Mike Thomas
Senior Features Writer at Built In
Expertise: Tech journalism
Education: John Carroll University

Mike Thomas is a former Built In senior features writer covering technology trends and the software industry. He is a regular contributor to Chicago magazine and the author of two books. Prior to joining Built In, Thomas was a reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times for 14 years.

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computer hardware chip with green and yellow overlay and padlock icons
These companies block online threats, assess industry vulnerabilities and increase education and awareness about cybersecurity.
Interconnected icons of different industries and how their big data is used to generate value from their own IOT.
These companies are using IoT data and big data to work smarter.
A patients data connected to different doctors through IoT healthcare technology.
The healthcare industry continues to innovate using the vast, connected universe known as the internet of things.
network of digital neurons dispersing in multiple directions
AI has been hailed as revolutionary and world-changing, but it’s not without drawbacks.
digital art of tablet used for buying retail items
With IoT in retail, your trip to the grocery store may soon change for the better.
A robot with its brain exposed to make it more useful in the future.
The future of robotics evokes both exciting and cautious undertones as employees learn how to navigate a human-robot workforce.
what is social engineering
How tech-savvy scammers use social engineering to swindle corporations and grandma.
graphic of a brain hologram surrounded by computers
AI is constantly changing our world. Here are just a few ways AI will influence our lives.
Earth placed inside a digital environment
What is reality? Simulation theory tackles some heavy questions.
retail bags and other objects flying through the air
Customer service from a batch of code? These companies are using AI to improve retail.
ai supply chain
These companies have adopted artificial intelligence to streamline their supply chain and logistics processes.
machine learning in marketing
These companies are fine-tuning their marketing efforts with machine learning.