5 Top ERP Companies

ERP companies give businesses the software and tools to streamline their operations.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Aug. 03, 2023
5 Top ERP Companies
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Businesses employ enterprise resource planning, a type of software commonly known as ERP, to manage the daily processes at the heart of their operations. It can be used to oversee and provide insights about finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing and other critical business functions. The following are some top ERP companies giving customers the software and tools to streamline business performance.

Top ERP Companies

  • Workday
  • Acumatica
  • Epicor
  • Infor
  • IFS


ERP Companies to Know

Workday’s ERP software is geared toward clients in consumer industries, financial and professional services, healthcare, public service and tech. It offers a single platform that manages human resources, industry operations, finance and operational planning. Workday uses embedded AI in adaptive planning to enhance the proactive and decision-making capacities of its software.

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Acumatica makes a cloud-based business management ERP that serves a range of industries. It can handle industry-specific tasks like warehouse management, construction management, manufacturing management and service management, as well as basics like payroll, reporting, accounting and customer relationship management.


Since 1972, Epicor has been offering ERP and productivity solutions that are designed specifically for the various industries it serves. It provides targeted tools and processes for five distinct spaces: automotive, building supply, distribution, manufacturing and retail, and the company prides itself on having deep knowledge of each space. 



Infor runs its ERP on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, using the AWS R&D to provide enhanced web services and security. It serves an alphabet-long list of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, casinos and gambling, fashion and aerospace and defense. Alongside the platform, the company also offers consulting and education services like organizational change management, a service that shepherds client companies through large shifts like mergers and rebrands. 

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IFS, short for Industrial and Financial Systems, runs an ERP platform that monitors assets and manages services for companies in the construction, aerospace and defense, manufacturing and energy utilities industries. The program’s features include financial management tools, work order and field service management, manufacturing scheduling, supply chain management and tools for human resource operations.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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