Rose Velazquez | Nov 21, 2022

In the age of web hyperconnectivity, cloud computing is bigger than ever. Whether of the public, private or hybrid variety, clouds support an array of traditionally hardware-based functions, including software, infrastructure and what’s known as FaaS — functions-as-a-service, aka serverless computing.

Cloud Companies to Know

  • Dropbox
  • Intel
  • RingCentral
  • Cisco Meraki
  • NetApp
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • Workday

As a result, companies and organizations have more flexibility in terms of scaling up. It’s easier and faster to recover lost or corrupted data, hardware expenses are greatly diminished, security measures are more robust, energy use and carbon footprints diminish — and the list goes on.

Here are some cloud companies that provide crucial services for users of all types and sizes.

Cloud computing is big business. | Video: Wall Street Journal


Cloud Computing Companies to Know

Location: Fully Remote 

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, Almanac supports virtual environments with an intuitive document editor. Employees can access thousands of templates, save content for future use and integrate Figma files. Almanac’s enhancements elevate productivity and enable collaboration.


Location: Austin, Texas

Hypori is a SaaS for businesses and federal agencies that provides virtual mobility technology. Any data utilized by its customers is separated to alleviate security risks. The data is stored on a virtual workspace, Hypori Halo,  instead of any devices. For Hypori customers, this means they are free from liability while the privacy for end-users is still protected.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Boomi makes a cloud-native integration platform that helps businesses across multiple industries share data. With the Boomi AtmoSphere Platform, businesses can integrate suppliers and apps, manage APIs and customer experiences, and master data through a data catalog. Additionally, the company offers customer support, training and professional consulting.


Location: New York, New York

Carbyne’s software is used by public safety technology for emergency infrastructures. The software uses real-time communication methods like video, instant messaging, IoT devices and more. From call takers to the command center, the company aims to improve situational awareness across call centers. Carbyne products include Apex, Universe, BridgeDesk, ECaaS and ‘Smart’ API.


Location: Brooklyn, New York 

Taking a load off the shoulders of marketers, Air streamlines tasks with its Creative Ops platform. Marketing teams can manage an online workspace where freelancers submit their pieces in one place. In addition, members can create custom fields that organize workflows, content and other processes. Air offers a cleaner workspace, enabling marketers to get more done and keep everyone on the same page.


Location: San Mateo, California

Verkada provides a cloud-hosted security system with a software-first approach, ensuring buildings and the people within them remain safe in the wake of complex threats. The company’s systems include a variety of advanced security cameras, sensors placed throughout a location and an access control system that can analyze and secure door activity. Features are all controllable through the web-based Command platform accessible from any browser.


Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

OwnBackup ensures organizations are protected from data loss via a cloud protection platform that backs up key Salesforce and AWS data. The company’s products help defend organizations against the top causes of data loss, including human error, bad code, integration error, migration error and malicious attacks. OwnBackup uses data archiving, recovery and sandbox seeding capabilities to streamline operations and create stress-free workflows for all users.


Location: Louisville, Colorado

JumpCloud ensures employees and users throughout an organization have access to the devices, applications, files and networks they need through a comprehensive cloud directory platform. It also keeps those who are not authorized from accessing sensitive data. The platform includes single sign-on, user lifecycle management, multi-factor authentication, cross-platform device management and API integration capabilities, so organizations can integrate new services and scale securely.


Location: New York, New York

Cockroach Labs distributes a cloud-native SQL database. The database, CockroachDB, has flexible scalability, simple SQL, data partitioning and high availability capabilities to ensure developers can build apps that can survive anything. The company also provides training guides for all-level developers to learn various skills and topics within the industry.


Location: Fully Remote

Files.com is a file-transferring platform that assists organizations in securely transferring files between various groups. The company strives to have fast service overall, which includes tasks like downloading, uploading and automation. Instead of sending and receiving files, organizations can also utilize Files.com’s server and cloud synchronization. The platform can integrate with other cloud platforms, like One Drive or DropBox, through two-way or one-way syncing. 


Location: Fully Remote

Enterprise DB (EDB) is an open-sourced data platform for businesses looking to optimize PostgreSQL. Whether it's training, managing Postgre in the cloud, transitioning from Oracle or remote DBA management, the company strives to be a complete supporter of businesses using Postgre. Often businesses can receive localized insights too, enabling reduction costs in solutions and database spending.


Location: Austin, Texas

Sonar is a company focused on clean code software solutions for developers. The platform, SonarCloud, can organically restore existing code, give automated feedback and set team remediation standards for coding flaws. Additionally, SonarCloud can be integrated with DevOps platforms and CI/CD workflows.


Location: Belmont, California

RingCentral produces cloud-based communication services enterprises can use to promote collaboration and camaraderie among team members. The company’s tools include messaging, video and calling capabilities, all wrapped up within the RingCentral Office platform. RingCentral also has customer service and call center tools that facilitate better user experiences to maintain productivity across small businesses and enterprises alike.


Location: San Francisco, California

Cisco Meraki provides cloud-based IT solutions for wireless networks. The company offers cloud products that range from wireless LAN systems to enhanced security and SD-WAN technologies. Meraki also specializes in enhanced IoT, with secure smart cameras and mobile management devices. MIT, Audi and Make-A-Wish have been among the brands to trust Meraki with their cloud-based networks.

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Location: Oakland, California

Fivetran automates data integration, from source to destination, to save data analysts time and resources. The company’s platform comes with data-centric features including pre-built connectors, ready-to query schemas, SQL-based transformations and incremental batch updates. These tools help cloud-based technologies efficiently capture and manage massive amounts of data. DocuSign, Square, Optimizely and Kiva have used Fivetran to meet their data needs.


Location: San Jose, California

NetApp’s private and public clouds help businesses manage and share data around the globe to achieve cost efficiency and innovation. The company’s many cloud services include ONTAP cloud storage data management and NetApp cloud sync data synchronization.


Location: Ames, Iowa

Workiva’s cloud-based platform, Wdesk, comes with proprietary word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications that help companies improve the collecting, reporting and analysis of their data. It also simplifies the creation of complex reports and helps users address compliance requirements.


Location: Austin, Texas

SailPoint offers cloud-based identity and access management solutions that help companies control user access to streamline compliance and reduce fraud. The company’s products help IT teams automate tasks and let employees securely access the tools they need to work remotely. Its customers have included Toyota and T-Mobile.


Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Blackbaud’s cloud-based software solutions serve a variety of sectors in the nonprofit industry, such as foundations, educational institutions and charities. Its cloud products include tools for fundraising, marketing, communications and accounting.


Location: Carpinteria, California

Procore makes cloud-based construction management software that lets users create, edit, review and share project data with others, regardless of location. Among its platform’s capabilities are document management and drawing management.


Location: San Francisco, California

Medallia’s cloud-based customer experience management software helps companies capture, analyze and act on customer data from a variety of sources, including mobile, in-store and online. Products include Net Promoter Score, Medallia Ask Now and Medallia Admin Suite.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Acquia’s enterprise solutions include its Acquia Cloud Platform, which provides development tools, hosting services and enterprise-grade security. There’s also the Acquia Site Factory, which lets marketing teams manage multiple sites on a single dashboard.


Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Ensono’s cloud solutions integrate with a company’s existing IT environment to facilitate everything from governance to migration. The company offers managed Microsoft Azure and AWS services, DevOps for automation, a managed private cloud for business-critical applications and Cloud Connect for secure, reliable and highly available connectivity.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

In its quest to improve productivity and governance, iManage developed an array of work product management solutions. They include iManage Work 10, iManage Drive and iManage Share.


Location: Santa Clara, California

ServiceNow’s enterprise cloud computing solutions let businesses work across teams, silos and systems by digitally automating tasks and workflows. Via its ServiceNow platform, the company provides workflow automation, data benchmarking, encryption and more.

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Location: Glendale, California

ServiceTitan makes mobile cloud-based business management software for residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical service companies. Its products facilitate a variety of important functions that include intelligent dispatch, custom reporting and marketing automation. They are designed to streamline operations, improve customer service and increase sales.


Location: Redwood City, California 

Box offers online file sharing and cloud content management that lets companies securely manage and share enterprise content (eg., sales data, medical records) from any place or device. Benefits include the automation of business processes and the implementation of data protection measures.


Location: Fully Remote

Dropbox is a cloud-based platform for sharing, collaboration and storage. It’s available via a variety of devices from any connected location. The company’s technology partners that can be integrated into workflows include Microsoft Office, Slack, Adobe, Zoom and Canva.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Computer chip giant Intel invested in software designed to improve cloud-based computing. Its platform lets users build hybrid, private and public clouds that drive application innovation, assist IT developers and optimize workloads.


Location: San Francisco, California

A provider of enterprise cloud solutions, Salesforce offers a variety of products. They include the access- and support-centric Service Cloud and the marketing- and web personalization-oriented Marketing Cloud as well as Commerce Cloud, all of which aim to enhance business-customer relationships.


Location: Austin, Texas

Oracle provides many products and services⁠ — among them a cloud platform (hybrid, private or public) that lets users run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, connect third-party apps and enjoy security that halts unsanctioned apps and thwarts cyberattacks. The Oracle Autonomous Database aims to eliminate complexity, human error and manual management.


Location: Palo Alto, California

VMWare’s cloud computing services let companies do a variety of things, such as run, manage, connect and protect their applications on any cloud. They can also choose the best type of cloud for their needs and deploy a single operational and security model across clouds (both public and private).


Location: San Francisco, California

Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform lets developers quickly build, tweak and deliver new customer experiences. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor and a single interface for multiple channels, including SMS, phone, in-app chat, email and messaging apps.


Location: San Jose, California

The Nutanix Cloud Platform helps companies improve their IT strategy and results with built-in machine intelligence, automation and analytics, seamless migration capabilities and a security-first design. It also provides a multi-cloud optimization service called Cost Governance.


Location: San Jose, California

Sage Intacct produces specialized accounting and financial management software with use cases that span across all industries. The cloud-based platform includes powerful automation tools and AI designed to eliminate causes of revenue leakage, along with accounts payable, compensation management and spend management capabilities.


Location: Bellevue, Washington

Icertis is a cloud-based software management solution that helps companies manage contracts and improve compliance. Products include the Icertis Contract Management platform, which lets users proactively monitor contracts to ensure full compliance, improve governance, reduce cycle times and more.


Location: Fully Remote

To help companies get the most out of their cloud technology, DoiT International offers a cloud management platform, consulting and other services aimed at cutting down on waste and optimizing spending. Clients in more than a dozen different industries, including cybersecurity, e-commerce, gaming and transportation, have used DoiT.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Sphera provides cloud-based integrated risk management software for environmental health and safety, operational risk and product stewardship. Its SpheraCloud offers users a complete integrated view of their risk and compliance portfolios while connecting stakeholders across the entire risk value chain.


Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey

BillTrust’s secure, cloud-based invoice-to-cash solution automates and speeds up the invoicing process. Products include the integrated payment solution Billtrust Payments and the auto payment Billtrust Cash Application.


Location: Denver, Colorado

Ping develops cloud-based software that facilitates identity management while providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on tools. Its products include PingOne for Customers and PingOne for Workforce.


Location: London, England

ScreenCloud’s software platform lets organizations set up screen networks that can be integrated with any hardware and allow for content to be tested and previewed. The company’s product has applications for multiple industries, including retail, fitness, education and healthcare.


Location: New York, New York

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a platform companies can use to automate workflows and glean data insights. For the healthcare industry, for example, Collibra can help providers improve diagnostics and tailor care. The company’s partners have included T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines and Dell.


Location: Pleasanton, California

Workday’s enterprise management cloud brings finance, human resources, planning and analytics tools together in a single suite. Companies can use Workday to automate accounting functions, shorten procurement cycle time or measure employees’ sense of belonging.


Location: Fully Remote

The BetterCloud SaaS management platform helps companies take control of their portfolio of software-as-a-service applications. The platform includes app discovery to help cut down on programs that serve duplicate purposes, security capabilities that identify risks and task automation.

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