How 30 Top Companies in Tampa Have Helped Define Florida Commerce

Staff Writer
January 21, 2022
Updated: May 5, 2022
Staff Writer
January 21, 2022
Updated: May 5, 2022

Tampa Bay may be known for its white-sand beaches and kid-friendly attractions, but this coastal region has become much more than a travel destination. Over the past several years, the area has taken a deep dive into the tech industry, sparking the formation of tech companies and startups across the region. According to the Tampa Bay Times, CompTIA named the area one of the nation’s top 20 “tech towns,” alongside up-and-coming tech hubs like San Diego and Raleigh

There’s no doubt that the Tampa Bay area is climbing the tech ranks, but that doesn’t mean the city is a novice when it comes to innovation. In fact, the region is home to many cutting-edge forces such as financial services leader Raymond James and Fortune 500 competitor Tech Data. From Clearwater to St. Petersburg, cities across the region boast their own communities of business game-changers, making the Tampa area a true commerce kingpin. 

We’ve rounded up 30 of the most influential companies in Tampa to give you a glimpse of the area’s powerful business culture. 

Top Companies in Tampa You Should Know

  • Fisher Investments
  • Cisco
  • General Dynamics
  • HDR
  • IBM
  • EPAM Systems
  • Novetta
  • Procore Technologies
  • Gartner
Fisher Investments Largest Companies Tampa Bay
Fisher Investments

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 3,600+ 

What they do: Fisher Investments guides people along the path to financial stability with a customer-first mentality. Because Fisher Investments is a fee-only investment advisor, clients have come to rely on the company’s financial planning and portfolio management services. With an extensive advisor network and various online calculators, customers can jumpstart their journey toward exceptional financial well-being.


Cisco Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: St. Petersburg 

Number of employees: 77,500

What they do: In a world dominated by digital interactions, Cisco is giving companies the confidence to navigate this complex landscape. Businesses can connect teams with Cisco products, including Wi-Fi 6E technology, AppDynamics software, and the Webex platform. To ensure these connections remain protected, Cisco shields business’ infrastructure with the SecureX platform. 


HDR Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 11,100+ 

What they do: Structures can have lasting impacts on their surrounding environments, so HDR has embraced a holistic design approach. The employee-owned design firm specializes in architecture, environmental, construction, and engineering services that solve challenges and reflect the communities they work with. Because of it's multi-faceted outlook, HDR creates beautiful designs that demonstrate efficiency and cater to their immediate communities.


Novetta Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: When federal law enforcement agencies need innovative solutions, Novetta steps in to deliver cutting-edge thinking. The company dabbles in machine learning, data analytics, full-spectrum cyber, cloud engineering, and other specialties. Because of its broad experiences, Novetta has many methods for analyzing data, determining patterns, and helping its customers act on newfound insights.


Procore Technologies Largest Companies Tampa Bay
Procore Technologies

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 1,800+

What they do: Procore Technologies is forever changing the way projects get done in the construction industry. A cloud-based platform enables teams to place applications, documents, and personnel in a single location. From owners to general contractors, everyone can access information on the Procore platform. As a result, Procore Technologies produces more streamlined communication at construction sites.


Gartner Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: Fort Myers

Number of employees: 17,800+ 

What they do: Every business leader can benefit from expert advice, which is why Gartner equips clients with forward-thinking advisors and technology. Gartner tailors its products and personnel to each company, giving chief information officers and IT professionals the support they need to make informed decisions. Embracing the resources and global network of Gartner, businesses can fine-tune their strategies and develop more efficient processes.


Total Quality Logistics Largest Companies Tampa Bay
Total Quality Logistics

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 8,800+ 

What they do: Supply chains keep society running, so Total Quality Logistics is bringing consistency to each task. When companies work with Total Quality Logistics, they access a network of over 90,000 carriers and logistics services tailored to their needs. The TQL TRAX product enables clients to track their shipments and receive timely updates, ensuring every job stays on schedule. 


Morgan Stanley Largest Companies Tampa Bay
Morgan Stanley

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 87,800+

What they do: Since financial stability remains the focus of many individuals and corporations, Morgan Stanley delivers the tools to help people achieve their financial goals. As an industry leader, the firm demonstrates expertise in wealth management, investment banking, and sales and trading. From companies to world economies, Morgan Stanley’s research covers the entire financial sector and instills confidence in each client’s investments.  


The Judge Group Largest Companies Tampa Bay
The Judge Group

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 1,900+

What they do: Leaders looking to take their companies to the next level will enjoy a slate of services offered by The Judge Group. Judge has experience working with a range of sectors, including financial services, life sciences, and government. Clients can depend on Judge to help them adopt the right technologies and fill various roles with top-notch professionals. Even if strategies revolve around advanced products, Judge provides learning services to ease businesses into their next chapters of growth.


EPAM Systems Largest Companies Tampa Bay
EPAM Systems

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 49,600+

What they do: Adopting new technologies may seem like a daunting task, but EPAM Systems simplifies the process with its unique background. Leveraging a multidisciplinary team, EPAM Systems brings together strategists, designers, technologists, and other professional creatives. The agency can then help companies scale solutions, measure engagements, and develop products that speak to the needs of customers. 


IBM Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 533,800+ 

What they do: To elevate businesses within the digital realm, IBM has crafted advanced cloud and AI solutions. The IBM cloud takes a hybrid approach, allowing companies to unify public cloud services, private cloud services, and on-premises infrastructure. Companies can speed up processes further with IBM Watson®, bringing AI-led automation and efficiency to a business environment.


General Dynamics Largest Companies Tampa Bay
General Dynamics

Location: St. Petersburg 

Number of employees: 13,700+ 

What they do: Although General Dynamics covers a range of specialties, each project follows the common goal of keeping its clients secure. The company brings together a rich collection of perspectives to develop solutions for aerospace, marine, combat, and mission systems. From satellite communications to Gulfstream jets, General Dynamics gives its clients peace of mind with technologies tailored to their needs.


ServiceNow Largest Companies Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 15,000

What they do: The world of work is evolving, and ServiceNow is helping businesses realize new ways of organizing workforces. With the Now Platform, companies can empower employees to create workflow apps, connect customers to mobile experiences, and secure data in a cloud format. Businesses can effortlessly manage virtual and hybrid work environments with the streamlined solutions of ServiceNow.


Rapid7 Largest Companies Tampa

Location: Tampa 

Number of employees: 3,000

What they do: Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and Rapid7 is helping companies elevate their security systems. With extended detection and response technology, businesses can take measures to anticipate and defend against breaches. Rapid7 has also developed solutions for cloud platforms, enabling organizations to shield their most precious information from hackers. 


JPMorgan Chase Largest Companies Tampa
JP Morgan Chase

Location: Tampa

Number of Employees: 302,000+

What they do: With over one hundred years of experience, JPMorgan Chase has become a trusted financial source for governments, corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Customers can manage accounts with online and mobile banking platforms, keeping their finances accessible and transparent. JPMorgan Chase also seeks to share its resources diversely, promoting programs that center around job growth, racial equity, and sustainability.  


SYKES largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 17,900+

What they do: SYKES helps companies engage with customers and build brand loyalty. The company’s full lifecycle solutions and services include talent acquisition and development, insight analytics, customer retention, digital marketing, inbound sales and social media. SYKES serves a wide range of industries such as healthcare, energy, retail and tech. The company boasts offices in 23 countries including Norway, Colombia and Romania. 


Tech Data largest companies in Tampa Bay
Tech Data

Location: Clearwater

Number of employees: 14,700+

What they do: Tech Data is a technology distributor that helps large companies bring their products to market. The company provides a broad range of services such as customer lifecycle management, logistics, mobile solutions, supply chain management and private label delivery. As a Fortune 500 company, Tech Data has office locations in numerous countries including Belgium, Croatia and Costa Rica. 


Publix Super Markets largest companies in Tampa Bay
Publix Super Markets

Location: Lakeland

Number of employees: 43,600+

What they do: Founded in 1930, Publix Super Markets is an employee-owned supermarket chain. The company employs over 200,000 associates and focuses heavily on community involvement, volunteerism and environmental sustainability. Publix stores can be found in several states throughout the Southeast including Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.  


BayCare Health System largest companies in Tampa Bay
BayCare Health System

Location: Clearwater

Number of employees: 9,000+

What they do: BayCare Health System connects individuals and families to healthcare services at hospitals and other facilities. The company partners with 15 regional hospitals including Bartow Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and South Florida Baptist Hospital. BayCare’s inpatient and outpatient services include acute care, behavioral health, home care and primary care.


Power Design largest companies in Tampa Bay
Power Design

Location: St. Petersburg

Number of employees: 1,400+

What they do: Founded in 1989, Power Design is a design-build electrical contractor and systems integrator that partners with developers and builders on complex projects. The company specializes in design assistance, systems, lighting distribution and design builds. Power Design has completed over 1,000 multi-family projects nationwide.


KnowBe4 largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: Clearwater

Number of employees: 950+

What they do: KnowBe4 offers a security awareness training and simulated phishing platform designed to help companies make smarter security decisions. Their tools are intended for security awareness, password protection, email security, ransomware protection and compliance readiness. KnowBe4 supports more than 30,000 organizations worldwide.


Jabil largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: St. Petersburg

Number of employees: 39,100+

What they do: Jabil is a manufacturing solutions provider dedicated to driving success for global brands. The company specializes in a variety of solutions such as advanced assembly, cutting tools, precision automation, advanced materials science, supply chain insights and global product management. 


WellCare Health Plans largest companies in Tampa Bay
WellCare Health Plans

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 7,100+

What they do: WellCare Health Plans provides government-sponsored healthcare programs to individuals and families with complex medical needs primarily through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. The company’s whole health solutions include pharmacy benefit management, drug management, dental care and vision plans. WellCare Health Plans operates across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Raymond James largest companies in Tampa Bay
Raymond James

Location: St. Petersburg

Number of employees: 13,000+

What they do: Established in 1962, Raymond James provides financial services to individuals, corporations and municipalities. Their specialties include wealth management, investment banking, fixed income capital markets and public finance. With more than 8,000 advisors worldwide, Raymond James boasts a presence both across North America and abroad. 


The Mosaic Company largest companies in Tampa Bay
The Mosaic Company

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 3,300+

What they do: The Mosaic Company is a crop nutrient company that mines, produces and distributes phosphate and potash for use in the agriculture industry. The company servers farmers around the world, offering products intended for plant genetics, crop protection and equipment technologies. The Mosaic Company’s production operations take place primarily in Brazil and Paraguay.


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HSN largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: St. Petersburg

Number of employees: 3,300+

What they do: HSN, formerly known as the Home Shopping Network, is an entertainment and lifestyle retailer that offers a broad range of products. The company offers customers access to top brands in jewelry, beauty, home decor, fashion, accessories and more. Since its inception in 1982, HSN has extended its reach beyond cable television and now offers an app that allows people to shop from anywhere.


Masonite largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 2,400+

What they do: Masonite produces building products for both residential and commercial properties. The company specializes in developing exterior and interior doors for use in homes as well as for use in industries such as hospitality, healthcare and education. Masonite operates facilities across the globe and holds 37 sites across the U.S.


Kforce largest companies in Tampa Bay

 Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 3,900+

What they do: Kforce partners with employers to help them build up their technology and finance teams. The company enables people to search for open jobs and refer friends to job opportunities through their app, while companies can use the organization to locate new hires. In the past, Kforce has supported healthcare systems, hospitality companies, financial organizations and more.


Grow Financial Federal Credit Union largest companies in Tampa Bay
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Location: Tampa

Number of employees: 400+

What they do: Founded in 1955, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses. The company offers assistance with checking and savings accounts, personal and commercial loans, home refinancing, real estate loans and more. Grow Financial also provides mobile banking services through their CardManager app, which allows users to check card balances and prevent security breaches. The company’s store locations can be found throughout West Central Florida and Charleston, South Carolina.


MarineMax largest companies in Tampa Bay

Location: Clearwater

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: MarineMax is a boating and yachting lifestyle company that sells a wide range of products. In addition to boats and yachts, the company offers others essentials including life jackets, distress signals and navigation lights. MarineMax also offers an app that allows people to request services such as routine maintenance and repairs. The company has more than 60 store locations nationwide.


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