20 Marketing Agencies in Atlanta With Stories to Tell

These Atlanta marketing agencies support companies with personalized storytelling.

Written by Sunny Betz
20 Marketing Agencies in Atlanta With Stories to Tell
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Matthew Urwin | Aug 18, 2022

Every brand has a story to tell, but the hard work is in getting that story right. Many brands, regardless of how essential their products may be, find that a good marketing strategy spells the difference between climbing to the top or falling apart at the seams. Learning how to capture an audience with a gripping brand story is a skill that takes a lot of practice to get right. 

Marketing Agencies in Atlanta To Know

  • Tinuiti
  • Ansira
  • Ideas United
  • SBI
  • Phase 3 Marketing & Communications
  • Connect Meetings
  • LYFE Marketing
  • Force Marketing
  • Inform, Inc
  • Relevance Advisors

Luckily, Atlanta has no shortage of talented storytellers. Home to both a prosperous entertainment landscape and a cutting-edge tech scene, this southern metropolis is world-renowned for its ability to accommodate both dreamers and doers, where extraordinary ideas and grounded strategies don’t have to be at odds with one another. There’s no industry that better combines idealism and realism than marketing, where creative notions turn into real-world campaigns that propel brands to the top. With a variety of channels and tactics ranging from social media to SEO, marketing agencies have more tools at their disposal than ever to solve their clients’ biggest pain points. Whatever your story is, these 20 marketing agencies in Atlanta will help you tell it.


Top Atlanta Marketing Agencies

Founded: 2004

Tinuiti offers a comprehensive take on marketing with its creative services and marketing intelligence suite Mobius. Mobius compiles and analyzes data, allowing companies to gain more in-depth insights into target audiences, content performance and other variables. With a portfolio that covers areas like paid search and Amazon, Tinuiti tailors marketing content and campaigns to meet the preferences of each client.


Founded: 2002

Now under the Ansira umbrella, BrightWave continues to work with companies looking to leverage email tools to build their brands across multiple channels, delivering eCRM and multi-channel programs to help companies build and manage their email marketing campaigns. Their team of software professionals makes it easy for their clients to leverage customer data and integrate it into their email programs to automate their campaigns. BrightWave boasts collaborations with some of the world’s top industry clients, including Ferrari, Equifax and Synovus.


Founded: 2001

Ideas United marketing and creative studio helps enterprises across the United States and beyond tell effective and engaging stories about their brands. Their team can both create content and plan campaigns for organizations looking to reach greater audiences and boost their revenue streams. The studio targets three main areas: brand strategy, design and communications for a well-rounded marketing approach. In addition to their brand and enterprise work, Ideas United collaborates with universities and students to create media and creative advertising for festivals, fundraisers and other events. 


Founded: 2006

SBI collaborates with B2B companies on developing effective marketing strategies so they can close on more deals, reduce churn and build more meaningful client relationships. Their team offers a full suite of marketing services that include go-to-market strategy development, customer experience design and other revenue growth solutions. Working with companies in healthcare, software, telecommunications and other industries, SBI guides its clients along every step of the revenue generation process.


Founded: 2001

Phase 3 Marketing & Communications’ strategy provides brands support in developing their own creative, digital and PR campaigns suited to their business objectives. Their design service cache encompasses everything from brand naming to website and app building, and the agency additionally helps clients plant and buy media, integrate social media marketing into their campaigns, and brainstorm brand-boosting events. 

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Founded: 1974

With a primary focus on the travel and tourism industries, Connect Meetings offers event marketing services across the country, helping companies build person-to-person programs designed to engage customers in their niche markets. Its in-house event planning team helps companies both devise and advertise methods for integrating meetings, conventions and other events into their overall success strategies.


Founded: 2011

LYFE Marketing is an agency that develops and manages social media campaigns. Each campaign focuses on spreading brand awareness, interacting with online users and funneling traffic to websites and other online company hubs. Besides social media services, LYFE Marketing also supplements written content with animated videos.


Founded: 2007

Force Marketing guides companies in the automotive industry in integrating technology into their marketing and advertising strategies, helping them use data and analytics tools to power their campaigns across all their channels. The agency also provides the option for brands to build marketing campaigns digitally or through email. Force Marketing has two major bases in the United States, with headquarters in Atlanta’s Peachtree Park area and an additional office on New York’s Madison Avenue.


Founded: 2007

Inform is a developer of web and video solutions for customer engagement, and they partner with international entertainment and finance companies to create content monetization tools. As a team of content creators and advertising professionals, Inform is able to provide both creative and monetary support to its clients, with mobile-optimized campaigns designed to reach the greatest audiences possible. Inform partners with major media networks and publishers across the United States, with some big names including the LA Times, ABC, CBS and Fox Sports.


Founded: 2010 

Relevance Advisors helps drive traffic to company sites with a marketing approach built on optimizing content and measuring results. Paid social, paid search and web mediums are areas the agency specializes in, and it produces high-quality content for each format through SEO strategies. In addition, Relevance Advisors gathers data through user testing and A/B testing, making improvements along the way to ensure content meets the needs of target audiences.

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Founded: 1999

Scout Marketing supports organizations in the healthcare and consumer markets, offering both communications and advertising services to help organizations maintain strong relationships with their customers. Their creative branding projects have served the marketing needs of companies like AT&T and Starbucks, and the agency has been recognized for its work by a number of awards organizations, including the Clio Awards and the Webby Awards.


Founded: 1999

Calysto Communications is one of the leading marketing and public relations firms for companies in the IoT and 5G industries, providing end-to-end communications services that encompass content, social media and other channels. The agency helps companies tell their brand stories across both national and global platforms, developing strong digital and mobile brand presences that translate into real-world impacts.


Founded: 2007

Analytics IQ stands out from competitor agencies by relying on both data science and cognitive psychology to help brands develop effective strategies to engage their customers. Its unique, data-powered approach gives its clients insight into the behavior of consumers and the potential paths they may follow. This provides the power to create multi-channel campaigns that can meet the needs of customer bases and build deep connections with individuals in that base.


Founded: 2012

WealthWave works with companies in the financial sector to build marketing and branding strategies from the ground up so they can strengthen their infrastructure and compete with their peers. WealthWave specifically aims to encourage budding entrepreneurs to break into the financial industry and pursue their business goals, with scalable marketing services and platforms designed to help companies better educate their customers on the best tools for financial success.


Founded: 2000

To generate more leads, Hughes Media supports businesses with a range of marketing services that include content and SEO needs. The company can produce content for websites, Facebook ads and brochures while optimizing content with SEO tactics. Hughes Media also possesses marketing automation technology, giving teams the ability to streamline marketing processes and focus more on converting prospects into customers.

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Founded: 1996

YAH Agency helps companies implement marketing solutions to connect with consumers and make an impact on their respective industries. The agency’s platform walks clients through campaign strategy planning, analytics measurement, production and technology integration to help them build robust and successful advertising infrastructures. YAH Agency provides its consulting and development services to leading global companies in a variety of industries, including AT&T, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola and Aflac.


Founded: 2008

BrandMaker’s marketing services vary from that of regular agencies, offering instead a fully-fledged marketing software platform that its clients can use to independently manage their budgets, campaigns and content creation. The company’s SaaS platform additionally offers workflow management and reporting products to help brands build marketing campaigns to scale and integrate custom technology into their ventures.


Founded: 1998

Adrenaline Agency designs both in-person and digital experiences that companies in retail and other industries can use to reach customers across the world. Its service suite targets five main areas: branding, advertising, technology, environmental design and culture branding. Within those five categories, the team at Adrenaline Agency can delve into a vast array of projects including brand positioning, broadcast strategy, social media campaign design, app development, retail experience design and leadership development.


Founded: 2016

Informing each decision with data, Joseph Studios enhances its clients’ online performance with well-researched marketing plans. The company spends time getting to know each client and crafting a marketing strategy that considers client and audience preferences. As a result, Joseph Studios produces custom content for social media, content marketing, email marketing and public relations projects.


Founded: 2001

Marsden Marketing is a Salesforce and Hubspot partner that strategizes marketing and advertising campaigns for companies in the B2B industry. Their data-driven marketing strategies help companies in sales get to market quicker, integrate technology faster and take control over their digital presence. The team at Marsden Marketing puts an emphasis on agility and scalability in their work, offering a breadth of services and solutions including demand generation, branding, inbound marketing and technology optimization.

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