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What does a marketing associate do?

A marketing associate performs administrative duties and assists marketing coordinators in developing marketing campaigns. This entry-level role requires a broad marketing skill set and includes time spent researching consumer data, implementing competitor analysis, following industry trends and presenting marketing metrics. Marketing associates also take on  collaborative tasks within the department to coordinate promotional events and ensure the timely publication of digital and print materials.

How do you become a marketing associate?
Answer Part 1

Marketing associates should invest in strengthening their education and gaining hands-on experience to prepare for the multi-faceted nature of their roles.

Answer Part 2

To stand out as a top marketing associate candidate, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications or business will provide a strong foundation that will catch the eye of hiring employers. These degrees will provide marketing associate candidates with essential skills like social media, analytics, copywriting, data mining and other essential tools.

Over the course of one's education, embracing internship opportunities will provide a strong supplement to classroom education and give newcomers hands-on experience with some of the latest marketing trends. This time spent sharpening copywriting skills, learning how to determine consumer preferences and internalizing the complexities of the marketing industry through intern positions will set marketing associate candidates up with all they'll need to succeed in their earliest roles.

What is the salary of a marketing associate?
Answer Part 1

Marketing associates in the U.S. earn an average base salary of $59,414 while gaining integral skills and experience.

Answer Part 2

In many cases, the marketing associate role is considered an entry-level position and carries an average base salary of $59,414 in the United States as of 2022, according to Built In. U.S.-based marketing associates also receive an average of $3,698 in additional cash compensation, raising their average total compensation to $63,112. The highest performing marketing associates can earn up to $125K, though most professionals will have stepped into a larger role, such as marketing coordinator, before this becomes the case. Built In collects salary figures from responses submitted by anonymous marketing associates in the United States, with salary data updated in real time.

What skills does a marketing associate need?
Answer Part 1

A marketing associate’s duties can vary, so applicants must cultivate a well-rounded marketing skill set rich in digital and traditional marketing abilities.

Answer Part 2

Exceptional research skills are a must for marketing associates to accumulate data points that can be used to develop marketing campaigns. From industry insights to campaign performance metrics, marketing associates are often responsible for collecting data and locating patterns that can be turned into targeted customer profiles. These customer profiles are essential to focusing the reach of marketing campaigns for the audiences that are most likely to react positively to messaging and take action. Accordingly, leveraging social listening tools and marketing analytics are necessary to have in one's marketing skill set to understand the competitive marketing landscape as well.

Along with strong research and analysis skills, the ability to work with industry-standard tools and platforms will be needed to succeed within a marketing associate role. Knowledge in HubSpot, Google Analytics, Salesforce and adjacent software will provide the data needed to accurately assist in creating marketing plans that convert.


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