The 54 Best Sales Companies to Work For

Looking for a job in sales? Here are some top companies seeking out sales professionals.

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The 54 Best Sales Companies to Work For
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Rose Velazquez | Jul 19, 2024

Being a part of a sales team can be tough, but the rewards are worth it. Sales teams work hard and play hard, and since they are often at the frontlines of a business’s growth, salespeople are often integral players in the story and culture of their company. 

Above all else, what makes any salesperson succeed is a strong sense of camaraderie with their peers. While companies look to recruit outstanding and charismatic salespeople for their teams, sales professionals likewise should look to join companies that place a strong emphasis on company culture and community. When salespeople are given an environment in which they can not only succeed as professionals, but flourish as people, everyone benefits.

Check out these sales companies that encourage their sales employees to shoot for the stars.

Top Sales Companies to Work For

  • Arrive Logistics
  • Box
  • Cisco
  • CrowdStrike
  • Drift
  • GoHealth
  • Google
  • LeanIX
  • Pax8
  • Salesforce


Best Sales Companies to Work For

Notion aims to blend everyday work tools, including company wikis, meeting notes and product roadmaps onto a single customizable platform. It has a hybrid workplace with the majority of the week in office for team bonding, brainstorm sessions and other cooperative work. The company has a 4.7/5 star employee rating on Glassdoor.  


Ylopo makes digital sales tools for the real estate industry, which can be used to inform targeted searches and generate leads. Its platform uses AI and big data to effectively target and nurture leads as they consider real estate purchases. Its sales team benefits from a robust training and professional development program as well as leading-edge technology to make its job efficient and fulfilling.  


AlertMedia makes an employee alert and critical communications platform that enterprise companies use to safeguard workplace response to a variety of dangerous or emergent situations, from natural disasters, like wildfires and winter storms, to political upheaval and disease outbreaks. Its sales team is in a fast growth period, with aggressive goals that require an expansion of the team and continued recruiting of top talent.


Snap builds technology that connects millions of mobile users through its Snapchat app. The company says its workplace offers a “kind, smart and creative culture” that provides employees with benefits like a well-being reimbursement, generous paid leave programs and adoption, fertility and surrogacy support. Snap’s global sales team has openings for roles in locations ranging from Copenhagen to Los Angeles.


Using Tock’s technology, food and drink establishments can accept and manage reservations, oversee pickup and delivery orders and sell event tickets. The company’s sales team members handle lead generation, building relationships across the hospitality industry, contract negotiations and other responsibilities that contribute to the organization’s growth.


Equativ is an adtech company offering tools and strategic consulting services to support advertisers, publishers and broadcasters. Equativ is a global company that encourages its sales employees to continue growing through training, certifications and other professional development opportunities.


Crexi’s digital platform enables commercial real estate deals. The company says its sales culture encourages team members to be collaborative and celebrate one another’s achievements. Crexi puts an emphasis on cultivating internal talent, working to help employees advance their careers and grow into leadership roles.


Vertafore describes itself as “the leader in modern insurance technology,” offering solutions that enable connectivity, streamline operations and drive revenue for businesses throughout the insurance industry. Based on employee ratings, Vertafore’s company culture ranks in the top 10 percent of similar-sized companies through Comparably. Vertafore has also received recognition from Comparably for having a top sales team culture.


Snap! Mobile builds digital fundraising tools for athletic programs across the United States. Its technology has been used to raise more than $800 million dollars since the company’s 2014 founding. Account executives on Snap! Mobile’s sales team get resources and support to further their professional skills and personal development.


Bullhorn provides recruitment agencies with cloud-based software solutions designed to help them enhance efficiency and productivity. The company has more than 1,500 global employees, and they enjoy perks and benefits like a remote-first work environment, unlimited vacation policy, mentorship opportunities and a flexible work schedule. 


OTR Solutions offers services and digital tools to ensure reliable cash flow and optimized back-office operations for carriers and other businesses in the transportation industry. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has repeatedly recognized OTR Solutions on its top workplaces list. The company looks for sales team members who can work collaboratively, educate potential clients and maintain business relationships to help the company reach its goals.


Spectrum offers a range of phone, internet, television and mobile service plans for consumers, as well as a variety of connectivity solutions designed specifically for businesses. Its sales roles range from positions in one of Spectrum’s retail locations to jobs in advertising or enterprise sales. In addition to an employee benefits package that includes perks like an education reimbursement, the company says its sales team members also enjoy commission along with opportunities for advancement. 


SailPoint specializes in AI-powered identity security solutions for organizations across industries including financial services, education, healthcare and manufacturing. The company employs more than 2,500 global professionals and has multiple positions open for sales team members. SailPoint boasts an “exciting, collaborative, caring and fun work environment,” offering benefits like a flexible vacation policy and career growth opportunities.


Altium makes design automation software for circuit boards. The company’s products include design editing tools for schematics, a layout program and other tools used in creating elements for industrial and consumer goods. The company’s in-house sales team offers competitive salaries, a collaborative work culture and opportunities for internal growth. 


Udemy operates a marketplace for digital courses, covering topics as varied as coding, drawing and business management. The company serves individual learners as well as businesses, offering packages that companies can opt for to give their team members access to content that can help further their technical skills and professional development. The Udemy sales team contributes directly to the company’s growth and offers generous benefits, such as access to resources that support their personal wellness and career progression.


Financial services company Achieve provides its members with personal loans, home equity loans and acceleration loans, which are offered through invitation and are meant to help recipients resolve debt. Achieve offers other strategic services and solutions to support its members in getting their debt under control. Achieve looks for sales team members to be empathetic as they engage with customers, educating them on the company’s offerings and connecting them with resources to set them up for a healthy financial future. 


Motorola Solutions’ safety and security technologies serve industries like education, healthcare, corrections, law enforcement, transportation and utilities. The company’s product offerings range from two-way radios and in-car video systems to command center software that supports dispatch management and incident response. Motorola Solutions supports its sales team with learning and development opportunities along with other benefits like flexible work options, wellness resources and paid parental and family leave.


PagerDuty builds digital operations solutions that enhance business efficiency. The company serves organizations in industries such as financial services and retail, bringing them products for incident management, customer service, monitoring system status and other important elements of their operations. PagerDuty has sales positions across its global workforce, with team members benefitting from flexible work arrangements and support to grow in their careers.


Restaurant365 makes software for restaurant business processes, from front-of-house to back-office arms like accounting and payroll. The largest unit in the company is its sales force, which works to bring in clients from locally owned businesses to multinational food and beverage franchises across fine dining and fast-casual eateries.  


Cleo offers supply chain integration software and services for the logistics, transportation and manufacturing sectors. Its e-commerce marketplace integrations and business process automations provide efficiency and transparency, showing inventory synchronization, real-time tracking and other digital inventory features. The Cleo sales teams work to bring strategic visibility to their clients, closing deals on the merit of this “outside-in” approach. 


Yext describes itself as “the Answers Company.” Its software platform enables companies to engage their customers through digital experiences, bringing them relevant information across websites, search engines, social media and other channels. Yext’s salespeople get to work with global brands from industries like financial services, healthcare, retail and hospitality. They also enjoy opportunities for mentorship and upward mobility as part of the Yext employee benefits.


Adyen is a fintech company with a platform that covers a range of important business functions from accepting online, in-person and app payments to preventing fraud and optimizing revenue. The company has a global sales team working out of more than two dozen offices in locations like Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Shanghai and Mexico City. Adyen provides its salespeople with support through the Adyen Sales Academy to set them up for success.


Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud is a platform that captures data from fleet vehicles and heavy equipment. Serving the logistics, construction, transportation, warehouse and manufacturing sectors, the company’s sales professionals have access to training opportunities meant to help bolster their skills and support their success.


Digital experience company Acquia makes software for, among other things, sales and marketing departments. Its sales enablement program brings together sales, marketing and operational teams to reduce issues that result from siloed departments and to create sales assets like slide decks, customer stories, white papers and competitive insights. 


Navan is a global company offering tech solutions for corporate travel and expense management. It has more than 2,900 employees, including sales team members who get resources like online training and mentoring to set them up for success. Navan employees also enjoy perks and benefits like flexible vacation time and access to travel discounts.


Spotnana is a Travel-as-a-Service platform that aims to be both easy to use and comprehensive in its offerings for businesses, travel agencies, travelers, suppliers and technology providers. The company says executive team members regularly join customer calls or internal debriefings to make sure sales team members feel supported by the leadership team. These regular touch points have “created the necessary channels to enable folks to interface with company leadership and build trust and transparency organically.” 


PatientPoint builds technology to improve interactions between doctors and their patients. It offers a range of products from marketing solutions for patient acquisition to remote patient monitoring programs. PatientPoint says its salespeople enjoy “an ideal place to reach your full potential professionally and personally.” They have access to various learning opportunities, including mentorship, internal training and development programs as well as LinkedIn Learning courses.


Toast provides food and drink establishments with a point-of-sale platform, self-ordering kiosks, an email marketing tool and other products and solutions to ensure business runs smoothly. The company’s sales team is a core element of Toast’s operations, collaborating with other teams throughout the organization to bring them customer feedback and insights. Likewise, Toast says its salespeople get the training, data and product knowledge they need to effectively do their jobs and grow professionally through the company’s sales intelligence team.


Aircall makes a call center management platform for teams in sales and support, cohering various avenues of communication into one integrated dashboard. The company’s employees, including sales professionals, enjoy a range of benefits that include financial support for childcare benefit, up to 16 weeks of parental leave, generous 401(k) matching, reimbursement for some mental health services and stipends for fitness, commuting and setting up a home office.


6Sense’s Revenue AI enhances predictive analytics and forecasting for more accurate targeting of accounts, advertising campaigns and other key business functions. The platform is useful for B2B industries like financial services and manufacturing. 6Sense’s customers have included Zendesk, Shell, Experian and Thomson Reuters. 

The company offers employees the flexibility to work from home, but also has offices in San Francisco, Austin, New York, London and India. 6Sense also provides monthly stipends for personal wellness and access to the Udemy Training Library. 6Sense says its team members “measure success by the value we create for our customers.”


Arrive Logistics sells logistics and shipping technologies to brokers looking to elevate their services. The company’s service model provides clients with tools and technical support from logistics experts, making it easier for brokerages to deliver the best to their customers. Arrive Logistics says its “exponential growth” means there’s plenty of room for its sales team members’ upward momentum. The company has more than 1,700 employees and touts a host of awards and accolades.


Box provides software solutions to securely collaborate and manage content lifecycles completely in the cloud. On its sales team, Box professionals work directly with customers to determine custom pricing or demonstrate specific use cases, all to make sure individuals and businesses are getting the most out of their purchase. Box encourages employees to show up as their authentic selves at work, and offers comprehensive benefits like healthcare, paid parental leave and flexible PTO.


Cisco stands as a well-known developer and manufacturer of networking hardware, software and related IT services. Through both its sales team and channel partners, Cisco sells its products to individual consumers, large enterprises and government entities across the globe. Cisco houses nearly 80,000 employees and was ranked as the best U.S. company to work for in 2023 by Great Place to Work.


Clari provides its customers with a revenue platform capable of accurate forecasting and presenting AI-driven data insights for understanding overall business health. It also helps to facilitate collaboration between buyers and sellers, while also automating data entry tasks and using conversation intelligence to ensure an intuitive interface. Clari has more than 600 employees and a roster of over 1,000 organizations.

The company is seeking out sales team members who are “fearless” and have “exceptional collaboration and relationship-building skills.” Clari employees have options for working both remotely and in-person, and the company also provides wellness support through Modern Health as well as fertility and family planning support through Maven.


CrowdStrike provides enterprise clients with comprehensive, cloud-integrated security technologies designed to protect business data at every step of its lifecycle. Working with clients on projects ranging from maintaining healthcare data confidentiality to protecting election security, CrowdStrike’s technologies are capable of effective implementation in a broad range of industries and use cases. 

Crowdstrike says its salespeople “don’t just sell a product or market a service—we offer a promise: to provide safety and security to some of the world’s largest, most influential companies.” The company’s perks and benefits for employees include parental and fertility assistance, a remote-friendly culture, health and wellness programs and opportunities for professional development.


Drift’s flagship product is a revenue acceleration platform enterprise sales teams can use to onboard and retain customers more efficiently. Trusted by several companies across the country, Drift’s conversational AI and marketing platform utilizes technologies ranging from video to email to power quick transactions. 

Drift describes its sales team as “highly competitive and collaborative.” If you’re looking for a potential employer that’s passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, take note of Drift’s publicly available data on the company’s racial, ethnic and gender diversity. Drift also boasts eight employee resource groups to form connections among team members and across departments.


GoHealth’s team is envisioning new ways to transform and better the American healthcare system, offering a streamlined platform through which users can navigate insurance plans and pricing with ease. GoHealth prides itself on its company culture, which has earned the company several best places to work list placements and accolades from organizations like Deloitte. GoHealth has situated its sales team’s focus on customer decisions and satisfaction, and encourages customers to partner and collaborate throughout the organization.


Search engine and cloud computing giant Google hosts software used by millions of businesses, meaning they also host a robust sales team. Google features several different sales roles to support an array of customer needs, whether that be fine-tuning solutions for individuals and small businesses to negotiating deals with Fortune 500 companies. In 2023, Google was recognized as a large company with the best global company culture by Comparably.


Highspot’s platform is designed to help sales teams operate more efficiently. It comes with features for managing content and engaging buyers, as well as guiding, coaching and training sales reps. The platform is also equipped with AI, analytics and dozens of integrations. 

Highspot says its salespeople’s aim is “to create a delightful buying process for our customers.” One employee described the company as having a “collaborative culture” and another as “a truly positive team making every morning a celebration. Highspot employees are able to take advantage of mentorship opportunities and wellness membership discounts.

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LeanIX is a SaaS company that provides advanced products and services to companies looking to modernize or completely overhaul their existing IT infrastructures. With industry leaders like Adidas and DHL among their clients, LeanIX has worked on projects ranging from improving cloud security transparency to consolidating critical enterprise data. 

LeanIX’s sales team, characterized as “dedicated and success driven,” emphasizes “high quality consultative sales processes” alongside “a solid mixture of outbound and inbound generated leads.” While working for LeanIX, employees can enjoy a wide range of perks from conferences and training programs to weekly catered meals and dog-friendly offices.


Modernizes specialty is real estate and home services technology. Their team works to connect licensed contractors with home-owning clients seeking infrastructural and cosmetic improvements on their home. Modernize’s foundational focus is on renewable energy upgrades, putting homeowners in touch with construction companies that can perform installations of solar panels and other clean energy products. Modernize is seeking out “sharp, motivated” prospective employees “who enjoy using technology to solve problems.” The company’s values encompass open communication, diversity, customer empathy and fun.


MoLo facilitates transactions between shippers and truckers in the logistics industry, making it easier for both parties to transport cargo to their final destinations. Its team of logistics and sales experts support their clients in streamlining their supply chains and expanding their carrier networks by connecting them with peers in the logistics industry. 

MoLo notes its sales team roles are “fast-paced,” but there is “extensive training” offered so that even entry-level employees get comfortable with lead generation, relationship building and other sales functions. The company has been spotlighted by Inc., Forbes, Built In and the Chicago Tribune as a top workplace. Its company values include integrity, resilience, passion, accountability and innovation.


Nuance develops conversational AI solutions for several industries, including healthcare, financial services, government and retail. In the healthcare field, Nuance says its products and services have resulted in an 88 percent increase in physician satisfaction and 40 percent reduction in duplicate diagnostic imaging. The company has more than 9,000 employees working across the world. Its values emphasize focus on the customer and striving for excellence. Nuance employees are provided with continuing education stipends to grow in their careers and onsite perks like free snacks and chair massages.


Pax8’s purview is cloud technology, and their sales team helps companies adopt cloud marketplace technology to elevate their operations and meet their objectives. Pax8 centralizes billing and provisioning operations, helping simplify cloud purchasing and selling processes for their partner companies. 

The company says it is the ideal workplace for people who want to excel at sales and are looking for room to learn and grow. Pax8 offers ongoing leadership training as part of its professional development opportunities for employees looking to move up in the ranks. The company’s employee perks also include transportation benefits and pet adoption reimbursement.


By consolidating restaurant reservations into one unified platform, Resy makes it possible for restaurants to improve the experience for their guests. Over the course of its lifespan, Resy has partnered with over 9,000 restaurants and services over 35 million users. 

The company offers its employees hybrid work options, as well as a yearly wellness stipend and transitional period for employees returning from parental leave. Resy is seeking sales team members with a passion for restaurants and hospitality who can be responsible for every aspect of the sales life cycle.


Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform and other B2B automation software help to boost business operations at any scale. With Salesforce providing its products to over 150,000 companies, its sales team remains crucial for understanding business needs and connecting leads with its solutions. Salesforce offers various benefits to support its employees, and was included among the world’s most ethical companies in 2023 by Ethisphere Institute


Sprout Social’s social media management platform comes with solutions for engagement, content publishing, analytics, listening to inform marketing strategy and empowering employees to become brand advocates. The list of brands and organizations that have used Sprout includes Subaru, VICE and Glassdoor.

The goal of its sales and success people is to ensure an “extraordinary customer experience,” and the company itself has more than 1,000 employees spread globally across multiple cities. Its recognition as a top place to work has come from Fortune, Glassdoor and the Chicago Tribune.


VideoAmp’s team serves the advertising and media distribution communities, providing a data-powered software platform that allows customers to curate and optimize their campaigns to have the highest impact possible across all channels. VideoAmp provides support in gathering exposure and audience data that their advertising clients can use to better understand where and how their campaigns are having an impact, allowing them to make choices about where to expend energy and where to cut ads.

VideoAmp notes it is building a team of fun and high-performing sales leaders. Team members should be “passionate about solving customer challenges” as well as come with a “proven track record of exceeding revenue goals and building relationships.” Company perks include unlimited time off, childcare stipends and access to fitness classes.

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BombBomb works with enterprise clients to help them realize the power of video content to convert leads and increase ROI. Its team simplifies processes like recording and distribution, empowering companies to quickly and intentionally strengthen their relationships with their customers. 

BombBomb is working to create a culture among its salespeople “of accountability, professional development, high-performance, and ethical behavior.” To connect employees, BombBomb provides monthly lunches and weekly happy hours. The company also says it facilitates professional development through conferences, lunch and learns and other training opportunities.


C.A. Fortune is a consumer brands agency that offers a suite of comprehensive solutions covering everything from brand incubation and sales management to insights and retail activation. C.A. Fortune is looking for team members who are passionate about selling and building relationships. Paid volunteer days, a remote work program and flexible summer hours are on the company’s list of perks.


Gainsight brings its clients customer success and product experience software. Its solutions can be applied across multiple industries for functions like predicting customer churn, driving product adoption and providing an overview of customer health. Gainsight’s products can be used by a variety of teams from IT and analytics to revenue and sales.

The company says it provides its salespeople with the resources they need to achieve their personal success while also growing the customer base by building lasting relationships. Team members regularly take time to celebrate one another’s successes, according to Gainsight. Benefits include free lunches and unlimited time off.


GetSales’ team of salespeople and recruiters bring expertise to companies’ customer retention and talent acquisition services. GetSales says it has been able to slash customer acquisition costs while also helping clients bring in a stream of new monthly customers. The company is hiring for its inside sales team, made up of professionals who “consistently deliver outstanding results” by employing the “fundamentals of sales, rather than a script.” The perks of working for GetSales include tailored coaching and team outings.


Outreach’s flagship product is a sales engagement platform that leverages technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies discover more insights into their customer behavior and needs. By turning raw data into accurate predictions and holistic customer profiles, Outreach helps companies increase their ROI and reduce churn by providing tools to fine-tune their approach based on each customer's needs.

The company characterizes itself as an employer that values having an honest and supportive culture spread across offices in three different countries. Outreach is looking to hire people who understand and are passionate about B2B sales processes. Potential employees have flexible time off, paid volunteer days, employee referral bonuses and an unlimited supply of in-office snacks and drinks to look forward to.


Personal Capital, an Empower company, offers financial planning and wealth management services to clients all over the country, providing free online fintech tools with which customers can manage their finances and money in the long term. The company also offers support from experienced financial advisors, providing customers the option to create long-term budgets personalized for their specific needs and goals. 

Personal Capital has its eye on sales team members equipped with “proven investment advisory sales skills” who will work “to generate interest in wealth management services.” Tuition reimbursement and yearly paid volunteer time are among the company’s array of benefits.

Brennan Whitfield, Ana Gore and Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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