Brennan Whitfield | Nov 08, 2022

With so many people conducting their lives online, the need for improved social commerce has become greater than ever. According to Forbes, experts predict that social media platforms will become the main channels for online purchases in the future. Because of this, many brands have found new ways to engage with consumers. 

While the digital realm continues to transform marketing, brands are forced to keep up with ever-evolving trends. With the help of marketing technology, brands now have the chance to improve their online campaigns, take control of social media, and even gain access to actionable insights.

Given the complexity of modern marketing, it takes some serious expertise to thrive in this space. Yet, there are many marketing companies across the country that are up to the challenge. Blending together technology with creativity, these marketing leaders have what it takes to help brands dominate their industries and outshine the competition. 

Here are some of the nation’s top marketing companies to keep an eye on.

Top Marketing Companies To Know

  • Drift
  • JW Player
  • Khoros
  • Yotpo
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Metric Theory
  • Iterable
  • Wunderman Thompson
  • Wistia
  • Ketchum


39 Marketing Companies to Know

A subsidiary of Havas, Havas Media Group seeks to build brands in a trustworthy and people-first light. Havas Media Group partners with clients to determine proper media investments, measure media performance and reach necessary growth targets for peak audience engagement. The company specializes in data consulting, media strategy and more, and offers its services in over 140 countries.


ReviewTrackers offers tools to help businesses stay on top of their customer reviews. The company has crafted software that makes it easy to request, track and respond to customer reviews. By investing more energy in this aspect of their digital presence, companies can gain valuable insights into how to improve their services while raising their brands in the eyes of consumers.


Merkle works with brands across nine industries to help improve respective customer experiences. The company’s solutions span from the fields of analytics and data to enterprise technology and B2B expertise — making for a comprehensive brand-building toolbox. Brands like Geico, Nestle, Samsung and others have utilized Merkle services to amplify their marketing efforts.


Vista is known for its custom product services, especially for small businesses. Through the website, businesses can order business cards, pens, websites and more. Additionally, Vista offers design services. The company facilitates a community of designers and allows businesses to choose the product. From there, businesses file out a short survey to place their order.


C.A. Fortune is a consumer brands agency for brands of all sizes and industries. The company delivers brand solutions like client strategy, sales marketing, incubation, retail activation and insights. Businesses work directly with a personal strategist and receive the efforts of each C.A. Fortune teams. This includes consulting from business intelligence experts, e-commerce solutions and admin services.


Marketing products across numerous channels can be overwhelming, so Feedonomics offers businesses simplicity. An all-around platform allows teams to automate processes for optimizing, updating and categorizing products. The Feedonomics platform also handles order imports, saving businesses time and freeing up teams to work on more complex projects.


For VMLY&R, its ultimate goal is to merge brand experience and customer experience insights to create connected commerce solutions. The company provides services in areas like brand strategy and development, customer relationship management, as well as entertainment, gaming and tech. VMLY&R has created marketing strategies covering various topics, with notable ones being healthcare and company inclusion.


While all companies want to expand their marketing reach, Bliss Point Media complements effort with a precise, data-backed approach. Clients can leverage the agency’s machine learning technology to track subscriptions, visits, and other data that defines success. Bliss Point Media also helps companies diversify their channels beyond Google and Facebook, making sure their video content reaches the widest target audience possible.


Consumers come across countless marketing campaigns each day, so The Trade Desk is helping companies stand out with tailored content. Businesses can leverage The Trade Desk platform to locate their ideal channels, compile customer data and adjust marketing campaigns along the way. With a data-focused mindset, organizations can develop more cost-efficient and effective campaigns that speak to the needs of their target audiences. 


Through its suite of tech-based tools and services, Brilliant offers a variety of products to ensure companies leave an impact. Whether it’s press kits, branded merch, or new hire welcome gifts, Brilliant utilizes creativity and technology to serve companies with products that help drive conversions and retention.  


To give brands a competitive edge, CreatorUp offers a range of video production services. From virtual tours to Twitter ads, CreatorUp can craft videos that engage customers while remaining within budget. Customers can track the process through the CreatorUp platform and bring any questions to an expert producer. With this transparency, companies can stay in control while receiving high-quality video products from the CreatorUp team.


While the freelance world may intimidate some professionals, MarketerHire brings peace of mind to those in the marketing space. The company boasts a network of vetted companies and marketing freelancers. Instead of spending long hours looking for the right place or person, all parties can rely on MarketerHire to match qualified marketing candidates with trusted businesses.


It’s not always easy putting together a marketing plan, but Talon.One delivers the tools to jumpstart the process. With The Campaign Manager platform, teams can supplement their campaigns with coupons, discounts, loyalty rewards and more. From budgeting to event planning, every detail is accounted for. All companies have to do is connect their data to Talon.One’s platform to get started.


To leave a more lasting impression on consumers, organizations use the marketing services of surefoot. The company conducts UX research, audits and data analysis. With this approach, surefoot helps businesses customize emails and other content formats. As a result, teams can find better ways to increase their return on investment.


Drift allows go-to-market teams to deliver personalized experiences to website visitors and ultimately drive more conversions. The conversational platform eliminates the need for customers and prospects to fill out forms or wait for responses to their inquiries, allowing reps to engage, qualify and convert them into the pipeline in real time.



JW Player produces digital video products that allow creators and organizations to connect and engage with audiences. Featuring video streaming capabilities, ad support and various engagement products that serve users with relevant content from a creator’s library, JW Player offers many possibilities for companies and their audiences alike.


NextRoll is a marketing tech company on a mission to “accelerate growth for companies, big and small.” Their e-commerce marketing platform, AdRoll, helps direct-to-consumer brands connect, automate, and measure the entire customer journey. Powered by AI, the platform boasts capabilities such as channel contribution analysis, advanced targeting, product recommendations, and consent management.


Sendoso is dedicated to helping companies more closely engage with their customers and buyers. Their specialties include account-based marketing, field marketing and virtual events, customer experience, and sales development. Sendoso also offers demand generation services to help brands build awareness and engage prospects throughout the funnel.


Khoros delivers customer engagement software designed to help brands improve digital customer experiences. Their AI-powered platform allows companies to connect with customers in their preferred channels, including social media and email, so they can create communities that drive loyalty, increase spend and amplify their brands. Additionally, Khoros grants companies access to actionable insights, social media campaign management, and brand quality control.


Civis Analytics helps its clients use data to identify, attract and engage customers, constituents and citizens. The company’s platform can be used to track brand performance, build person-level predictive analytics, identify new opportunities for growth, and gauge campaign effectiveness. Civis Analytics also helps brands leverage data-driven message testing.


Acquired by Invoca in 2021, DialogTech uses AI to help companies understand how calls with customers impact the customer journey. Its platform allows teams to analyze, attribute and optimize phone conversations, which ultimately helps companies improve ROI, increase sales conversions and deliver more personalized customer experiences. DialogTech integrates with a wide range of applications including Yext, Optimizely and Marketo.


ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation platform is designed to help growing businesses connect with their customers. Using the company’s software, teams can automate email follow-ups, locate engaged contacts, improve targeting and map out automations in a single view to make adjustments and gain better results. ActiveCampaign also specializes in email marketing, CRM and sales automation.


Smartly.io is a marketing tech company that enables brands to automate every step of their social advertising. Through their platform, companies can manage campaigns and access reporting across their advertising accounts. Additionally, Smartly.io grants brands access to original creative concepts and transforms their existing assets into branded, short-form content.


Braze is on a mission to “forge human connections between brands and consumers.” The company’s platform allows brands to improve campaign optimization, customer lifecycle engagement, cross-channel personalization, and data streaming and management. Braze integrates with a broad range of technologies such as Segment, Fivetran and AccuWeather.


Pushnami is dedicated to helping brands send the right message at the right time. Powered by machine learning, the company’s omnichannel subscriber engagement and messaging platform enables businesses to send messages as browser-based and mobile app  push notifications and emails. Pushnami also offers automated and customized content creation.

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Adswerve leverages data discovery to help brands develop insightful marketing strategies. Its solutions include campaign management and optimization, data governance, audience creation and monetization strategy, and campaign and attribution reporting analyses. Additionally, Adswerve helps companies harness the power of the Google Marketing Platform and Cloud.


Iterable’s platform enables teams to create, optimize and measure each interaction across the customer journey. Its growth marketing platform helps brands utilize their data more efficiently, integrate data from anywhere instantly, segment subscribers for targeted campaigns and build experiences across channels and devices. Leveraging AI, Iterable enables brands to optimize the best times, frequencies and channels to engage individual customers.


Klaviyo offers a platform that helps e-commerce companies accelerate revenue. The company’s platform enables businesses to build e-commerce sign-up and pop-up forms, explore real-time activity feeds, automate customer communications, create highly targeted emails and more. Klaviyo integrates with a variety of platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify.


Wistia’s video marketing software is designed to help brands find, engage and grow their audiences. Using the company’s software, businesses can create video and audio experiences and host videos on their own platform while reaching new audiences and retargeting existing viewers. Wistia also allows brands to publish content directly to social media platforms and track audience data.


Acquia offers an enterprise platform that enables businesses to build personalized digital experiences. Businesses can use the company’s platform to drive site traffic, gain new customers and retain existing ones, generate actionable insights and drive engagement. Acquia allows brands to personalize websites, emails and SMS campaigns, manage cross-channel campaigns, organize creative assets, scale operations, and ensure data governance.


Yotpo’s e-commerce marketing platform is designed to help brands accelerate their direct-to-consumer growth. Through the company’s platform, brands can collect more customer reviews and ratings, bring the Instagram experience to their sites, craft loyalty programs, drive referral programs, and build an SMS strategy. Yotpo integrates with a wide range of applications including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Zendesk.


Acquired by Bazaarvoice in 2020, Curalate’s e-commerce solution helps brands use social media to sell online more effectively. Their platform helps businesses create smarter shopping experiences throughout the customer journey while driving revenue, scaling their brand, generating actionable insights, and building loyalty. Curalate grants brands access to user-generated content, which enables them to use customer feedback to drive strategy and implement customer-centric advertising solutions.


To help marketing companies enjoy enhanced ROI, Code3 delivers a personalized, data-centric approach. The company compiles consumer data and analyzes content, crafting creative strategies that cater to the preferences of target audiences. Knowing where potential customers spend the most time online, organizations can rely on the insights and tools of Code3 to attract audiences with tailored content. 

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Likemind is changing the way people view email by filling inboxes with enriching content. The company boasts an extensive network of partnerships that allows people to customize their feed. Customers can learn more about history, language, the arts, and other subjects. From trivia quizzes to in-depth articles, Likemind turns email into a learning hub with its broad collection of content formats.


EZ Texting’s marketing platform enables businesses to reach and engage with their mobile audiences. Businesses can use their platform to send customers texts containing coupons and vouchers, in-store promotions, event notifications, appointment reminders, emergency alerts, and more. EZ Texting aims to help companies amplify their brands, gain more customers and generate faster response times.



Acquired by Media.Monks in 2021, Metric Theory is a marketing agency that helps brands improve their digital advertising strategies. Their specialties include search engine marketing, shopping feed management, paid social, promotion management, and merchant center monitoring. Metric Theory also offers programmatic advertising, Amazon marketing, video ads and mobile advertising.


Wunderman Thompson is a marketing agency and consultancy on a mission to “inspire growth for ambitious brands.” Serving 90 markets worldwide, the organization specializes in services such as brand positioning, effectiveness planning, customer experience, creative development and optimization, data consulting and production strategy. Wunderman Thompson has offices in many major cities including Sydney, Beijing, Copenhagen and Berlin.


Deloitte Digital is a digital consultancy that merges creativity with technological expertise. Its focus areas include customer strategy and applied design, AR/VR, HR transformation, and blockchain adoption and integration. Deloitte Digital offers other solutions such as finance transformation and next-gen digital banking.


Ketchum is a global PR firm that offers a broad range of marketing and advertising solutions. The company’s specialties include influencer marketing, reputation management, analytics, content creation, digital strategy, earned media, and employee communications and engagement. Ketchum boasts offices across the globe in cities such as Paris, Istanbul, Stockholm and London.

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