service AI that uses language models to resolve customer issues within conversational exchanges.  


Founded: 1998

Location: New York, New York

PwC’s consulting services and tech capabilities fall under a variety of umbrellas, with AI positioned as an area of priority. The company has established a partnership with Microsoft to bring secure, generative AI solutions to businesses via Azure OpenAI. One application is PwC’s collaboration with a consumer packaged goods company to implement a generative AI model to support customer service representatives by automatically responding to simple questions and forwarding more complex questions to the right personnel.


Founded: 2018

Location: Santa Monica, California

Edify makes communications products for large companies and organizations. It offers contact centers, a unified communications channel and integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk. Edify products are powered by AI, which allows them to include real-time analytics and feedback at scale. The Edify Self-Service customer service solution is an AI agent that customers can interact with at any time of day, without having to email or call a person at a contact center.


Founded: 2011

Location: San Francisco, California

Intercom provides customer service solutions for clients in the e-commerce, financial services, education and healthcare spaces. It uses a combination of human employees and an AI chatbot to respond to customer inquiries, automate responses to service requests and reach out to customers proactively to offer support.


Founded: 2008

Location: San Francisco, California 

To personalize the customer service experience, Twilio equips companies with a versatile contact center platform with automation features, including chatbots, call routing processes and auto-responses for after-hours questions. Twilio’s product can also adapt to voice, WebChat, SMS and WhatsApp formats, allowing businesses to connect with customers through their preferred medium.


Founded: 1995 

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Emplifi develops customer relations and customer service products for many industries including automotive, finance and retail. Its conversational bot, Shop Clerk, uses natural language processing to guide customers through the e-commerce experience with real-time product recommendations, shipping status updates and other shopping details. Shop Clerk also engages shoppers in their preferred language, resulting in more personalized online customer service.


Founded: 2017

Location: San Francisco, California

Acquire’s platform provides solutions for more effective customer-business communication. That includes an AI-based chatbot that answers questions and frees up time for customer success teams, as well as analytics for companies to see how well the bot handles each question. And if a bot doesn’t understand a question, it connects the customer with a human representative.

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AI Business in Cybersecurity Laptop
Image: Shutterstock

AI in Cybersecurity

The hacking of unprotected online information can lead to irreversible losses for a business and its customers, which is why cybersecurity is a must in today’s digital world. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the line of defense is becoming more impenetrable. These companies use AI to detect threats, repel attacks and predict future breaches.


Founded: 2011 

Location: Sunnyvale, California 

CrowdStrike empowers companies to protect online resources with its Falcon security suite. The company’s cloud-focused product Falcon Horizon applies AI-based behavioral analysis to pinpoint unusual patterns. Even if an organization manages multiple cloud platforms, CrowdStrike’s technology makes it easy to distinguish bigger issues from false alarms and take proactive measures against real-time cyber attacks.


Founded: 2003

Location: Boulder, Colorado

LogRhythm develops cloud AI cybersecurity solutions for healthcare, financial services and utilities industries, among others. The company’s platform automates threat detection, incident response and administration tasks with the help of artificial intelligence. In addition, the AI platform is self-evolving, meaning it improves threat detection and analytics while allowing security teams to focus on more critical needs.


Founded: 2013

Location: Austin, Texas

SparkCognition offers a variety of AI-powered services to multiple industries, ranging from energy to transportation. The cybersecurity company’s technology is built completely from AI, including deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision features. With these multifaceted products, SparkCognition provides endpoint protection and defense against high-profile threats used to breach industrial, government and corporate networks.


Founded: 1985 

Location: Burlington, Massachusetts 

Adding to its suite of cybersecurity products, Sophos has developed the SophosLabs Intelix platform for companies looking to fortify their applications. This API-driven platform harnesses AI and machine learning technology to identify threats and compile data for classification purposes. Sophos also provides in-depth intel on threats, so customers can gauge how dangerous an issue is and take appropriate actions.

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AI Business Recruiting Earth
Image: Shutterstock

AI in Recruiting

Recruiting top talent is essential to business health, which is why companies increasingly apply AI to the recruiting process. Recruiters constantly juggle tasks like outreach, scheduling and phone interviews, all while engaging with potential candidates and fielding questions. AI handles tasks that weigh down recruiters, giving them more time to connect with candidates.


Founded: 2016 

Location: Santa Clara, California 

Eightfold employs a talent intelligence platform to help companies find the ideal candidates for job openings. Deep learning AI is built into the platform and analyzes resumes for factors like Validated Skills, Likely Skills, Skills to be Validated and Missing Skills. In addition, Eightfold’s platform offers timely career path advice for employees, allowing businesses to select the right talent and understand how to get the most out of that talent.


Founded: 2016

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Leoforce’s recruiting platform Arya uses AI to source and engage with talent. Through machine learning and analytics, the platform analyzes data from sources like profiles, resumes and web information to identify trends in hiring and career backgrounds, select more relevant candidates and reduce churn. With a trio of products, Arya works for companies with large HR staffs, smaller staffs or no HR support staff.


Founded: 2014 

Location: Seattle, Washington 

Tapping into the potential of natural language processing, Textio provides recruiters with the insights needed to produce more effective recruitment marketing content. Augmented writing technology leverages massive amounts of language data to single out biased words, confusing jargon and other phrases that might deter possible candidates from applying. As a result, teams can craft thoughtful job ads in a matter of minutes with Textio’s platform.

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AI Business Marketing Sales Graph
Image: Shutterstock

AI in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing benefit greatly from artificial intelligence. With tedious tasks and mounds of data, AI is a perfect solution for customer data insights, outreach and predictive forecasting. The following companies provide helpful intelligent products and platforms to ensure sales and marketing teams operate optimally.


Founded: 1999

Location: San Francisco, California

Salesforce is a customer relation management platform that provides data products for organizations in education, manufacturing and other industries. The platform’s AI assistant, Einstein, uses data to predict which deals are more likely to close, anticipate which leads are more likely to convert and make quarterly forecast predictions and product recommendations based on customer behavior. Harnessing the customer data Salesforce logs, Einstein helps various business departments automate complex tasks.


Founded: 2016 

Location: San Francisco, California

People.ai is a comprehensive AI platform for sales, marketing and customer success. It captures customer activity data from sources like emails, calendars and phone conferencing, helping teams spend less time logging customer activity in CRM systems. Once all customer data is collected, the platform provides insights for sales and marketing teams to improve the accuracy of important operations like forecasting and measuring campaign influence.


Founded: 2015

Location: Fully Remote

Drift is a conversational marketing and sales platform that employs AI chatbots to act as personal website assistants. Drift bots can qualify leads around the clock without website forms or human intervention. The bots help companies manage conversations, guide website visitors and book meetings for sales teams. Organizations that incorporated Drift’s AI technology into their qualified leads process saw up to a 25-percent increase in sales productivity, the company reported.


Founded: 2017 

Location: Leesburg, Virginia 

Node.Digital enables organizations to create more impactful sales and marketing efforts with conversational AI. The company deploys virtual agents that can adapt to text, voice and video formats across a range of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Salesforce. Node.Digital also compiles data from conversations, so businesses can locate recurring issues and take steps to provide a better customer experience.

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