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Hardware • Software • Cybersecurity • Quantum Computing
Fully Remote

Information Technology • Software • Quantum Computing
Fully Remote
87 Employees

1QBit redefines intractable problems by reframing them to achieve superior results using the most effective quantum and classical processors built to date. We work with our partners to build industry applications on our hardware-agnostic platform to produce the best available results today, while continually improving these results through the ability to switch the underlying solver as new releases and hardware architectures are developed. 1QBit’s hardware-agnostic platforms and services future proof our partners by enabling their applications to continually improve alongside advancements in both classical and quantum processors. 1QBit partners with Fortune 500 clients and leading hardware providers to solve industry problems in the areas of optimization, simulation, and machine learning. 1QBit’s team of researchers, industry specialists, and software developers understand the unique strengths of each type of quantum computing architecture and identify problems within industry that are well suited to benefit from these new approaches to processing. We work with our clients to develop novel approaches to applications using a quantum lens. We build the resulting solutions on top of our hardware-agnostic platform so that the applications improve alongside advances in both classical and quantum computing architectures.

Cybersecurity • Quantum Computing
Fully Remote
35 Employees

ISARA Corporation is a security solutions company specializing in creating class-defining quantum-safe cryptography for today's computing ecosystems. When ISARA was founded in 2015, we kept one ambitious mission in mind: to build a quantum-safe world where all the possibilities and benefits of quantum computing can be realized, with none of the security risks.

Biotech • Quantum Computing
Fully Remote
17 Employees

ProteinQure is a revenue-generating software platform for computational protein drug discovery. We combine molecular simulations, machine learning, and quantum computing to do the structure-based design of drugs. These physics-based methods make us less dependent on large data sets and that allows us to explore novel protein structures and interactions. We use our computational platform (as well as wetlab validation) to solve our partners drug design challenges and deliver new therapeutic candidates. We have a very diverse team of multi-disciplinary scientists and engineers. We are based in Toronto, Canada and are funded by top tier venture firms. If you are interested in building the next generation of computational biology tools we hope you will join us.

Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Machine Learning • Quantum Computing
Fully Remote
132 Employees