47 Tech Companies With the Best Maternity and Parental Leave Policies

Parents are sure to be thankful for these company’s generous parental leave benefits.

Written by Jessica Powers
47 Tech Companies With the Best Maternity and Parental Leave Policies
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Margo Steines | Jun 26, 2024

There are infinite things to worry about when you’re expecting a child. Luckily, for many workers in the tech industry, time off isn’t one of them.

Today’s companies are upping the ante for what it means to provide a true family-first culture with well-above-average paid leave periods and financial assistance for fertility and family planning services. 

Gone are the days of unpaid, stressful maternity leave. Here to stay is the implementation of vast and comprehensive parental leave policies. Under these policies, both parents have the opportunity to take a few months off of work to care for their little bundle of joy. No work. No emails. No calls. Just parents focusing solely on their newborn in one of the most important developmental periods of their life.    

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Companies With the Best Maternity and Parental Leave Policies

Here are companies that go above and beyond when it comes to maternity and parental leave. Not only do these companies offer ample paid time off, but some even offer parental benefits ranging from financial assistance for adoption to caregiving leave and even reimbursements for child care.


What it does: Flourish provides independent investment advisors with SaaS products that facilitate access to financial assets such as cryptocurrency, insurance and annuities. Its secure, compliant technology helps registered investment advisors manage client portfolios across its suite of branded products like Flourish Cash, Flourish Annuities and Flourish Crypto.

Parental benefits Flourish offers: The company offers 18 weeks of paid leave for birthing parents and eight weeks of paid leave for non-birthing and adoptive parents.


What it does: DearDoc is a medtech growth management company that offers AI-powered digital products to over 4,500 small and medium-sized medical practices. Its solutions, including AI chat, text-to-pay capabilities, and secure virtual appointment rooms, help practices acquire new patients and improve administrative efficiency.

Parental benefits DearDoc offers: The company offers four months of paid maternity and paternity leave.


What it does: Check provides the embedded payroll infrastructure that allows software companies to integrate payroll capabilities into their platforms. Its customizable solutions ensure accurate payroll and tax calculations, timely payments and allow businesses to build a payroll product tailored to their specific needs.

Parental benefits Check offers: The company offers 16 weeks of paid leave for new parents, flexible return-to-work options and childcare benefits.


What it does: VelocityEHS is a software company that makes B2B EHS compliance tools. These software products track and support workplace environment, health and safety initiatives and standards, which are critical to both external compliance laws and internal efficiency and employee wellbeing. 

Parental benefits VelocityEHS offers: VelocityEHS is deeply committed to supporting families of all varieties, and thus extends parental leave to all caregivers of all genders. Birthing parents can receive 16 weeks of paid leave, while non-birthing parents can receive up to six weeks of paid leave.


What it does: ePayPolicy is an insurance industry fintech company. It creates payment systems wherein insurance agents, brokers and companies can collect payments through credit card and ACH bank transfers. 

Parental benefits ePayPolicy offers: All caregiving employees receive 14 weeks of 100 percent paid leave to care for new babies, adopted children or foster children, and birthing parents receive an additional six weeks of leave on short-term disability. Leave is offered under flexible terms and can be broken up into chunks of time based on the employee’s preferences.


What it does: Wise is a fintech company that makes systems and tools for international money transfers. Using multi-currency accounts that support more than 40 global currencies, Wise users can send and request funds from all over the world through a fast and secure system that gets funds to their recipients in about 20 seconds. 

Parental benefits Wise offers: Wise’s parental leave policy covers a minimum of 18 weeks (or four months in Estonia) for employees who have been with the company for at least a year. 


What it does: Superhuman is a software firm that makes an email inbox-management tool that creates automations, workflows and shortcuts to cut down on the labor of keeping up with emails. It’s designed to function like a virtual assistant, offloading tasks like scanning through subject lines and allowing users to focus on the messages they most need to engage with.

Parental benefits Superhuman offers: Superhuman provides 12 fully paid weeks of parental leave to all parents, which can be used in any way they wish.


What it does: HoneyBook makes client management tools for small businesses, freelancers and solo-preneurs. Its SaaS subscription covers invoices, contracts, communication and billing, many of which can be automated for a low-touch admin approach. 

Parental benefits Honeybook offers: Respecting the various roles within a family, the company offers paid parental leave to birthing and non-birthing parents — 16 weeks for primary caregivers and eight weeks for secondary caregivers.


What it does: AffiniPay is a fintech company that makes payment processing software products. Its tools are built to industry specifications for specific professional service sectors, like law and accounting, and can handle critical processes like payment to law firms, reporting and payments for accountants and general professional billing. 

Parental benefits AffiniPay offers: AffiniPay extends 16 weeks of paid parental leave to both primary and secondary caregivers upon the birth or adoption of a child.


What it does: Edtech company Teachable runs a marketplace for course content where individual course creators can design, market and sell digital classes and original educational materials and content. Teachers can monetize the extensive labor that goes into curriculum and resource building while individuals and organizations can access high quality educational programming with supplemental materials like videos, quizzes and lecture notes. 

Parental benefits Teachable offers: Teachable provides 16 weeks of paid parental leave for new parents. 


What it does: Mason is a device strategy company that offers a B2B platform where clients can put together processes for hardware, software and connectivity products. Because these various tools do not otherwise interface with each other, the platform allows clients a significant increase in coherence and efficiency. 

Parental benefits Mason offers: The company proudly supports new parents and gives them 16 fully paid weeks at home with their babies. 


What it does: Gradient AI is an AI and machine learning company that makes tech for the insurance and financial services industries, like software for claims management and underwriting. By using AI to predict risk and profitability and to increase speed of research, the company can turn a quote around to a customer in a radically shorter timeframe than is possible with traditional quoting. 

Parental benefits Gradient AI offers: Provided they have been employed with the company for at least a year, Gradient AI offers 12 weeks of paid parental leave for new parents.


What it does: Biz2Credit is a fintech company that makes a platform for matching small businesses in need of loans with lenders looking to extend credit. The platform works like a marketplace, with businesses and lenders represented by profiles that detail their needs, terms, capacities and other relevant information.

Parental benefits Biz2Credit offers: The company gives new parents who are primary caretakers 12 paid weeks of leave to bond with their new baby. 


What it does: Kensho is an AI company that develops natural language processing and machine learning tools that can be applied and deployed in emerging products and tech. It’s invested in researching new applications for AI and then building tools to those specifications. It currently offers a product that uses AI to analyze text and documents for research and analysis by lawyers and journalists. 

Parental benefits Kensho offers: Kensho offers an uncommonly generous 26 weeks of paid parental leave as well as adoption assistance. 


What it does: Work & Co makes design-forward digital products and experiences for corporate clients. It has built extremely successful custom digital assets for top-tier clients like Apple, Mercedes Benz, Lyft and Nike, and works in digital strategy as a hybrid project manager, designer and technology consultant. 

Parental benefits Work & Co offers: Work & Co provides 18 weeks of paid parental leave for birthing parents and primary caregivers, and six paid weeks for secondary caregivers.


What it does: Hiro Systems makes tools for software developers to use in building decentralized apps with Bitcoin and Stacks. The company is founded on an ethos of public benefit — helping developers create independent, decentralized digital assets — and is proudly open source. 

Parental benefits Hiro Systems offers: Hiro Systems team members enjoy 16 weeks of fully paid leave as new parents. 


What it does: Meetup runs a platform where individuals can create and find special interest groups. Functioning equally as a social network and an events forum, the site is built to facilitate planning IRL meetups, which tend to be large-group recurring functions for interests as varied as depression support groups, book clubs, happy hours and workouts. 

Parental benefits Meetup offers: Meetup offers 16 weeks of paid family leave to its team members, with the option to extend their leave on an unpaid basis. 


What it does: OCC specializes in clearing, settlement and risk management services for options, futures and securities lending transactions.

Parental benefits OCC offers: In addition to its core financial services, OCC is committed to supporting its employees with extensive health and wellness benefits, including 12 weeks of paid parental leave.


What it does: Comcast Advertising helps brands connect with audiences across the entire TV ecosystem using advanced data capabilities. 

Parental benefits Comcast Advertising offers: Employees at Comcast Advertising receive 12 weeks of paid parental leave for a primary caregiver, with a phased return-to-work option. Non-primary caregivers receive two weeks of paid leave. The company also offers adoption assistance, childcare resources and pet insurance benefits.


What it does: Human Interest exists to help businesses support their employees with 401(k) and retirement savings plans, so it makes sense that they are also committed to the well-being of their own employees. 

Parental benefits Human Interest offers: Parental benefits include fertility support, a $10,000 lifetime family planning benefit, 10 weeks of paid parental leave for all parents and up to eight weeks of additional paid recovery leave for birthing parents.


What it does: Anduril is a defense products company working to bridge the gap between commercial technology and the defense industry through privately funded R&D. 

Parental benefits Anduril offers: The organization is committed to employee well-being and offers 16 weeks of paid parental leave for all caregivers. The four months of fully paid leave are designed to ensure that employees can bond with new children and grow their families.


What it does: Kraft Heinz Company hundreds of household-name brands and pantry staples including Heinz Ketchup and Kraft Mac & Cheese. 

Parental benefits Kraft Heinz offers: The company employs over 37,000 people across 40 countries and provides generous parental leave benefits. A policy change in 2022 expanded paid parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers, including adoptive parents, surrogate situations and same sex couples.


What it does: ABN AMRO Clearing USA LLC is a financial services firm that manages the back-office functions associated with asset transfers and financial transactions. 

Parental benefits ABN AMRO Clearing USA LLC offers: The company’s parental leave policy provides birthing parents with 12 weeks of parental leave. Birthing and non-birthing parents receive six weeks of intermittent bonding leave.


What it does: Liberty Mutual Insurance provides coverage for cars, homes, boats and pets in addition to offering an array of policy options that serve businesses of all sizes. The company has a vast international presence, with its influence spanning more than two dozen countries and economies.

Parental benefits Liberty Mutual offers: Liberty Mutual’s benefits package includes multiple offerings to support parents. It comes with eight weeks of leave for parents welcoming a child through birth or adoption along with another eight weeks of short-term disability leave for birthing parents to recover. The company’s other parent-focused benefits include $40,000 in adoption and surrogacy assistance, $45,000 in coverage for fertility costs and virtual parent support groups.


What it does: Celonis uses big data technology to analyze and visualize business processes for customers. Its tools leverage data to optimize operations across procurement, manufacturing, logistics and IT functions.

Parental benefits Celonis offers: The company offers 24 weeks of fully paid leave for the main or birthing parent and 12 weeks for the supporting parent. New parents can access these benefits starting from the first day of employment whether they are growing their family through birth, legal adoption or surrogacy. Celonis also offers a return to work program designed to help ease the transition after parental leave as well as a parents’ ERG


What it does: Sojern specializes in digital marketing technology for travel and hospitality businesses. It offers a travel marketing platform that empowers businesses like hotels and tourist attractions to build data-driven campaigns to efficiently target and acquire new customers. Sojern’s solutions also include an AI-powered smart concierge able to interact with customers and answer questions with the goal of improving the guest experience.

Parental benefits Sojern offers: The company hires employees around the globe and provides its team members both in the United States and abroad with paid parental leave. Birthing parents get 16 weeks and non-birthing parents get 12 weeks. Sojern also complies with local regulations in any countries that require more liberal leave policies.


What it does: Braze is a marketing tech company offering brands an AI-powered customer engagement platform that’s designed to help them effectively build connections with target audiences. It has solutions for businesses across industries such as financial services, media, retail and hospitality.

Parental benefits Braze offers: The company gives employees 16 weeks of paid parental leave in addition to medical leave for birthing parents. They can choose to break up that leave into as many as four intervals over a rolling 12-month period or take it all at once. Braze also has a Gradual Return to Work program to help team members prepare to get back to their job responsibilities. Other support includes the Parents @ Braze employee resource group and access to childcare.


What it does: PatientPoint gives medical providers digital tools and content designed to help them better attract, engage and educate patients. The company’s technology solutions support more than 750 million yearly medical appointments.

Parental benefits PatientPoint offers: Employees who have been with PatientPoint for upwards of a year can take up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for a birth or adoption, while team members with less than a year of service can access four weeks of leave. Through a partnership with HealthEquity, PatientPoint also offers a fertility reimbursement of up to $10,000 for services like in vitro fertilization and cryopreservation.


What it does: Thumbtack runs an online platform consumers use to find professionals capable of handling household projects like repairing a heating system or cleaning up water damage. Users can scroll through business ratings and reviews, as well as information about how responsive businesses are, what payment methods they accept, how many times they’ve been hired, their scheduling policy and how long they’ve been in business.

Parental benefits Thumbtack offers: The company’s U.S. employees receive up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave to bond with a new child. Birthing parents get eight more weeks of leave along with support for phase-out and phase-in planning. Employees who experience a miscarriage have up to five days of bereavement leave available to them. Each year, Thumbtack also gives team members who are parents 40 hours of leave they can take to handle their family responsibilities.


What it does: PwC provides a diverse array of services to help businesses across the globe overcome challenges and integrate new technologies into their operations. It serves clients in industries such as financial services, media, healthcare, energy and telecommunications.

Parental benefits PwC offers: Eligible employees bringing home a child as a result of a birth, adoption or foster placement can take a total of 12 weeks of paid parental leave. New parents coming back from leave can also choose to spend another four weeks working at 60 percent of their usual hours at full-time pay while transitioning back into their job duties. Other benefits PwC offers to support parents include a yearly reimbursement of up to $1,000 to cover costs for emergency backup childcare and access to childcare discounts.


What it does: Enigma is a big data company that gives its customers access to “comprehensive intelligence about the identity and financial health of small and medium businesses.” It offers solutions for sales and marketing, risk and underwriting, customer onboarding and screening customers and transactions.

Parental benefits Enigma offers: Team members with a new child can take 12 weeks of paid leave, and the company offers a total of 20 weeks of leave for birthing parents. Enigma’s other supports for parents include family medical leave and adoption assistance.


What it does: Spotnana offers a cloud-based platform for managing corporate travel. Businesses use its solutions to book travel arrangements, ensure compliance with corporate travel policy, keep track of travelers’ itineraries, access 24/7 support from travel agents and meet sustainability goals.

Parental benefits Spotnana offers: As part of its support for parents, the company’s employee benefits include 12 weeks of paid leave for birth or adoption. Spotnana has also opted to provide another four weeks of leave for the primary or sole caregiver along with another 10 weeks for birthing parents whose doctors have certified they’re disabled as a result of the pregnancy or delivery.


What it does: Firsthand is a healthcare company using tech solutions to connect people with serious mental illness to care, resources and peer support.

Parental benefits firsthand offers: Employees who have been with firsthand for at least six months can receive financial assistance for adoption in the form of a $5,000 reimbursement for costs associated with each adoption. The company also provides 16 weeks of paid leave for both biological and adoptive parents.


What it does: Edmunds offers consumer resources for car shopping, including free appraisals, price calculators and video reviews. 

Parental benefits Edmunds offers: With over 50 years in the automotive space, the company has won numerous best workplace awards and supports team members with a range of benefits, including generous paid parental leave. In the event of a birth or adoption, primary caregivers could qualify for as much as four months of paid leave, while non-primary caregivers could qualify to take up to one month.


What it does: Toast has a vast toolkit of products and solutions that restaurants and other food and hospitality businesses can use to ensure their operations run efficiently. For example, its handheld point-of-sale technology lets servers put orders into Toast’s POS system while tableside so they can streamline the process of getting orders to the kitchen staff and then out to the customer.

Parental benefits Toast offers: The company’s employee benefits package covers parents from building a family all the way through setting up childcare. It includes support for fertility care options as part of a partnership with Carrot Fertility. Once a child comes along, employees get 16 weeks of parental leave along with an additional six to eight weeks of short-term disability leave available to birthing parents. Toast also offers subsidized backup childcare, free premium Care.com memberships and employee resource groups for parents.


What it does: PayPal is a payment platform that allows for e-commerce companies and consumers to accept and send payments in the methods that fit them best. With the platform’s tools like digital wallets, installment payment plans, QR code payments and POS systems, payments at both ends are made easier. 

Parental benefits Braintree offers: PayPal offers 16 weeks of paid maternity leave to mothers who have been working at the company for at least three months. The company also offers two weeks of paternity leave for fathers who’ve been employed for three months. Other parental benefits include adoption leave and assistance, family medical leave and even subsidized child care so parents feel at ease with their little one.


What it does: Google is known for providing one of the internet’s most popular search engines, but it also offers technology like Google Home and Pixel phones. Consumers can also take advantage of the company’s certificate and training programs

Parental benefits Google offers: Google increased its parental benefits to 24 weeks for parents who give birth and 16 weeks for non-birthing parents. Employees are also able to take eight weeks of caregiving leave. 


What it does: Automattic is a software company specializing in open source tools. The company aims to provide free and accessible software like WordPress, CrowsSignal and Tumblr. 

Parental benefits Automattic offers: Parents that have been working with Automattic for a year get up to six months paid maternity leave upon the birth or adoption of a child.

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What it does: Etsy is an online marketplace where creators and artists can sell products. It caters to unique, independent creators and provides an easy-to-use platform for commerce.  

Parental benefits Etsy offers: Etsy employees can enjoy 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave upon the birth or adoption of a child. The company also offers support for adoption and family planning services as well as child care.


What it does: FloQast builds cloud-based software to streamline the accounting process. The platform gives all members of the finance team visibility into a company’s processes so they know exactly what’s been completed, what needs work and what is past due. The FloQast platform also organizes and timestamps all financial documents to make it easy to prepare for an audit.

Parental benefits FloQast offers: FloQast employees have access to adoption assistance, child care benefits and 16 paid weeks of parental leave for birthing parents and 12 weeks of paid leave for non-birthing parents. FloQast also offers leaves of absence and work-from-home options


What it does: Neighborhoods.com is a real estate tech company that helps homebuyers find, research and compare neighborhoods that fit their lifestyles based on activities they like to do, foods they like to eat and more. Once a perfect neighborhood is found, the platform will then recommend homes in the area that suit each individual’s needs. 

Parental benefits Neighborhoods.com offers: Neighborhoods.com offers a full 12 weeks paid maternity leave and four weeks paid paternity and adoption leave. The company also offers unlimited PTO and paid medical leave. 


What it does: Salesforce is a cloud-based software company specializing in CRM solutions. It provides a variety of tools for customer engagement and tracking across industries. Commerce, media, manufacturing and education companies alike use Salesforce to optimize revenue, store and track customer accounts and manage marketing efforts. 

Parental benefits Salesforce offers: Primary caregivers at Salesforce get 26 weeks paid parental leave and secondary caregivers receive 12 weeks. 


What it does: Sprout Social is a social media management, analytics and customer care platform. Its services help marketing teams manage their social media presence across a multitude of platforms, track content performance and better engage with their audiences. 

Parental benefits Sprout Social offers: Sprout Social offers 16 weeks of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. The company also offers adoption assistance and reimbursements for child care and elder care. 


What it does: IBM offers a wide range of technology products and services and is known for its use of artificial intelligence, analytics and IT consulting services. Some of its popular products include the AI Watson Assistant, SPSS Statistics and IBM Maximo. 

Parental benefits IBM offers: Birthing parents working for IBM can enjoy 20 weeks of paid parental leave and non-birthing parents have 12 weeks. The company also offers adoption assistance and bonding leave time.

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What it does: RetailMeNot is an online marketplace that offers online and in-store coupon codes, cashback offers and discounted gift cards. The company partners with global brands like Best Buy, Macy’s, Expedia and Bonobos to boost customer engagement, influence purchasing decisions and, overall, save customers money on everyday purchases.

Parental benefits RetailMeNot offers: Parents at RetailMeNot have 16 weeks of paid parental leave for birthing parents and 10 weeks of paid leave for non-birthing parents. The company also offers four weeks of paid family medical leave.


What it does: Netflix is a streaming platform that offers tiered membership options. Members can watch both Netflix original TV and movies as well as classics. 

Parental benefits Netflix offers: Parents at Netflix are encouraged to take ample paid time off after the birth or adoption of a child. Many employees take four to eight months off and some take up to a year off. Other parental benefits include support for fertility, surrogacy and adoptions services. 


What it does: MojoTech is a software design and development agency. The company has completed more than 150 software, UX/UI design and digital transformation projects for well-known brands like Under Armour, Credit Karma, Aetna and United Way. 

Parental benefits Mojo Tech offers: MojoTech parents can enjoy benefits like six weeks paid parental leave, remote work options and FSA accounts. 

Rose Velazquez, Sara B.T. Thiel, Dana Cassell and Jessica Powers contributed reporting to this story.

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