Could a TikTok Ban Actually Boost Your Business?

A perfectly executed email newsletter might just be the way to keep your fans engaged with your brand.

Written by Alyssa Dulin
Published on Apr. 02, 2024
Could a TikTok Ban Actually Boost Your Business?
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With the launch of TikTok back in 2016, creators and influencers found an outlet for their creativity as well as a way to make connections, build audiences and make money — use of the app contributed an estimated $24.2 billion to the American economy in 2023.

4 Ways to Get TikTok Fans to Sign Up for Your Emails

  1. Be bold and ask them directly.
  2. Offer them an incentive for signing up.
  3. Promote your newsletter on social media.
  4. Entice them with a giveaway.

No wonder, then, that a potential U.S. ban on TikTok is sending tidal waves through that community.

The pending government action is a sobering reminder that building an audience on social media is like building a house on rented land. You don’t own the land, so you’re at the mercy of the landowner. You don’t own the platform, so a ban, an update or a terms violation can cut you off from your audience overnight.

Yet in the face of impending doom is a unique chance to develop a deep connection with your followers and an oft-overlooked opportunity to fully own your audience. How can you do this? With an email newsletter.

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From TikTok to Email Newsletter

Yes, really. A newsletter is a solid and strategic move to widen your digital footprint. 

To start, there’s direct reach. Every newsletter you send lands directly in the inboxes of your audience, bypassing the gatekeeping of social media algorithms.

Then there’s free expression. Email liberates your content from the constraints of trending formats, allowing your authentic voice, stories and vision to shine through.

Finally, there’s personal engagement. Email encourages a two-way conversation, which creates a deeper bond between you and your audience.

Here are seven key strategies to help you transition your TikTok followers to an email newsletter, own your audience and grow your business.

Be Bold

Directly ask your TikTok followers to join your email newsletter list. This gives followers a way to receive your content without the middleman of platform algorithms getting in the way.

Offer an Incentive

Give your followers something unique available only through email. Whether it’s a downloadable guide, exclusive videos or access to a private community, make sure it’s something your audience wants.

Promote Your Socials

Use TikTok to tease content available only on your other socials. For example, record an engaging TikTok and end the video with: “If you liked this TikTok and want a behind-the-scenes look at how I made it, follow me on Instagram.”

Give Something Away

Record a TikTok with details of a giveaway. If your followers like a specific post on one of your other socials by a certain cutoff date, they will be eligible for a random prize drawing at some future date, with the winner announced in a dedicated post.

Set Up A Landing Page

Create a landing page where your TikTok followers can subscribe to your email newsletter. 

Segment and Tag Your List

Many newsletter platforms offer segmentation and tagging features that allow you to label subscribers based on their interests (e.g., specific content types or topics you discuss on TikTok). Send special newsletters or custom messages to specific groups to make your content more personable and engaging.

Use Automations

Automations send messages while away from your desk based on triggers. Set up an automation that triggers when someone signs up through your TikTok profile link and automatically sends messages that introduce new subscribers to your content, offer exclusive insights or set expectations for joining.


How to Transition Your Audience to Email

Publishing a newsletter is about forging connections, sharing insights and offering value that resonates on a personal level. Here’s how to transition your audience from social spectators to engaged email subscribers.

Make People Care

Start by clarifying the value you offer. Exclusive insights, early access to content and deeper dives into your process can serve as compelling incentives for your followers to join your email list.

Engage with Intent

Promoting your email list on social platforms should reflect your unique voice. Craft messages that reflect your brand’s personality, making the invitation to join your email list feel like an extension of the community you've built on TikTok.

Offer Immediate Value

Special content such as a behind the scenes video, an insightful guide or a discount code can significantly increase newsletter subscription rates. Offer immediate value that rewards the act of subscribing.

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5 Tips for Creating a Great Email Newsletter

Regularly publishing an engaging newsletter can seem daunting, especially if social has been your primary medium, but email marketing and newsletter apps make it easy. Here are five tips for creating memorable email newsletters.

Start with Why

Before you even think about the how, focus on the why. Why should your audience join your email list? What value can you offer that they can’t get anywhere else?

Select the Right Platform

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to switch providers, several newsletter platforms make creating and sending them easy. Look for robust yet user-friendly template designs, advanced automation to personalize messaging to your subscribers, and a community network that encourages collaborations with other creators.

Make Content Meaningful 

Infuse your content with your brand personality. The most memorable newsletters feel like a conversation with a friend and consider the audience’s interests.

Design With Intention

Use templates (or create your own) that align with your brand’s aesthetic, making every email visually appealing and memorable.

Be Consistent

Establish a cadence for your newsletters that your audience can anticipate and rely on, be it weekly insights, daily anecdotes or monthly deep dives. Remember that every follower is a potential email subscriber ready to join your email list.

Shifting from TikTok to email doesn’t mean losing your creative edge. It’s an opportunity to deepen the conversation with your audience. Share stories, challenges and victories. Make your emails a two-way street by encouraging interaction and feedback. This approach enriches the relationship and also fosters a sense of community and belonging that social media users enjoy.

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