21 Best Sales Podcasts for Leveling Up Your Skills in 2022

Learn new strategies from the best reps out there.
Senior Staff Reporter
December 14, 2021
Updated: June 30, 2022
Senior Staff Reporter
December 14, 2021
Updated: June 30, 2022

The podcast boom has been good to sales reps. Not only is the medium great for digesting sales tips, but it also brings some of the best sales reps in the field to your earbuds.

In recent years, sales trainers and experts have flocked to podcasts, providing an abundance of content for reps to choose from. There are shows dedicated to women in sales, shows that dig into the nitty-gritty of prospecting and those that feature inspiring tales from the leading minds in tech sales.

To help you get started in navigating the landscape, we’ve highlighted some of the top sales podcasts around. Whether you’re a sales manager, an entry-level sales development rep looking for new ways to spice up your cold emails or a veteran account executive trying to improve your relationships with buyers, this list should have something for you.

Top Sales Podcasts

  • The Advanced Selling Podcast
  • The Art of Charm
  • Blissful Prospecting
  • Conversation With Women in Sales
  • Make It Happen Mondays
  • The Mindset Mentor
  • The Modern Selling Podcast
  • The Official SaaStr Podcast
  • The Other Side of Sales
  • The Pavilion Podcast


For Sales Strategy and Tips

The advanced selling podcast sales podcastsThe Advanced Selling Podcast

Looking for bite-size sales insights and a wealth of episodes to choose from? This is the show for you. The Advanced Selling Podcast claims to be the longest-running sales podcast around, clocking in at 14 years (and counting) and more than 700 episodes. In each episode, hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale draw on their wealth of experience as sales trainers to dig into topics like buyer resistance, sales forecasting and managing sales teams. Episodes average around 20 minutes in length, so it’s easy to squeeze one in during lunch or while taking a walk.

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Blissful prospecting sales podcastsBlissful Prospecting

Cold calls, outreach sequencing and discovery calls are just a few of the topics covered in this prospecting podcast. Hosted by sales coach and trainer Jason Bay, this show digs into the weeds of prospecting strategy to help reps think beyond the script and land more meetings. Each episode features an interview with a noted sales expert or a high-performing rep and ends with an actionable tip, making it a practical resource for anyone in sales.

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conversations with women in sales sales podcastsConversations With Women in Sales

Created to be a resource for women sales professionals first and foremost, this podcast puts women sales leaders front and center to talk about their careers and offer practical sales tips. Social sales expert Barbara Giamanco launched the show in 2018 as a direct response to the lack of women in sales roles and on panels. Episodes touch on topics like how to avoid imposter syndrome, ways to build a sales funnel and how to advance and succeed in tech sales. Sadly, Giamanco passed away in 2020. However, Women Sales Pros founder Lori Richardson has taken up the torch to continue the podcast.

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Make it happen mondays sales podcastsMake It Happen Mondays

In recent years, John Barrows has made a name for himself as a leading B2B sales trainer through his company JBarrows Sales Training. It was only a matter of time before he brought his sales insights to the podcast realm. Launched this year, Make It Happen Mondays features weekly conversations with Barrows and another sales expert. With episodes on personalizing your prospecting at scale, transitioning into an AE role and using humor in sales, the show is perfect for any entry-level sales rep looking to get an edge on the sales floor.

Listen: Apple | Spotify | JBarrows


The Modern Selling Podcast Sales PodcastsThe Modern Selling Podcast

Sales strategy has come a long way from the days of Glengarry Glen Ross, where smooth-talking reps focused only on pitching their products and pressuring people to buy. Today, it’s all about connecting with the buyer and helping them solve a problem. In The Modern Selling Podcast, host Mario Martinez Jr. brings on sales leaders and reps to discuss techniques to help salespeople better connect with their buyers. Episodes, which are published once a week, delve into topics like getting unreceptive buyers to say yes, how to have human-centered conversations and the emotional dynamics of selling.

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The Other Side of Sales sales podcastsThe Other Side of Sales

While tech sales has made some strides in diversity and inclusion, it still remains predominantly white and male. The Other Side of Sales is a podcast focused on highlighting the experiences of sales reps from underrepresented groups and building a more supportive sales culture. Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones host the show, which includes a mix of interviews, panels and discussions drawing on their own expertise in sales. Episodes sit at the intersection of sales culture and practical tips, touching on topics like selling while Black, disclosing mental-health struggles and how to call someone out for unacceptable behavior.

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Sales babble sales podcastsSales Babble

If you’re trying to learn sales strategy but terms like “BANT,” “ICP” and “MQL” sound like foreign concepts, then Sales Babble is the podcast for you. (Those stand for “budget, acquisition, need and timeline,” “ideal customer profile” and “marketing qualified leads,” respectively). Host Pat Helmers seeks to cut through the technical jargon to provide sales training and advice for entrepreneurs and any small business leaders trying to figure out the profession. Episodes air weekly and often include interviews with sales leaders from across the tech landscape on topics like filling pipeline, the basics of cold calling and how to engage decision-makers to close deals.

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Sales Enablement with Andy Paul sales podcastsSales Enablement With Andy Paul

If you’re a rep looking for meaty discussions on sales strategy, this is a show for you. Formerly called Accelerate!, Sales Enablement With Andy Paul includes interviews with some of the leading minds in tech sales on topics like solution selling, aligning buyer expectations and building a high-velocity inside sales team. Clocking in at about 50 minutes in length, each episode takes the time to delve into the nitty-gritty of sales strategy and even touches on relevant culture issues. That makes it a useful resource for reps just starting out and those leading teams.

Listen: Apple | Spotify | ringDNA


The Sales Evangelist sales podcastsThe Sales Evangelist

This show features sales strategy insights from sales leaders and entrepreneurs to help reps become top performers. Sales trainer Donald Kelly started the podcast after founding his training firm The Sales Evangelist. The episodes are about 30 minutes and include useful tips for anyone starting a sales career. Topics include how to convert prospects with text messages, strategies for maintaining sales productivity and how to talk sales to clients during a pandemic.

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Sales Influence Why People Buy sales podcastsSales Influence — Why People Buy!

Sales is often said to be a numbers game — make enough calls, send enough emails and you’ll hit your quota — but there’s also an element of psychology. You have to earn the buyer’s trust and understand what’s motivating them to get them to make a purchase. In this podcast, host Victor Antonio delves into the minds of skeptical buyers and explores why they buy. Episodes tackle subjects like addressing the buyer’s resistance to change, establishing trust in your sales process through caring for the prospect and buyer decision fatigue. With more than 475 episodes, there’s plenty of content to dig into. 

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Sales Success Stories sales podcastsSales Success Stories

One of the best strategies for succeeding in sales is to learn from the top performers on your team and do what they do. This podcast seeks to replicate that experience. The show brings on top individual performers in the sales profession and has them deconstruct the habits, books and tips that helped them to achieve success. Designed with the individual contributor in mind, there are takeaways from people across the selling spectrum — including SDRs, AEs, account managers and more.

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Sell or Die Sales PodcastsSell or Die

It’s often said that sales is an art and a science. This show encapsulates that maxim, providing insights on both the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in sales. Hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer, who’s the author of many best-selling sales books, and sales expert Jennifer Gluckow, each episode tackles either a hard skill or a soft skill in a swift 20 minutes. Topics include building a 90-day sales plan, the element of fear in sales outcomes and active listening tips.

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Will Barron discusses sales fundamentals with author Jeff Bajorek in an episode of The Salesman. | Video: Selling Made Simple

Selling made Simple sales podcastsSelling Made Simple

Situated at the cross-section of psychology and sales, this podcast digs into the role emotions, body language and motivation play in a sale. Host Will Baron draws on insights from experts both in sales and outside of it to provide actionable tips for reps. In one episode, he features a forensics expert who shares how disciplined listening and forensics investigation strategies can be applied to sales. Other interviewees include sales leaders, psychologists, motivational speakers and body language experts.

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For Sales Leaders

The Pavilion Podcast Sales PodcastsThe Pavilion Podcast

Pavilion is an expansive sales networking group for nearly 5,000 revenue executives and emerging revenue leaders. While professional development is often directed toward employees earlier in their careers, the networking group aims to be a resource for revenue leaders to keep growing. The Pavilion Podcast is an extension of that mission. In each episode, a revenue leader offers career tips and advice on how to tackle some of the most pertinent challenges facing companies today. Topics include earning a promotion, making the leap as a solo entrepreneur, the creator economy and more. Whether you’re a sales leader or looking to make the leap into management, this podcast will have some insights for you.

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Reveal Revenue Intelligence Podcast sales podcastsReveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast by Gong

Thanks to the rise of sales technology, sales leaders now have more data than ever before about their customers. Making sense of that information and putting it to work in a sales strategy, however, can still be tricky. Enter Reveal, the revenue intelligence platform Gong’s new podcast. The show covers the myriad ways that data can be used to power sales teams. Each episode features an interview with a sales leader sharing their experience applying revenue intelligence to their sales strategy and ends with an actionable takeaway.

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Sales game changers Sales podcastsSales Game Changers

Taking the next step in your career, whether it’s into a leadership role or up the leadership ladder, can be challenging. Sales Game Changers brings on B2B revenue leaders from major companies like AT&T and Cisco and has them share tips on what they did to succeed in sales and advance their careers. Topics include improving sales tactics like discovery and social selling, as well as leadership coaching and how to land your next promotion. 

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Sales hacker podcast sales podcastsThe Sales Hacker Podcast

Since Sales Hacker launched as a blog and community website in 2014, it has been a go-to resource for sales reps looking for the latest insights and trends in the industry. The podcast is a natural extension of the website, offering a wide array of tips and insights for reps at all experience levels. Pavilion Founder Sam Jacobs hosts the show, which features interviews with B2B sales leaders on topics like lead generation, enablement tips and tech.

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Value Builders Sales podcastsValue Builders

Value Builders is a new podcast that launched in 2020 to provide insights for RevOps leaders. Each episode features an interview with a chief revenue officer, a chief operating officer or a chief customer officer, and touches on different parts of the customer journey. Topics include how to create a customer-centric culture, coaching team members and customers, and building authentic relationships.

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For Motivation and General Interest

The Art of Charm sales podcastsThe Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is a motivational podcast that delves into human behavior to help listeners bring out the best in themselves. Hosts AJ Harbinger and Jordan Dzubik are most known for their bootcamp of the same name that helps people master the art of conversation and build better relationships. In the podcast, they interview psychologists, company executives and authors about human behavior and the habits that can bring out the best in a person. While it’s not a sales podcast per se, there’s plenty of motivational material for any sales rep looking to grow in their career.

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The mindset mentor sales podcastsThe Mindset Mentor

In a profession that involves constant rejection, staying positive isn’t always easy. But it is necessary to bounce back and keep making phone calls to hit your quota. Whether you’re struggling through a rough patch or in need of some extra motivation, The Mindset Mentor has you covered. In the show, host Rob Dial Jr. provides listeners with advice on what they can do to stay motivated and achieve success. Episodes cover topics like how to deal with uncertainty, saving a bad day and how to rewire negative thoughts. 

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The Official SaaStr Podcast sales podcastsThe Official SaaStr Podcast

Interested in keeping up with the latest in tech or growing a sales team? The Official SaaStr Podcast has you covered. The podcast draws on insights from investors and revenue leaders to provide tips on scaling businesses, growing revenue and managing a successful team.

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