20 Coworking Space Companies to Know

Feeling a bit of cabin fever? Well, here are some coworking spaces to check out.

Written by Dawn Kawamoto
Published on Jun. 14, 2023
20 Coworking Space Companies to Know
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Coworking spaces are in greater demand these days as remote and hybrid workers have increased in numbers since the pandemic and are turning to options other than working from home or going into the office.

Coworking companies rent out space in their buildings where users from different organizations, as well as freelancers and contractors, work side by side in a common area similar to hunkering down to do your work at a coffee shop. You can rent a dedicated desk or rent a flexible desk, commonly known as hot desks, for as little as an hour, day, week or month.

Coworking Space Companies to Know

  • Alkaloid Networks
  • Coworker
  • District
  • Expansive
  • Mindspace
  • NeueHouse
  • Pacific Workplaces
  • Regus
  • Serendipity Labs
  • WeWork

These coworking spaces not only come with high-speed internet access, but often carry amenities similar to what employees may find at the workplace, like meeting rooms and phone booths for private calls – and sometimes more. It can provide the benefits of working in an office without having a much longer commute.

Given these amenities and often a wide selection of coworking spaces that exist, here’s a list of some top players to consider.

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20 Popular Coworking Spaces

Alkaloid Networks’ 14,000-square-foot building is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and boasts such amenities as unlimited conference room use and unlimited printing. The building also offers free parking, electric vehicle charging and a rooftop deck, which provides an overlook of the Eastside Beltline, a multi-use trail with a stretch of green space.

Alkaloid Networks


  • A day pass is $45.
  • A four-day membership is $115 per month.
  • A 12-day membership is $225 per month.
  • A dedicated desk is $375 per month.



  • Unlimited conference room use
  • Unlimited printing and scanning
  • Free parking
  • EV charging
  • Rooftop deck


Need a break from your nose-to-the-grindstone work? How about some zombie dodgeball? That’s one of the perks offered at some coworking spaces run by COhatch, along with hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices and meeting room rentals. Other features COhatch offers at some of its locations include podcast rooms, game rooms, a movie theater, a rock climbing wall and a bounce house. It also offers a concierge service to assist with planning meetings and events by offering assistance with caterers and special equipment needs.

Members can also access COhatch+, a digital offering that includes the ability to advertise your business on COhatch’s business listings.

COhatch currently has coworking spaces in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, with plans to open some in Florida.



  • A day pass is $30 per day.
  • Membership ranges from $109 to $270 per month.



  • Podcast rooms, a movie theater, a rock climbing wall, game rooms and a bounce house, in select locations
  • Concierge service
  • Access to COhatch+, a digital offering that includes the ability to advertise your company on COhatch’s business listings


Co+Hoots is a coworking space that exclusively operates in Arizona. It frequently holds professional and personal development programs at its coworking space facility, where it also houses classroom space, meeting rooms and a podcast studio.

Co+Hoots also offers a professional business address and 20-hour credit for conference rooms for dedicated desk members.



  • A day pass costs $35.
  • Monthly membership with flexible desks are $125 per month.
  • Monthly memberships with dedicated desks are $379 per month.



  • Personal and professional development programs 
  • Podcast studio
  • Classroom space and meeting rooms
  • Professional business address for members


Coworker serves as a one-stop shopping hub for locating coworking spaces with hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms or private offices.

Users can not only book coworking spaces from its partners — including International Workplace Group, Serendipity Labs, Selina, MindSpace and Urban Station — but can also see ratings and reviews on the options offered.

Amenities vary depending on the coworking space. Those amenities can include free coffee and tea, snacks, a kitchen, access to printers, event spaces, a podcasting or recording room, an on-site gym, showers, wellness rooms, mother’s room, recreational and entertainment areas, free parking and electric vehicle charging stations, networking and social opportunities.

The website offers spaces in 138 countries. In the United States, locations are available in all states except West Virginia and Washington, D.C.



  • Day passes and monthly memberships are available, both of which vary by location. 



  • Amenities vary depending on the coworking space, but range from on-site gyms to podcasting and recording rooms.


District’s big brick coworking building is set on a nine-acre campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Among its amenities are a restaurant, beer garden and athletic club. The coworking space also includes a wellness room, showers and lockers, as well as a happy hour and events every month.



  • A day pass is $29.
  • Flexible desks are $299 per month.
  • Dedicated desks are $399 per month.



  • On-site restaurant, beer garden and athletic club
  • Wellness room
  • Showers and lockers
  • Monthly happy hours and events


Expansive offers dedicated desks to coworking space memberships at its facilities in 19 states and Washington, D.C. Expansive provides such workplace technology as VoIP phones with voicemail and forwarding, and conference rooms that feature smart TVs, polycom and other accessories. 

Expansive also provides free use of its lounges across its network when you are traveling.



  • Assigned desk prices vary by location.
  • Coworking memberships are $199 per month, with a required three-month term.



  • VoIP phones with voicemail and forwarding
  • Conference rooms with smart TVs, polycom and other accessories
  • Listing in the Expansive digital client directory
  • Free access to any Expansive lounge when traveling


Mindspace focuses on creating a vibe for its coworking spaces, not only in its choice of interior design from its art deco furniture in some of its locations to funky statues of red and teal colored palm trees, but also by enriching the mind. Beyond amenities like free beverages and phone booths, the coworking space provider also offers a range of in-house events like weekly yoga, along with other wellness, lifestyle and professional development programs. Its Brooklyn, New York, location even offers meditation pods and a rock climbing wall. 

You can find Mindspace in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Miami and Washington, D.C., as well as in 18 cities across the globe.



  • Day passes and monthly memberships are available, both of which vary by location. 



  • Kitchens
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Wellness, lifestyle and professional development programs
  • Weekly yoga, in select locations


NeueHouse is a boutique coworking space provider with a total of four locations, with one in Manhattan, and three in the Los Angeles area. The company is planning a fifth location in Miami. Some of its coworking spaces offer broadcast and podcast facilities, screening rooms, wellness rooms and showers.



  • Flexible desks start at $595 per month.
  • Dedicated desks start at $900 per month. 
  • Private offices start at $3,600 per month.



  • Music performances for members 
  • Cultural programs
  • Broadcast and podcast facilities
  • Screening rooms
  • Wellness rooms


Pacific Workplaces is planning to expand its network of 15 coworking locations in Northern California and Nevada later this year by adding Arizona. Pacific Workplaces is operated by PBC Management LCC, which also runs NextSpace, another coworking brand that operates in Northern California. 

In its Silicon Valley coworking space, Pacific Workplaces also hosts weekly networking events as well as occasional themed parties. Other amenities include Zoom rooms in select locations and standing desks. For an additional fee, you can access a mail service and phone answering service.

With a membership, you can get 24-hour access, six free access credits for office and meeting rooms, and 200 pages of color copying, printing and scanning.

Pacific Workplaces


  • Day passes start at $25.
  • Hot desk monthly memberships start at $139 per month.
  • Dedicated desk monthly memberships start at $249 per month. 



  • Standing desks
  • Mail and live phone answering services 
  • 24-hour access, and credits for office and meeting rooms for members


Workspace management company Regus offers coworking spaces, office spaces, meeting rooms and virtual offices to thousands of locations globally. Regus’ coworking space options include booking a desk by the hour, day or month, with the ability to choose a dedicated desk or flexible desk. All coworking sites also have a receptionist.

Membership comes with a number of perks, including complimentary access to Dragonpass airport lounge locations.

Regus is available in 118 countries. Its network of coworking space also spans all states (except Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming), and Washington, D.C.



  • Day passes start at $15 per day.
  • Hot desk monthly membership begins at $255 per month.
  • Dedicated desk memberships start at $109 per month.



  • Extensive selection of thousands of coworking locations 
  • Access to Regus’ network of business lounges
  • Complimentary entry to DragonPass airport lounges with membership
  • On-site receptionist


Second Shift is located in Chicago and offers amenities like complimentary use of meeting rooms for members, as well as free parking and guest passes. For caffeine lovers, Second Shift’s coworking space also offers a bottomless coffee pot of brew.

Second Shift


  • A day pass is $25.
  • A coworking membership is $185 per month.
  • Dedicated desk memberships are $300 per month.



  • Free guest passes and complimentary meeting room use with membership
  • Free parking
  • Unlimited coffee


Serendipity Labs not only has locations in urban areas, but also in suburbs and small cities and towns. For example, it has a coworking space in a San Francisco Bay Area suburb but not in the city itself making it easier to find a location near you now that employees are able to work remotely rather than coming to large cities where their employer may be located.

Its amenities include complimentary fruit-infused water, coffee and tea, quiet and wellness rooms, access to a work bar and lounge, guest reception and concierge services, and professional catering options. Some locations have the option to rent a private office for the day.

States where you can find Serendipity Labs include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. It also has coworking space in Manchester, U.K.

Serendipity Labs


  • A day pass is $49.
  • Hot seat monthly membership varies by location, ranging from $199 to $399 per month.
  • Single-day private office rental is $69 per person, per day.



  • Access to a work bar and lounge
  • Quiet and wellness rooms
  • Guest reception and concierge services
  • Professional catering services


Shared is a San Francisco coworking space that isn’t just for crunching code on a computer. It also boasts a toolshed with everything from drills to saws, as well as workshop space. Lockers and storage cabinets are also available for use.



  • Weekdays membership is $300 per month.
  • Evenings and weekend membership is $175 per month.
  • Dedicated desk membership is $450 per month.



  • Toolshed 
  • Workshop space
  • Lockers and storage cabinets


Sunny Florida is home to Signature Workspace, which operates coworking spaces that feature brightly colored work stations, private offices and meeting rooms.

Amenities at some of its coworking spaces include an on-site gym and massage chairs. It also plans to offer a wellness room for its upcoming fourth location in Florida. Signature Workspace also offers standing and adjustable desks, a two-hour credit toward renting a meeting room for monthly members, and lockers for dedicated desk members.

Signature Workspace


  • A day pass is $25 per day.
  • A monthly membership is $195 per month. 
  • Memberships with dedicated desks run for $350 per month.



  • On-site gym and massage chairs at select locations
  • Standing and adjustable desks
  • Lockers for dedicated desk members


Studio offers hot desks, private offices and customized suites on a monthly basis at its coworking spaces in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Washington, D.C. It also operates coworking spaces in Brazil. Real estate development giant Tishman Speyer owns this coworking space operation, which features spacious designs and a stocked pantry, as well as weekly community events like breakfast and happy hours.

Other amenities vary depending on the coworking space, but range from multi-media spaces for video editing, screening and audio to classrooms.



  • Monthly membership prices for hot desks, private offices and customized suites vary by location.



  • Stocked pantry
  • Weekly community events


The Commune is designed to serve artists as well as folks needing a place to hunker down with a laptop. Its amenities include access to easels and art storage, a sink to wash brushes and other messes, a photo studio and lockers. This coworking space is located in Austin, Texas.

The Commune


  • A day pass is $30.
  • A coworking membership $400 per month
  • A dedicated desk membership is $525 per month.



  • Easels
  • Art storage
  • Photo studio
  • Lockers


Upflex is a coworking network that allows users to book spaces with its partners on its booking platform. It’s located in 80 countries with over 700 coworking partner brands from WeWork to Serendipity Labs. A number of Upflex’s partners are part of the Safe Spaces program, indicated with an emblem, which means they follow certain health and safety protocols.



  • Day passes for desks, private offices and meeting rooms available. Prices vary by location.



  • Amenities vary depending on the location, but range from flat screen TVs to paid parking.


WeWork, one of the most high-profile coworking companies, is seeking to benefit from the rise in remote and hybrid working as it steadies itself with a turnaround plan and special purpose acquisition company IPO which it conducted in late 2021. In its third quarter, it grew revenue, memberships and occupancy while also paring back its losses. 

This top co-working space company offers amenities like showers, wellness rooms, mother’s rooms, event spaces, fitness centers, espresso bars, recording studios, outdoor recreational areas, electric vehicle charging stations and bike racks, and dog-friendly work areas at some of its locations across the globe.

WeWork operates in over 30 countries. In the United States, you can find locations in 20 states, including Arizona, Missouri and New York, as well as Washington, D.C. 



  • A hot desk day pass, WeWork on Demand, starts at $29 per day and meeting rooms start at $10 per seat, per hour.
  • Monthly membership, WeWork All Access, has two payment tiers: basic for $149 per month and plus for $299 per month.



  • Coffee, tea and kombucha, and seltzer on tap
  • Wellness and mother’s rooms
  • Outdoor recreational spaces
  • EV charging stations
  • Dog-friendly work areas


Workbar is a Massachusetts coworking space provider with 11 locations, which include amenities like quiet spaces, collaborative open spaces and private nursing rooms. Workbar membership comes with perks like complimentary meeting room time.



  • Part-time memberships range from $149 to $249 per month.  
  • Full-time memberships are $449 per month.
  • Dedicated desk memberships are $549 per month.



  • Quiet spaces
  • Collaborative open spaces
  • Private nursing rooms


WorkVille offers three outdoor terraces to its mix of office and desk space at its New York City coworking space. Amenities not only include office support but tech support as well. WorkVille also offers a rooftop patio and private event space for corporate events and conferences, along with concierge service.



  • A day pass is $49.
  • Dedicated and open desks range from $500 to $750 per month.



  • Outdoor terraces
  • Office and tech support
  • Rooftop patio and private event space
  • Concierge service
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