Brennan Whitfield | Aug 12, 2022

Over the past decade, software development has become one of the fastest-growing job professions in the nation — and there’s a reason why developers are in such high-demand at the moment. In truth, many of the world’s most pivotal tech companies are rooted in software.

As a highly versatile set of instructions and data, software can be used to drive innovation across a wide range of industries. It’s been used to develop groundbreaking healthcare products and services and has even transformed the world of online shopping. And as the pandemic continues to keep many working from home, software is being used to keep coworkers connected and foster collaboration.

There’s no doubt that software unlocks opportunity across a broad range of industries, which is why it’s no surprise that the country is home to countless software development companies. These organizations have harnessed the power of code to make it easier for businesses to stay nimble and competitive, providing them with the tools they need to conquer their largest technical challenges. While some are helping brands launch mobile apps, others are making it possible to automate business processes. 

Here are 25 of the top software development companies to keep an eye on.

Top Software Development Companies To Know

  • ThoughtWorks
  • Slalom
  • Unqork
  • Unity Technologies
  • MojoTech
  • ServiceNow
  • Redgate Software
  • Crema
  • GitLab
  • Origami Risk


25 Software Development Companies to Know

Founded: 2014 

Businesses need every edge available to stay ahead of the competition, so GitLab has crafted the ultimate DevOps platform. Companies can gather software lifecycle metrics and track project data, creating a more collaborative environment. For further peace of mind, GitLab also provides features for organizing and protecting company applications and infrastructure. 


Founded: 2001

Kin + Carta is a digital transformation firm that specializes in software development, management consulting, and marketing. With a focus on digital product design and development, the firm offers a wide range of services such as CRM strategy, rapid experimentation, product strategy, and connected experiences. Kin + Carta’s consulting and marketing capabilities include business model innovation, data infrastructure development, MarTech platform engineering, and customer engagement.


Founded: 2013

Work & Co. designs and develops digital products for a broad range of brands. The agency’s capabilities include product strategy, information architecture, API and CMS development, post-launch optimization, and rapid prototyping. Work & Co.’s past projects include launching a learning program for Apple and developing an app on behalf of Lyft.


Founded: 1993

ThoughtWorks is a software consultancy that specializes in creating digital experiences. The company helps brands design and deliver products and experiences, improve their organization’s ability to adapt, leverage their data assets, and develop adaptable technology platforms. ThoughtWorks’ client base spans a variety of industries including travel, healthcare, and retail.


Founded: 2008

Devbridge builds “mission-critical products” for companies from a variety of industries. In addition to product design and development, the company offers services such as data strategy and intelligence, legacy modernization, robotic workflow automation, and service design. In the past, Devbridge has worked with companies to develop messaging and scheduling apps, digital content platforms, processing engines, and more.


Founded: 2001

Slalom is a consulting firm that focuses on technology development, strategy, and business transformation. The firm’s technological expertise encompasses mobile app development, website redesign, digital transformation, cloud data architecture, and data visualization and storytelling. Slalom also specializes in customer experience strategy, new business model and concept development, process optimization, and more.  


Founded: 2004

ServiceNow’s platform enables businesses to build software applications. Using their platform, businesses can build and deploy native mobile applications, automate business processes, create end-to-end digital workflows, and power applications and reporting with a common data structure. ServiceNow’s other capabilities include incident management, software asset management, and operational risk management.


Founded: 2017

Unqork’s platform allows users to develop dynamic software applications without the use of code. Through their platform, users can build applications based on pre-built configurable components, create process flows, define communication channels, map and transform data within an application, and more. Unqork’s client base spans industries including financial services, government, healthcare, and insurance.


Founded: 2004

Unity Technologies’ platform allows industry leaders to create and operate real-time 3D software. The company’s suite of products can be used to develop intelligent AR experiences, automate ultra-realistic materials and graphics, operate real-time 3D experiences, and more. Unity Technologies serves companies tied to industries such as gaming, film, architecture and engineering, and automotive and manufacturing


Founded: 1999

Redgate Software specializes in developing software for the Microsoft Data Platform. Companies can use their tools to monitor SQL Server performance in real-time, automate database deployments, connect databases to source control systems, and more. Redgate Software aims to help companies balance the demand to deliver software quickly with the need to protect and preserve critical data.


Founded: 2008

MojoTech is dedicated to delivering cloud-native software solutions. Their capabilities include full-stack engineering, website development, cloud migration, iOS and Android app development, rapid prototyping, workflow design, and process development. Additionally, MojoTech specializes in telemedicine software, design sprints, and digital transformation.


Founded: 2012

DigitalOcean makes it easier for developers to launch applications in the cloud. The company’s suite of products are designed to help teams build and run apps, create streaming services, easily host and develop websites, quickly set up a VPN, and more. In the past, DigitalOcean has partnered with a wide range of clients including tech companies, coworking spaces, and edtech startups.


Founded: 2007

Club Automation develops software for use by health and athletic clubs and medical wellness centers. Businesses can use their software applications for things like member management, scheduling, front desk management, accounting, and reporting. Club Automation also offers mobile app development, SMS messaging, key cards and entry systems, payment processing technology, and more.


Founded: 2001

Relativity creates software designed to help teams organize data and act on insights. Using their software, users can streamline their e-discovery process, detect non-compliant behavior in real time, preserve critical data, uncover key facts quickly, and more. Relativity serves a broad range of corporations, law firms, and government agencies.


Founded: 2009

Origami Risk provides integrated SaaS solutions specifically for the risk and insurance industry. Their cloud-based platform enables teams to deliver property and insurance products to market quickly, manage risk, claims, insurance, and safety, launch online portals, mobile applications, and more. Origami Risk’s client base spans a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and education.


Founded: 1981

Blackbaud’s cloud-based software is designed to help people “drive impact for social good.” Teams can use the company’s tools for a variety of tasks such as financial management, performance analysis and benchmarking, payment services, digital marketing management, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Blackbaud also specializes in consulting and implementation and optimization.


Founded: 2011

Fastly is dedicated to helping digital businesses deliver fast, secure, and scalable online experiences. Their software platform is capable of content delivery and image optimization, video and streaming, cloud security, application load balancing, and more. Fastly enables developers to launch mobile apps and websites, accelerate workflows, and reduce business costs.

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Founded: 2017

8base’s App Builder hosts an extensible UI/UX component library, branding controls and application state management controls for making customized web and mobile applications. Additionally, base8 utilizes its Serverless GraphQL BaaS tool to provide baseline support for backend infrastructures, allowing developers to both focus on frontend development and use any framework of choice.


Founded: 2004

10Pearls provides services for multiple areas from data analytics to cybersecurity, with one being its full-stack web development service. The company’s web services specialize in frontend development, design, SEO, QA testing as well as fluency in various frameworks and programming languages. 10Pearl has built software for brands National Geographic, MedStar Health and more.


Founded: 2004

Andersen Lab offers custom software, web and mobile development services for individual and enterprise products across 16 industries. Along with mobile and desktop development, the company specializes in DevOps and QA, cloud development, UI/UX design and security consulting for applications. In addition, Andersen Lab’s team of over 450 web development experts and 300 cloud experts are available for each facet of the development and deployment process.


Founded: 2009

Bringing together a diverse team of design and product experts, Crema has the resources companies need to enhance their digital approach. Crema offers advanced tools for crafting first-class websites, research-based prototypes, and tailored product strategies. Businesses can nourish stronger relationships with their clients by relying on the technologies and expertise of Crema.


Founded: 2006

Punchkick Interactive builds custom software applications for mobile, web, and more. Their services include responsive web design and development, iOS and Android app development, talent user experience interface (TUX), and business analytics. In the past, Punchkick Interactive has partnered with major brands to create loyalty programs, digital lockers, portals, and native apps.


Founded: 2009

Vokal is dedicated to helping brands research, design, and build digital experiences. In addition to building and launching products, the company offers assistance with research and analysis, integrated marketing strategy, full-stack audits and assessments, and long-term optimization. Some of Vokal’s most notable past projects include developing click-through prototypes on behalf of Bosch and creating an app for consumer brand Contigo.


Founded: 1989

Acquired by Perforce Software in 2019, Rogue Wave Software specializes in helping global enterprises build, connect, and secure software applications. Their products allow teams to send files to remote users, accelerate testing, identify security and reliability issues, and more. Rogue Wave Software’s client base spans a broad range of industries including financial services, aerospace and defense, and energy.


Founded: 2010

Carminati Consulting is an IT consulting firm and software company that develops applications for a wide range of solutions. Their specialties include custom software development, systems and data integration, project management, predictive analytics, and data warehousing development. Carminati Consulting also offers software solutions for healthcare organizations such as immunizations tracking, surveillance testing, and insurance contracts simplification.

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