14 Dallas Startups Fueling the City’s Growing Tech Scene

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Feb. 16, 2022
14 Dallas Startups Fueling the City’s Growing Tech Scene
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As a longstanding business hub, Dallas has long been home to some of the nation’s biggest companies. And in recent years, the city has spawned a flourishing tech scene, placing it at the forefront of the nation’s tech races. Alongside Austin and Houston, Dallas is steadily transforming the Texas landscape into a second Silicon Valley. According to a CompTIA report, Dallas ranks seventh in the nation for new tech employment. 

As industry giants like Uber set up shop in Dallas, the number of startups continues to grow. Dallas’ fledgling tech companies are targeting a variety of pivotal sectors, from fintech to real estate tech. While one is making it easier to harness the power of blockchain, another is using AI to strengthen relationships between businesses and customers. Considering the strength of Dallas’ startup scene, it’s clear this Western metropolis is carving out its own space in the tech realm. 

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Dallas Startups You Should Know

  1. Novo Labs
  2. Gig Wage
  3. Nada
  4. EnergyBot
  5. Mobeo
  6. IPwe
  7. Hashing Systems
  8. Cooklist

Check out these 14 Dallas startups shaping the city's growing tech landscape.

Gig Wage Dallas startups
Gig Wage

Founded: 2014

Focus: Contractor Payments

What they do: Gig Wage’s payroll technology is designed to help businesses pay, manage and support their independent workforces. Their platform allows users to scale contractor payments, modernize payouts to contingent workers and automate payroll with just a few lines of code. Gig Wage is also capable of collecting W9 information and automating 1099 creation. 


Veryable Dallas startups

Founded: 2016

Focus: On-Demand Manufacturing + Distribution Labor

What they do: Veryable offers an on-demand labor marketplace for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing labor. Companies can post job openings on the company’s platform to be connected with local operators, thus enabling organizations to easily build their labor pool, reduce workforce turnover and lower the administrative burden. Veryable ultimately aims to put more people to work, relieve the burden on producers, improve overall productivity and enable organic growth. 


Novo Labs Dallas startups
Novo Labs

Founded: 2017

Focus: Conversational AI

What they do: Novo Labs is on a mission to make consumer interactions more efficient and valuable at large restaurant chains. The company offers a conversational commerce service for taking restaurant orders through high-volume voice channels, therefore turning voice interactions into personalized and optimized digital transactions. Novo Labs’ technology is designed to handle the real-world conditions of how customers actually talk when they order over the phone or in a drive-thru. 


Tree3 Dallas startups

Founded: 2019

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: Tree3 calls itself a “cause-oriented marketplace,” enabling brands to allow customers to shop with purpose. Brands can launch stores on the company’s platform so they can sell their products and give a portion of the proceeds to schools and nonprofits. Tree3 gives businesses the opportunity to earn extra income, boost consumer engagement and build customized stores. 


Nada Dallas startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: Real Estate Tech

What they do: Nada is a real estate tech company on a mission to make homeownership simple, rewarding and accessible. Through their platform, home sellers can claim their home online, discover how much equity they can unlock and list with one of the company’s agents for a flat fee. Once a seller finds their new home, Nada gives them a full refund on the flat fee they paid for their agent. 


EnergyBot Dallas startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: Energy Rates Analysis + Comparison

What they do: EnergyBot is dedicated to helping small and large businesses find the best energy rates for their organizations. The company analyzes and tracks energy rates in real time so businesses can quickly compare rates by state and sign up for a plan online. EnergyBot currently serves several U.S. states including Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas.


Mobeo Dallas startups

Founded: 2020

Focus: Personalized Ad Delivery

What they do: Mobeo’s platform is designed to help businesses drive more traffic and strengthen relationships with customers. The platform enables businesses to deliver personalized, hyper-targeted ads and easily activate campaigns without paying fees. Mobeo works with clients from a broad range of industries including hospitality, retail and real estate. 


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Immerss.Live Dallas startups

Founded: 2015

Focus: Live E-commerce

What they do: Immerss.Live aims to help brands bridge the gap between their online and offline shopping experiences. Through their platform, shoppers can be connected to a sales associate who guides them through their purchase via live video. Each brand that partners with Immerss.Live receives a customized app, which is integrated with their existing back-office systems and grants their associates access to customer data and real-time inventory. 


IPwe Dallas startups

Founded: 2017

Focus: Patent Transactions + Ownership

What they do: IPwe leverages blockchain and AI to help patent owners generate revenue and lower costs of patent ownership. The company aggregates patents into a single database, which makes it easier to find patents from any office in the world, determine who owns each one and learn what a certain patent covers. IPwe aims to simplify the process of buying, selling and licensing patents while making it easier to treat patents as the assets they are. 


SmartMoving Software Dallas startups
SmartMoving Software

Founded: 2018

Focus: Moving Management + Optimization

What they do: SmartMoving Software helps moving companies maximize sales, marketing, operations and profits. The company’s platform grants companies access to sales workflows, online marketing ROI reports and paperless contracts. SmartMoving Software allows organizations to easily track and analyze data so they can optimize their lead generation and close more sales. 


Hashing Systems Dallas startups
Hashing Systems

Founded: 2018

Focus: Blockchain App Development

What they do: Hashing Systems allows businesses to quickly build entirely web-based, blockchain-powered apps. The company’s suite consists of a personal, configurable wallet, an all-in-one Hashgraph app development environment and a tool that synchronizes event and transaction data for client applications. Hashing Systems’ products can be used to solve common development challenges such as building an encrypted file sharing platform, developing a cryptocurrency wallet and creating a supply chain management platform. 


Form.io Dallas startups

Founded: 2015

Focus: API Development + Management

What they do: Form.io offers software developers form-building and API creation and management. The company’s drag-and-drop workflow solution is designed to simplify and eliminate time-consuming steps in the API process. Form.io works with a broad range of companies including Capsule, Amazon and Accenture.


Cooklist Dallas startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: Grocery Shopping + Cooking Management

What they do: Cooklist unites recipes, products and ingredients to help people create smarter shopping lists. The app offers recipes based on what users already have at home and adds only missing items to their shopping lists while keeping track of expiration dates and product details. Cooklist also gives users the ability to compare inventory and product pricing at local grocery stores. 


Utility Bellhop Dallas startups
Utility Bellhop

Founded: 2015

Focus: Utilities Setup Management

What they do: Utility Bellhop aims to make it easier for homeowners, home buyers and renters to set up their utilities. The company’s platform gathers together the best utility prices and packages available so people can choose their preferred providers. Utility Bellhop then sends the order to its processing team to get the installment setup scheduled for a certain date and time. 


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