‘Silicon Valley of the South’: 30 Top Tech Companies in Atlanta to Know

Sunny Betz
April 20, 2020
Updated: May 27, 2020
Sunny Betz
April 20, 2020
Updated: May 27, 2020

Silicon Valley and Seattle have more than earned their statuses as tech utopias, but while these cities are hardly old news, rising rent costs and market over-saturation has caused many entrepreneurs to crave a change of scenery. 

In fact, to find the country’s next big tech city, you’ll have to tear your gaze away from the Pacific coast and head down south to Atlanta. Dubbed “The Silicon Valley of the South,” Atlanta has stepped out of the shadows of other tech hubs and is dominating today’s software and fintech markets. Billions of dollars in revenue flow into the city each year thanks to the work of both Fortune 500 companies and early stage startups. Money aside, the city of Atlanta boasts an inspiring level of cultural diversity that's reflected in its tech scene, with companies tackling everything from blockchain to healthtech. There’s a reason why organizations like Forbes consistently name the Georgia state capitol as one of the country’s most desirable up-and-coming tech epicenters: Atlanta may have set lofty goals for itself, but it shows every intention of reaching them. If you’re still on the fence, these 30 tech companies will help illustrate why Atlanta is the next tech capital. 

Tech Companies in Atlanta To Know

  • Fiserv
  • Secureworks
  • NCR
  • Cox Automotive
  • Global Payments
  • Cricket Wireless
  • iMedX
  • PGi
Fiserv Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1971

Focus: Fintech, E-commerce

What they do: Fiserv builds point-of-sale technologies for small businesses, corporations and financial institutions across the country. Their technology provides merchants with the ability to gain insight into shopper trends, provide rewards programs to their customers, and power gift card and couponing programs efficiently from one central point-of-sale system.


Secureworks Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1999

Focus: Security

What they do: Secureworks helps companies protect their digital assets by arming companies with cybersecurity tools, insights, and automated defense mechanisms to anticipate and halt risks in real time. The company's end-to-end security features provide services to companies such as compliance maintenance, threat detection, and cloud integration for government institutions and companies in finance, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

NCR Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1884

Focus: Fintech

What they do: NCR helps brands adapt to the world of digital transactions by building point-of-sale and mobile sales software to bridge gaps in service and engage more customers. From ATM services for banks to self-ordering systems for restaurants, NCR helps companies of all types integrate their payment systems with state-of-the-art software in order to upgrade their operations. NCR operates out of their home base in midtown Atlanta, but their reach extends to over 160 countries across the globe, with additional United States office locations in over 28 states.


Cox Automotive Tech Companies In Atlanta
Cox Automotive


Founded: 1997

Focus: Automotive, E-commerce

What they do: Cox Automotive connects automotive companies with a suite of digital marketing and software tools, helping them connect with a wider customer network and close more deals. The company partners with over 40,000 global auto dealers to integrate state-of-the-art technology into their operations for managing inventory, marketing campaigns, and customer service initiatives.


Global Payments Tech Companies In Atlanta
Global Payments


Founded: 1967

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Global Payments supports the sales and payment operations of companies across the world, helping startups and enterprises implement payment processing technology into their commerce functions to help drive more sales. Their point-of-sale and unified commerce solutions give companies the ability to integrate IoT technology into payment processing, giving customers the ability to seamlessly purchase products both in store and online. Their sales processing systems are built with additional features that allow merchants to look into customer data, start loyalty programs, and build hiring and payroll strategies to manage their team.


Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless


Founded: 1999

Focus: Telecommunications, Mobile

What they do: Cricket Wireless's mission is to get users connected with wireless access and cell phones at an affordable price, providing service plans and resources without annual contracts. Serving all 50 states, their prepaid text and data services are available for different levels of need, from individual plans to family plans. The company also develops a variety of smartphone applications to make voicemail setup and bill payments more convenient.


iMedX Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2000

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: Healthcare offices can implement iMedX's storage software to simplify their medical document management and retrieval processes. By making it easier for hospitals to keep tabs on care data and track their revenue cycles, iMedX helps doctors provide more accurate and efficient clinical care to their patients. Users can access their medical and revenue analytics through iMedX's patented mobile app, which also allows physicians to dictate and transcribe new information as they receive it.


PGi Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1991

Focus: Enterprise Tech

What they do: PGi connects enterprises with technology to empower their teams to reach their full productivity potential and to engage in collaboration across projects. The company offers video conferencing and audio software to give businesses the tools they need to connect remote teams and clients throughout project lifespans. PGi's enterprise tech services are trusted by over 75 percent of all Fortune 100 companies across the globe.


OutSystems Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2001

Focus: Enterprise Tech

What they do: OutSystems builds enterprise grade applications for use by companies in finance, automotive, and other industries. Their low-code development platform gives business leaders the ability to build applications to address their specific needs, whether those be revenue tracking, customer experience optimization, or other operations. OutSystems works with some of the world's leading enterprises and industry disruptors, from Intel and HP to Honda and Mercedes Benz.


Vonage Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2001

Focus: Mobile & Software

What they do: Vonage is an SaaS company that powers enterprise communication through integrated voice, messaging, and data transmission infrastructure. Vonage clients can use their cache of services to create omnichannel conversational frameworks and phone systems designed to build links between their employees and customers. Besides their North Atlanta location, Vonage operates out of additional development offices located across the country in Virginia, New York, Colorado, Arizona and California. 


Ebix Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1976

Focus: Software

What they do: Ebix builds business infrastructures and enterprise software for global companies in industries ranging from finance to healthcare. Their team of developers work with client objectives to build effective back-end security compliance and operational software solutions. They also configure digital products for insurance companies, streamlining exchanges and premium navigation to simplify the process of insurance signup for their customers.


Cotiviti Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1979

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: Cotiviti develops financial software solutions for healthcare organizations looking to better manage their clinical performance, lower their expenses and adapt to risks. Their payment accuracy and quality optimization services help organizations unlock more revenue savings and review claims adjustments quicker and more accurately, allowing organizations to provide optimal service to their members and patients. While Cotiviti mainly serves healthcare organizations and insurers, they also offer additional financial services to employers, retailers, and government bodies.


KMS Technology Tech Companies In Atlanta
KMS Technology


Founded: 2009

Focus: Software Engineering

What they do: KMS Technology connects software companies with offshore design and testing services to help them work toward developing transformative products at a quicker pace. Their engineering team offers consulting, application building and code testing to accelerate time-to-market for client companies like LexisNexis, Kibo and CareerBuilder. KMS Technology envisions their services encompassing not only product development but also incubation, empowering entrepreneurs in the field of software to effectively model their products and establish their brands.


Aware Software Tech Companies In Atlanta
Aware Software


Founded: 2016

Focus: Wireless

What they do: Previously known as Wandering Wifi, Aware Software understands the invaluable purpose Wi-Fi serves in keeping business operations afloat, so they seek to offer wireless products and software that both keeps enterprises connected and gives them access to actionable insights to help fine tune their business strategies. The company’s end user visibility platform helps engage their clients with aggregated data that can guide them toward optimizing their administrative and security operations. Tthey additionally offer guest Wi-Fi services to help companies engage new customers with their brand. In 2018, Aware Software was acquired by the Oklahoma-based parent company SageNet as a part of their greater brand of connectivity services.


OneTrust Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2016

Focus: Security

What they do: OneTrust is a data security company that works with clients to maintain the integrity of their digital assets and build consumer trust in their products. Trusted by over 5,000 companies globally, OneTrust's security solutions help keep companies compliant with the latest privacy legislation and manage third-party risks. Their suite of privacy products includes data mapping and assessment automation, incident response frameworks, and targeted data discovery tools.


N3 Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2004

Focus: Sales

What they do: N3 is an outsourced inside sales platform that integrates scalable relevant technology such as marketing automation and cloud migration deployment into their client strategy to help power business growth. N3 works with companies like Cisco, HP, IBM and Microsoft to build channel oversight platforms, power revenue expansion and accelerate closing rates. Headquartered in Atlanta, N3 boasts an international reach with offices in Colombia, the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Costa Rica and Singapore.


Mailchimp Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2001

Focus: Marketing Tech

What they do: Mailchimp is a one-stop platform for any company's email and web marketing needs, offering automated marketing tools to increase brand awareness and to integrate any business with the digital sphere. Mailchimp starts their users off with a free custom domain, which they can customize with shoppable pages, subscription signup forms and an array of other features. The company also offers email and social media marketing tools so brands can engage their customers on all available platforms.


Craneware Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1999

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Craneware helps healthcare institutions manage and preserve their revenue streams with a suite of software designed to encourage optimal spending and financial performance. Craneware's automated chargemaster technology gives healthcare providers the power to examine cashflow data and reimbursement information to detect information gaps and prevent revenue loss.


Symphony RetailAI Tech Companies In Atlanta
Symphony RetailAI


Founded: 2012

Focus: IT

What they do: Symphony RetailAI delivers IT powered forecasting, inventory management, and other growth solutions to CPG manufacturers and retailers across the country. Through their AI technology, brands can maximize their profit expansion, forecast market demand, and implement supply chain insights. 


Noble Systems Tech Companies In Atlanta
Noble Systems


Founded: 1989

Focus: Telecommunications

What they do: Noble Systems solves the customer contact needs of global enterprises with call management and omnichannel supervision software designed for implementation in call centers. They work with client companies of all sizes, offering both consulting services and tech products to help optimize customer experiences and turn data into profit. Noble Systems also offers automated analytical tools that companies can use to analyze customer feedback in real time to guide future marketing campaigns.


Allconnect Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 1998

Focus: Internet

What they do: AllConnect is a single stop platform where internet users can compare, contrast, and shop for a variety of utility plans based on their needs. AllConnect's platform allows internet utility providers to advertise their services and more directly connect with potential customers. Their roster of broadband clients includes Xfinity, AT&T, Verizon and Spectrum. The company also offers customers the ability to switch providers or set up installation appointments during a move to streamline the process of enrolling in phone, TV, or internet services. 


Salesloft Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2011

Focus: Sales

What they do: SalesLoft helps companies in the B2B and B2C markets manage their channels and achieve revenue expansion through a variety of conversational AI and marketing automation tools.  Users such as Zoom and Stipe can implement workflow solutions such as email and calendaring to generate sales pipelines and close on more valuable deals. Salesloft operates out of a home base in Atlanta's Midtown neighborhood, but the company maintains a global presence with offices in Guadalajara and the UK, as well as three additional U.S. centers.


Bakkt Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2018

Focus: Blockchain

What they do: Bakkt is a fintech company with a specific focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, offering a platform built to power rewards and loyalty programs for digital clients. Bakkt delivers a cryptocurrency management solution to merchants and enterprise clients, designed to help customers access instant asset liquidity and to put the power of trading digital currency in their hands. Moving toward their goal of unlocking around $1 trillion in global digital assets, Bakkt has been able to raise over $300 million in series B financing and is backed by over twelve leading global investors.


Rubicon Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2008

Focus: Greentech

What they do: Rubicon brings the power of technology to their mission of sustainability, providing global governments and enterprises eco-friendly waste and recycling solutions driven by cloud-based technology. Their product suite allows customers the ability to rent dumpsters and recycling services on a need basis, while additionally connecting them to a web-based data interface that illustrates changes to their energy efficiency savings and carbon footprint. Rubicon users can utilize their services and insights to reduce expenses and waste in order to optimize their energy usage and achieve greater savings potential.


Experience Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2011

Focus: Event Software

What they do: Experience envisions a world where technology plays a large role in how fans experience live events, building applications and software that gives attendees the option to upgrade seats and access VIP perks more easily. Their technology automates processes of bulk ticket purchase and refunds to attract more buyers and remove any friction in the experience of attending concerts or sports games. Experience's mobile application allows users to view ticket options from any location and enroll in loyalty programs for their favorite events or venues.


FullStory Atlanta Tech Companies


Founded: 2012

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: Retail companies that rely heavily on their digital presence can implement FullStory's digital analytics platform to track customer experience data, revenue fluctuations and opportunities for improvement. FullStory's e-commerce management platform gives enterprises the ability to track tangible outcomes from their initiatives, providing the ability to adjust and measure their areas of success. FullStory's technology can be seen in action on the digital platforms of leading companies like Teespring, Zillow, MoneyLion and Segment.


Unscrambl Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2013

Focus: AI

What they do: Unscrambl helps companies make sense of their data through a mobile and web application that utilizes AI to organize and weave stories from raw analytics. Their augmented intelligence products turn data into insightful presentations to enable easier data transfer and help customers take more action on their data. Unscrambl's AI tools lift some of the responsibility of analytics sifting from data and tech teams, automating more tedious processes to free up time to work on innovative business initiatives.


UrjaNet Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2010

Focus: Energy

What they do: Urjanet's platform aggregates global utility data in one central location, making it easier for utilities providers around the world to access and extract data into their systems. The products and services they offer are specifically designed to guide utilities companies in optimizing their operations, offering services such as sustainability reporting and energy management software to help reduce expenses and maximize savings. The platform also provides clients the ability to streamline bill payment validation and credit score analysis to qualify more users.

Springbot Tech Companies In Atlanta


Founded: 2012

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: Springbot helps small to midsize businesses compete with global e-commerce organizations, delivering solutions and services that guide companies in adopting top-of-the-line technologies and integrate to high-traffic digital marketplaces. They offer features such as email marketing, web campaign launching, social media campaign design and online ads to get companies connected with a broader web of customers across the globe


Ionic Security Tech Companies In Atlanta
Ionic Security


Founded: 2011

Focus: Security

What they do: Ionic Security leverages the power of the cloud to help companies protect their digital assets and maintain the integrity of their sensitive datasets during transfer and implementation. The company's machine scale products manage encryption keys and access policies to protect their clients from outside threats during their transition to the cloud. Their data protection machines consolidate data and provide users with full visibility to how and when their data has been accessed.


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