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What does a content marketing manager do?

A content marketing manager oversees a company’s content marketing strategy, including the creation of content, the verticals pursued and media utilized. While this role distributes work among a team of writers and creators, a content marketing manager must also understand content development in order to maintain standards put forth by the company and industry. In addition to writing and editing skills, SEO, research, content planning and traffic analysis are all crucial to building a winning content strategy. 

How do you become a content marketing manager?
Answer Part 1

While relevant experience plays a role, content marketing managers often possess an educational background in journalism, marketing or adjacent disciplines. 

Answer Part 2

Content marketing managers come from diverse backgrounds with differentiating factors that make them uniquely suited for the content they are responsible for creating. Earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, marketing, business or another relevant field is typically the starting point for those with a desire to work in content marketing. Beyond education, developing a strong writing and marketing skillset through entry-level and intermediate-level marketing roles and internships will be needed to gain the relevant experience for this role. 

There are also other ways to build up a resume for a content marketing manager position. Groups like Udemy and Udacity offer courses and certifications for those looking to upgrade their skill sets, while professionals can also add to their portfolios by creating individual projects or attending portfolio schools dedicated to increasing hands-on experience.


What is the salary of a content marketing manager?
Answer Part 1

Due to their numerous content creation and people management responsibilities, content marketing managers can earn salaries that can extend into the six-figure range.

Answer Part 2

According to data collected by Built In from anonymous respondents, the average base salary for content marketing managers in the U.S. is $82,465, with the most in-demand of content marketing managers earning up to $795K. Salary variations can be attributed to a candidate’s amount of relevant industry experience, educational background, negotiating ability and the company’s industry. 

What skills does a content marketing manager need?
Answer Part 1

Content marketing managers must be able to apply writing, research and content analysis during content marketing campaigns. 

Answer Part 2

Even though content marketing managers direct teams of writers, one of the main skills they should possess is a strong writing ability. Understanding how to craft content gives managers the background knowledge to develop content strategies and adapt them to different channels and circumstances. The content marketing manager ultimately approves published content, so it’s crucial they have the confidence to edit writing to fit their company’s brand and style guide. 

In addition, content marketing managers must possess advanced research and analytical abilities. The success of content marketing campaigns hinges on how well teams know their target audiences and can tailor content to meet audiences’ interests. Content marketing managers should then know how to research audience demographics, personalize content and analyze content traffic and other metrics to make further adjustments. 



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