Beyond Cabinets and Congress: 15 Startups in Washington D.C. to Know

Sunny Betz
April 30, 2020
Updated: June 3, 2021
Sunny Betz
April 30, 2020
Updated: June 3, 2021

Even with politics pushed aside, the Washington D.C. area is a region unlike any other. While the government sector may be the biggest magnet that draws people to the nation’s capital, it would be a mistake to overlook the meteoric rise of Washington's tech and startup scene. Of the various industries within the tech space, security is a particularly popular sector in Washington D.C. tech. There are huge amounts of sensitive digital data traveling through the city every day and the demand for cybersecurity professionals grows as governing organizations block attacks and maintain the safety of their citizens’ information. Techies with cybersecurity backgrounds can enjoy a comfortable level of job security in the D.C. metro area, and over the past few years their industry has experienced around a three percent bump in job growth. 

Cybersecurity may be the leading industry, but the city is also a hub for B2B, software, and engineering professionals, and startups that relocate or put down roots in D.C. enjoy unparalleled opportunities to work hand-in-hand with some of the most powerful governing organizations in the country. However, while the biggest tech customer in the D.C. metro area may always be the federal government, many startups make it their goal to reach people far beyond the Chesapeake Bay. Tech startups in the nation’s capital have found their footing in nearly every industry from aviation to childcare, and as one of the most diverse and inclusive tech scenes in the country, the city is filled with companies who are working hard to make sure everyone has a say in how to better the world they live in. Whether they’re working in tandem with heads of state to build defense tech, or simply building solutions to make life easier for the average American, these 15 startups paint a picture of how Washington D.C. is a tech city unlike any other.

Startups In D.C. To Know

  • Aspired Technologies
  • HireBid
  • CareerGig
  • Bumblebee Data
  • Measure
  • RedGov
  • Shift5
Aspired Technologies DC Startups
Aspired Technologies


Founded: 2019

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: Aspired Technologies connects professionals with leaders and mentors in their field through a web-based platform, providing users the ability to access on-demand career coaching and advice to help reach their goals. The company's platform is available both for desktop and as a mobile app, which can be used to prepare for interviews, plan job searches, and get more information about companies they're interested in.


HireBid DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: HireBid’s auctioning marketplace supports software developers, engineers, and contractors in any discipline, helping them manage their calendars and build relationships with hiring companies. HireBid’s platform offers benefits to both service providers and businesses alike, guiding more projects to fruition by helping companies secure talent for specific timeframes and reduce risks to their business.

CareerGig  DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: The new gig economy offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to put their services to work, but working from project to project can pose a range of scheduling and compensation challenges. CareerGig's platform is designed to help make freelancing more sustainable and rewarding, leveraging software technology to validate work history, streamline onboarding and connect freelancers with affordable benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans. CareerGig's site offers a range of content and resources for both contractors and freelancers alike, helping both parties navigate the gig economy and maximize their profits and success.


Bumblebee Data DC Startups
Bumblebee Data


Founded: 2019

Focus: Data

What they do: Bumblebee Data's software makes sense of messy datasets by giving users the power to clean and organize their data, regardless of their comfort levels with coding. Bumblebee Data's services are open source and capable of being integrated with the cloud, making it easy for companies to launch data analytics tools for all of their teams. Based out of Washington D.C., Bumblebee Data serves an international community of data science companies, with additional international offices in Mexico City.


SERVOO DC Startups


Founded: 2020

Focus: Networking, Human Resources 

What they do: SERVOO's business card platform simplifies calendar planning and appointment booking, giving professionals in any industry the tools to book meetings on demand and maintain their professional networks all from the company's mobile app. SERVOO's platform serves as a social networking platform where users can customize their own public profiles, and among the many services they offer are business card designing tools, public profile building, and integration with both email and digital calendars.


Measure DC Startups


Founded: 2020

Focus: Aerospace

What they do: Measure makes it easier for companies across the globe to integrate drone technology into their strategies and operations, building machines capable of autonomously mapping their environments and tracking their movements. Their mobile program management app makes it simple for companies to plan drone missions and record activity, empowering organizations to deploy drone software in whatever use cases they might pursue. Measure’s technology has been a proven tool used by companies in energy, construction and other sectors to map and execute their projects.


RedGov DC Startups


Founded: 2020

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: Security is an essential aspect of any governmental organization, and protecting sensitive data has to be of utmost concern when managing the safety of populations they oversee. RedGov, a subsidiary of Defensury Inc., is a cybersecurity software company that specifically serves global governmental agencies and organizations, helping them maintain the integrity and safety of their digital assets. The company protects its clients from cyber crimes such as intelligence theft and online terrorism with technology that can assess threats in real time, monitoring assets 24/7 to maintain security around the clock.


Shift5 DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: Given Washington D.C.'s status as a center of both national and international power, it's no surprise that so many of the city's startups have a focus on security and defense. Shift5 has found its niche in specifically the defense of operational technology, working to maintain the safety of the nation’s planes, trains, and combat vehicles. They defend infrastructures in cities across the country from cyber attacks, deploying both software and hardware solutions that can detect risks and protect products throughout the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity attacks.


Happy Mobility DC Startups
happy Mobility


Founded: 2019

Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Transportation

What they do: Happy Mobility aims to disrupt the ride-hailing industry by building an AI-powered driving monitor that helps make travel safer for both drivers and passengers alike. The company's two main services, car insurance and ridesharing, implement motion sensors to detect environmental risks and rank the safety of vehicles. Happy Mobility runs its operations out of various cities in the greater tristate area, in College Park, Arlington, and Baltimore in addition to their Washington D.C. headquarters.


VisualARise DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Automotive, Augmented Reality

What they do: VisualARise leverages the power of augmented reality technology to make vehicles and drivers safer, building software that can help drivers make informed decisions based on navigation data and road condition warnings. Their holographic AR technology projects road information and 3D imaging onto the vehicle's windshield, helping drivers find their way on the road and respond to road signs regardless of weather or lighting conditions. 


Aura Network Systems DC Startups
Aura Network Systems


Founded: 2019

Focus: Data, Aviation

What they do: Aura Network Systems provides a variety of communications services to companies in the aviation industry, offering a suite of products built with voice, navigation, and data capabilities. With over 50 locations across the country, Aura Network Systems supports a strong communications network and coverage for aviation companies in all 50 states.


Coglide DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Sales

What they do: Coglide offers a lead generation platform for sales companies powered by AI technology, and their team of web designers and engineers help companies build business-specific marketing apps to better connect with new customers and expand their brand. Their smart marketing solution guides lead generation for sales teams and implements deep learning technology to prioritize leads and organize sales data to make closing deals more simple.


Latchkey Home DC Startups
Latchkey Home


Founded: 2019

Focus: Security, Childcare

What they do: Latchkey Home is a smart home company that supports working parents by building technology that gives parents insight into when their kids depart or come home. Without relying on GPS tracking or other more invasive monitoring methods, Latchkey's WiFi-powered technology simply sends parents a notification when their children leave the home or return, all through a small key-like device that children can carry on their person. Latchkey's technology can additionally be implemented in other cases such as elder care or pet care.


Rebellion Defense DC Startups
Rebellion Defense


Founded: 2019

Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity

What they do: Rebellion Defense partners with Silicon Valley engineers to build scalable security tools for use in national defense cases. Their products leverage artificial intelligence to monitor national security around the clock, analyzing and protecting defense data against outside threats. Rebellion Defense founder Chris Lynch previously served the Department of Defense as founding director of Defense Digital Service, and his team includes professionals with experience in law, political strategy, computing and the military. Headquartered in the United States capitol, Rebellion Defense maintains a global security network with additional offices in Seattle and London. 


JobSync DC Startups


Founded: 2019

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: Online job boards have revolutionized the way we apply to jobs, but many companies struggle with finding a unified way to get prospective employees to fill out applications. Rather than requiring candidates to click through many pages to file an application, companies can use JobSync to sync their ATS to leading online job boards, reducing their acquisition costs and helping them connect with more qualified candidates. Leading companies like Farmers Insurance, McDonalds, TripAdvisor, and other companies in a broad range of industries integrate JobSync's technology into their hiring process, enabling them to streamline their online recruiting processes to build strong teams.


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