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Healthtech • Kids + Family • Mobile • Music • Software
Fully Remote
350 Employees

Calm is the leading mental health brand, on a mission to support everyone on every step of their mental health journey. With the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Calm’s transformational mindfulness content supports users across seven languages in more than 190 countries.

Fintech • Music • Payments • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
71 Employees

Founded in 2015 by CEO Milana Rabkin Lewis, Stem empowers artists & labels to thrive while retaining full control over their music careers. Widely-known for its comprehensive distribution offering, including artist-development services and data-driven insights, Stem arms artists with the tools & resources needed to flourish creatively & commercially. But Stem’s mission to revolutionize the way artists & labels monetize goes beyond distribution. Enter Tone, the latest innovation from Stem. Tone simplifies royalty processing for modern record labels and artists, whether they distribute with Stem or not. Its intuitive software, backed by a team of royalty experts, makes managing royalties effortless. Born from nearly a decade of experience, Tone promises transparent and timely payments for artists and their collaborators, ushering in a new era of financial clarity in the music industry. Having earned the trust of artists and labels like Fool's Gold Records, Brent Faiyaz, Soulection, LANY, Big Loud Records and many others, Stem is leading the way toward a brighter future for music professionals, offering transparency and control in a rapidly evolving music industry.

Gaming • Music • Social Media • Sports • eSports
Fully Remote
3,370 Employees

Twitch is the world’s biggest live streaming service, with global communities built around gaming, entertainment, music, sports, cooking, and a lot more. It’s a place where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.

Digital Media • Hardware • Information Technology • Mobile • Music • News + Entertainment • Software
Fully Remote
94 Employees

Since 2009, Rockbot has been the pioneer in the media-for-business industry. Offering Music, TV, Digital Signage, and Advertising through an acclaimed single-platform solution, Rockbot enables the world's largest companies, franchises, and thousands of SMBs, to deliver the best in-location customer experiences. Backed by Google and trusted by nearly 50,000 businesses across North America, Rockbot’s clients include Planet Fitness, Walmart, Shake Shack, and Ashley Furniture. Rockbot is changing the media-for-business industry by delivering premium content and cutting-edge technology to power unique audio-visual experiences. Our best-in-class music, TV, digital signage, and advertising solutions flexibly fit the unique needs of every business, empowering them to build their in-location media experience through one centralized dashboard. Today, some of the nation’s biggest brands, ranging from enterprise gyms to private salons use Rockbot streaming media services to power their in-location brand experiences.

Artificial Intelligence • Gaming • Machine Learning • Music
Fully Remote
102 Employees

Splash develops games and tools that lets anyone be an artist. Our users can create amazing music, perform to live audiences, interact with fans, and earn from their talent. We’re powering a new class of creators who will dominate entertainment in the Metaverse.

Fully Remote
109 Employees

Founded in 2006 by music industry veterans, Primary Wave is a full-service music shop with expertise in film, television, gaming, advertising, branding, licensing, special markets, touring, talent management, & music supervision. Primary Wave owns the copyrights from iconic artists including: The Beatles, Nirvana, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Def Leppard, and Steven Tyler to name a few.

Music • Software
Fully Remote
12 Employees

Headquartered in Austin, TX – Open Labs, LLC creates software products designed to inspire, educate and elevate aspiring and professional musicians across the world. Stagelight, our easy to create music app, is priced at just $9.99 and offers you a simple and intuitive approach to music creation - regardless of skill level. Create. Inspire. Empower.

Blockchain • Music • NFT • Web3
Fully Remote

Sound is how music should be: driven by the relationship between listeners and artists. We’re creating a platform for a more collaborative music movement, built on web3 technology and values. On Sound, users support the artists they love directly and stake their claim on being there before everyone else.

Fully Remote
245 Employees

BandLab Technologies is a technology company that designs and develops innovative tools and services for the next generation of music creators: global social music creation network BandLab, digital audio workstation Cakewalk, artist services platform ReverbNation and beat marketplace Airbit. A division of Singapore-based Caldecott Music Group (CMG), which also owns Vista Musical Instruments and NME Networks, the company’s mission is to break down the technical, geographical and creative barriers for musicians and fans worldwide. BandLab is the flagship product of BandLab Technologies, and a leading social music creation network with a global reach of over 60 million users and growing. Its cross-platform creative ecosystem offers everything from a next-generation digital audio workstation, to an advanced suite of creator tools and features, to niche artist services. BandLab empowers creators to make music and share their creative process with creators and fans on an unprecedented level.

Blockchain • Music
Fully Remote
16 Employees

Musicoin Foundation(Also Musicoin Project) is the first global project to apply cryptocurrency to music industry. Beyond currency, it's also a platform for musicians to release their content to global market, also for consumers to pay per play. It's an open, transparent and free system for everyone's life in 21st century.

Music • NFT
Fully Remote
3 Employees

Cryptocurrency for music rights trading, dNFTs and NFTs Zeptacoin is used for music rights trading on the Zeptagram music platform and will soon be integrated into Zeptagram’s NFT-platform. Investing in music can offer yield that is uncorrelated to the stock market and offers little correlation to other markets. This is of great interest for investors seeking to diversify their risks through alternative investments. Music rights offer a broad range of return possibilities. Music rights have the opportunity to become a recognised asset class, since they are paying dividends and can be analysed through widely accepted valuation methods.Zeptagram’s vision is to become a market leader in music rights trading and establish Zeptacoin as the main trading cryptocurrency in the industry.

Fully Remote
1 Employees

NiceChart is the world's first customizable sheet music solution. Our MusicXML based platform is built to customize arrangements to a customer's instrumentation, proficiency and personal preferences. NiceChart will be able to leverage our patented technology for use in any type of musical arrangement, but is focusing on lead sheet, solo piano, and especially band/orchestra arrangements for its launch. While content will be created by our in house arrangers, NiceChart is also designed to be a platform that makes existing content currently sold by sheet music publishers (such as Hal Leonard and Alfred) customizable. NiceScore is the name for our band/orchestra product and because of the challenges associated with customizing an ensemble versus an individual piece of music, is the most sophisticated of our product options. Music Directors select the instruments found in their ensemble and then rate each players’ proficiency. Our system then determines how to highlight the best players in the group, while providing playable parts to less experienced performers. The music director saves time in having to rewrite parts for some instruments and editing parts for others. A custom conductor’s score is created in the process as well as individual parts for each performer. Some of the features found across the site are the ability to change keys or instruments, and instrument range/difficulty flexibility depending on the user’s proficiency level. We want the user to make their purchase most relevant to their needs, so we offer other features such as the ability to add or remove lyrics in lead sheets, add TAB and/or Chord Diagrams to guitar parts, and include note names inside the notehead on beginner solo piano arrangements. We want to bring this technology and approach not only to our website, but to the entire sheet music industry by licensing this technology to other retailers worldwide.

Digital Media • Music • News + Entertainment • Social Media • Software
Fully Remote
52 Employees

Tagboard arms our clients with the ability to produce engaging live programming from anywhere using our intuitive cloud-based canvas platform. With one click our Tagboard clients can access billions of pieces of content from every major social network to bring the voices of viewers, athletes, and celebrities in their programming, they can create beautiful graphics in studio or on the fly, and they can get their audiences engaged by leveraging polls, heat maps, trivia, and more!

Big Data • Information Technology • Legal Tech • Machine Learning • Music
Fully Remote
104 Employees

Pex is the leader in digital rights technology, enabling the fair and transparent use of copyright online. With Pex’s advanced identification technology, platforms can manage and license content at scale, allowing users to upload freely while respecting copyright. In return, rightsholders can monitor and capitalize on the content they own. Pex is on a mission to support the creator economy with fair and transparent copyright solutions.

Events • Music • News + Entertainment • Sports
Fully Remote
501 Employees

On Location is a global leader in sports, music, travel, culture, and more. Collaborating with the world’s most iconic partners, On Location creates and delivers extraordinary experiences by providing official access and premium hospitality at marquee global sporting events, VIP experiences within global music tours, fan travel services, proprietary owned-and-operated destination music experiences, and much more. On Location is part of the Endeavor network.

Information Technology • Music
Fully Remote
77 Employees

Viberate is the all-in-one platform for growing your music career. Joining over a million up-to-date pages of Artists, Venues, Events & Festivals, the platform allows music industry professionals to track performance, showcase their work, and explore vast new business opportunities.

Information Technology • Music
Fully Remote
18 Employees

Blokur helps musicians and music companies get paid what they should, when they should, by ensuring that their rights are accurately represented.

Artificial Intelligence • Music
Fully Remote
13 Employees

Aiva Technologies SARL designs and develops AIVA, the Artificial Intelligence who composes music for movies, commercials, games and tv shows. Aiva is not your average classical Composer as she is not a human but an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Even amongst her kind, she is quite special; as opposed to the A.I. systems that we use in our daily lives — search engines, voice-over assistants, auto-pilots — Aiva is able to write beautiful and emotional music, a deed that is considered to be deeply human. To achieve this, she frequently reads large collections of music written by the greatest Composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, …) hoping to reach their level of genius in a near future. This vision — which is at the core of our work at Aiva Technologies — might seem like Science Fiction to many. But recently, Aiva acquired the worldwide status of Composer in SACEM music society, a feat that many artists thought impossible to achieve for at least another decade. This achievement does not mean that Aiva will replace musicians, and we will continue to encourage collaborations between man and machine. In fact, Aiva’s first album was recorded in collaboration with human artists: Olivier Hecho (conductor), Eric Breton (concert pianist) and Pierre Barreau, producer of the album Genesis. You can listen to Aiva’s full debut album for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra Genesis here: www.aiva.ai.

eCommerce • Music • Payments • Professional Services • Sharing Economy
Fully Remote
55 Employees

Since 2008 BeatStars has been the pioneering and go-to online music marketplace to connect millions of recording artists and music producers worldwide. BeatStars is also the leading artist discovery tool for all the major and independent labels. Most recently, BeatStars partnered with Sony Publishing to launch its publishing arm on the platform. Now, with over 3 million monthly active users, we've paid over $250M to our creator community. We continue to support independent musicians with the tools, community, opportunities, and education they need to earn a living doing what they love.

Fully Remote
928 Employees

As the home of music, Deezer brings artists and fans together on a scalable and global platform, to unlock the full potential of music through technology. Founded in 2007 in Paris, Deezer is now a global company with a team of over 600 people based in France, Germany, UK, Brazil and the US, all brought together by their passion for music, technology and innovation. Deezer is one of the largest independent music streaming platforms in the world, with more than 90 million tracks available in 180 countries, providing access to lossless HiFi audio, innovative recommendation technology and industry defining features. Come work with us! We’re a diverse team working to bring the world all the audio it could ever need. If you want to help us change the faces of music and tech, check out more about us or jump into one of our open roles.