Brian Nordli
Senior Staff Reporter at Built In

Brian Nordli is a Built In senior staff reporter covering professional development and the latest technology trends, with a particular focus on sales and account management. Prior to joining Built In in 2018, he has worked as a staff reporter for the Las Vegas and Reno Gazette-Journal, as well as a freelance reporter in Chicago.

Nordli holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and has 11 years of reporting experience, during which time he’s written about everything from the tech industry to breaking news and general interest features. His feature story on the re-integration of elk into Missouri was named a Hearst Enterprise Reporting finalist in 2011.   


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There’s no such thing as online privacy. But here's how you can limit your exposure.
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Jul 12, 2022
Bad customers aren’t worth the revenue. Here’s how to part ways on good terms.
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Jul 12, 2022
Trawling the internet for negative news can skew how you see the world.
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Jun 28, 2022
Pay transparency is growing in popularity among tech companies — and in some places, it’s a legal requirement.
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Jun 28, 2022
Avoiding it will only stifle your employees’ growth.