There’s a reason why Texans will tell you not to mess with their state, and it’s high time that we took the state seriously, especially when it comes to their tech economy. When it comes to tech, the city of Dallas far outshines many other cities in the nation, and is at the forefront of some of the most exciting discoveries in software, machine learning and IoT. What was once a railroad town nestled among ranches and cow pastures has become the fourth largest metro area in the country. Forever the frontier, Dallas is poised to lead the march into the coming years with technology that will change the way we think, work and live.

There's no better place to get a sense for the direction Dallas is heading than in the city's downtown district. Downtown Dallas is at the confluence of Texas's many diverse industries, hosting galleries, retail shops, restaurants and startups—sometimes all on the same block. If you’re looking to get a sense of the city’s rich tech culture, then look no further than these 15 downtown Dallas tech companies leading the pack.

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Companies in Downtown Dallas To Know

  • Luminant
  • Beck Technology
  • ParkHub
  • StackPath
  • OrderMyGear
  • Pariveda Solutions
  • Calyx Software
  • Omnitracs
StackPath Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: StackPath's team provides their enterprise clients with a secure edge service platform with which software developers can build, expand and protect their cloud networks. Their flexible, on-demand platform allows software technicians the ability to adapt their cloud assets as they see fit, and can be implemented by any company from early-stage startups to members of the Fortune 500.


Dialexa Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Product Design, Hardware

What they do: Dialexa is a technology design and manufacturing company that collaborates with brands across the United States and beyond to guide their product ideation, design and engineering processes so they emerge with tested and successful products. Their team's capabilities cover both software and hardware, and they've contributed to a diverse and varied portfolio serving clients like Uber, Samsung, and Sabre. 


Luminant Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Energy

What they do: Luminant is a large-scale energy and utilities provider serving greater Texas and beyond, with expertise ranging all the way from energy mining processes to marketing. Their suite of energy services includes nuclear, solar, natural gas and other resources, and the company has been able to generate billions of dollars in revenue while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Beck Technology Companies In Downtown Dallas
Beck Technology

Their focus: Software, Construction

What they do: Beck Technology delivers specialized software products designed for use in construction and pre-construction operations. Their data-powered platforms help construction companies build strategic plans ahead of building, making it easier to execute decisions quickly and safely.


ParkHub Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: IT, Transportation

What they do: ParkHub's focus is on integrating information technology with parking software, helping event hosts and reservations companies not only rent out parking spaces but maintain visibility into parking data across their entire ecosystems from one central platform. Utilized by large events centers like AT&T Stadium, Levi's Stadium and Globe Life Field, Parkhub's technology is capable of handling some of the largest parking spaces in the country with ease, simplifying payments, inventory and revenue streams in real time.


OrderMyGear Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: E-commerce

What they do: OrderMyGear is a web-based retail marketplace specializing in sporting goods and equipment. The company melds e-commerce technology with software to help teams acquire the equipment necessary to compete successfully, partnering with leagues, schools and distributors to deliver products both directly and indirectly.


Pariveda Solutions Companies In Downtown Dallas
Pariveda Solutions

Their focus: IT, HR Tech

What they do: Pariveda Solutions' team places a strong emphasis on career development, and as such they aim to equip companies and individuals with IT powered training and educational material to reach their goals. The firm's programs guide aspiring IT professionals through both soft and hard business skills such as networking, leadership, cloud computing, CRM development and much more. 


Omnitracs Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Logistics

What they do: Omnitracs' skilled software team collaborates with companies in the logistics and shipping industries to develop and define fleet management technologies capable of route mapping, data delivery, safety regulations compliance and more. Working with both private and for-hire shipping companies, Omnitracs' client base includes over 30,000 companies spread across 60 countries, delivering their global network technologies such as fuel efficiency optimization, GPS tracking, scheduling software, and vehicle safety software.


Vinli Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Automotive

What they do: Vinli's data computing software offerings make it possible for any car to become a smart connected vehicle, utilizing advanced vehicle data computing to build interactive apps designed for the automotive industry. Vinli works with some of the world's leading automotive companies to integrate machine learning and automatic computing technology into their models, taking in road data, sensor information, GPS info, and driver behavior into account to help make vehicles smarter and more efficient.

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Calyx Software Companies In Downtown Dallas
Calyx Software

Their focus: Real Estate

What they do: Calyx Software innovates in the real estate industry and mortgage lending by developing flexibly-priced software tools that streamline and optimize the loan process. From making interview scheduling easier to maintaining the security of electronic signatures, Calyx Software's trusted platform supports lenders along every stage of their process. From origination to closing, Calyx helps increase client satisfaction and gives revenue streams a boost.


NEWMEDIA Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Digital Design

What they do: NEWMEDIA is a digital design agency that offers a full range of services covering web design, UX, marketing and other tech branding essentials. NEWMEDIA delivers digital solutions to clients across the country, with additional offices in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. The agency has consistently been ranked among industry leaders on Inc 5000's Fastest Growing Companies list, and was awarded the number one spot in digital marketing by Clutch in 2019.


Tractorbeam Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Digital Marketing

What they do: Tractorbeam helps their enterprise clients elevate their brand image and visibility by offering a broad scope of marketing, branding and technology services to help them develop stronger bonds with their customers. Their team has worked on past projects ranging from web design to wearables, and they've worked with companies in nearly every industry including retail, food service, fashion, media, software and more.


Unisys Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: IT

What they do: Partnering with large multinationals and government organizations, Unisys' team delivers a broad variety of IT products with security at the forefront. Their offerings include risk assessment software, industry application development, workflow management solutions, and tailored enterprise computing products. Unisys serves an international market, with twelve locations spread across the United States and one in London.


Panamplify Companies In Downtown Dallas

Their focus: Business Intelligence

What they do: Panamplify recognizes that regardless of the work their marketing industry clients do, they still have to go through the tedious process of reporting. As such, they've developed artificial intelligence technology capable of generating accurate and informative reports on market health, campaign success and pathways to reaching their objectives. Panamplify's technology organizes raw data for their clients into comprehensive legible reports, freeing up tim that can be put toward generating new ideas and directions.


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