I’ve been creating and uploading videos to YouTube for more than a decade now. I started making video game content for fun at university. Now, as senior executive producer for BucketSquad, the media and e-commerce company founded by Jesser (Jesse Riedel), I focus on sports video content and absolutely love what I do. 

4 Ways AI Makes Your Videos Even Better

  1. Generative AI can boost backgrounds or add images.
  2. Conversational AI can help generate ideas.
  3. AI dubbing can break language barriers.
  4. AI analytics can dissect engagement metrics and audience demographic data.

One of the coolest things I get to do in my role is test out new tools, equipment, software and tech to help us make the best possible content for our subscribers, who now number more than 16 million. 

In the past few years, this has meant I’ve been able to experiment with AI. AI has a lot of different applications for video content, from editing support to enhancing visuals. Although it’s not at a stage yet where it’s completely taken over, it should be viewed as an incredibly valuable tool. AI can help creators who are already at the top of their game become more efficient and elevate their content, while for someone who is still refining their craft, AI can provide them with the opportunity to discover their niche and sharpen their skills faster than ever before.

Here are three simple ways AI can help content creators elevate their work and captivate a far larger audience.

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Next-Level Storytelling

How you tell a story (and with videos, show a story) is undeniably the heartbeat of any piece of content, and AI can be a formidable ally in making sure your visual narratives have a strong impact on your audiences. In our projects, we have used AI to conjure up immersive backgrounds or significantly improve them, for instance digitally adding a boat to an ocean shot using generative AI tools from Photoshop. 

AI dubbing can take this a notch higher, breaking language barriers and bringing your stories to a wider audience. What’s more, conversational AI tools such as ChatGPT can serve as an auxiliary brain for generating video ideas, especially when creative wells run dry, a difficult position many creators often find themselves in. We use it as a springboard to expand our concepts, ensuring that the final product is as engaging and rewarding for the audience as possible.


Enticing Imagery

In YouTube’s visual-centric arena, the imagery and composition of the content you put out is pivotal in enticing viewer attention. AI is revolutionizing how creators can approach this by analyzing which videos resonate most with audiences and why. Does a particular image peak viewer curiosity? Does a unique video composition keep them hooked?

AI can decode this, helping you craft thumbnails and content that hit the mark, enhancing reach and engagement without the need for professional equipment. This democratization of video quality ensures that even creators with limited resources can compete with the best, providing a level playing field that was unimaginable before AI. 

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Optimizing Engagement

Measuring and reporting on engagement is where AI’s analytical prowess comes into play, offering insights into how your content is interacting with your audiences.

AI-driven tools can dissect engagement metrics like comments, shares, and watch time to identify what's working. They go beyond basic analytics by examining demographic data and viewing habits, enabling you to tailor content to specific audience segments. With AI, you can gain a nuanced understanding of your followers with minimal extra work, allowing you to create content that resonates on a deeper level, fostering a community around your channel. This gives you more time to focus on the art. 

AI is not here to replace creators. Creativity and emotional depth — the essences of engaging content — are profoundly human traits that AI cannot replicate. Instead, AI should be viewed as a high-powered lens that magnifies your creative vision and helps you to see which elements truly captivate your audience. It is the final puzzle piece in which your creative instincts are refined, allowing you to forge stronger and long-lasting connections with your viewers.

AI is akin to a multi-tool in the hands of a skilled artisan. It’s there to enhance, not to overshadow. It can illuminate the path to creating optimal content for better engagement, guide storytelling and elevate video quality, all of which are crucial for audience growth. As we venture forward in this blossoming AI era, the key for creators is to remain adaptable  and continuously exploring how AI can augment the human touch.

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