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Business-to-business marketing, or B2B marketing, amplifies brand awareness and messaging for companies that sell products and services to other businesses and organizations. Agencies that specialize in this kind of marketing work with clients to develop and carry out a strategy that helps them find and connect with prospective customers. These agencies are experts at things like market research, lead generation and content creation. Here’s a look at some top B2B marketing companies working with clients to pursue new customer relationships.

Top B2B Marketing Companies

  • Effective Spend
  • SpotMe
  • Merkle
  • Earnest
  • Espresso B2B Marketing
  • Cleverly
  • Bader Rutter


B2B Marketing Companies to Know

Bombora is a marketing tech company that provides intent data — insight into the online research and content consumption that leads are conducting. The company collects and aggregates this data to provide insights into consumer and B2B online behavior. Its offerings include sales intelligence, which identifies target buyers and priority prospects, and demand identification, which uses data to disperse client budgets according to exactly where marketing efforts will be most impactful.


Digital marketing firm Effective Spend functions as a marketing department for clients in a range of B2B industries, including business and financial services, manufacturing and software and tech. It specializes in paid search, the marketing modality upon which the company was founded, as well as social media, Amazon, SEO and digital public relations.


SpotMe is an event platform for B2B enterprise events like lectures, seminars and conferences. The platform offers everything under the umbrella of “event experience,” from participant registration and content delivery to integrated live streaming and participant polling. It emphasizes pre-event engagement via its app, which handles personalized agendas and interaction between participants.


Marketing and adtech company Merkle provides customer experience management, which means putting together technology for sales, marketing and customer service to create what’s known as a brand experience. It works across industries, with specialties in health marketing, financial services, wealth management and the nonprofit space. Merkle relies heavily on data — both first-party and third-party — to create, assess and adjust marketing processes for best performance. 

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Earnest is a marketing agency that brings a business-to-consumer mentality to the B2B space, with the tagline “business people are people too — they just happen to be at work.” It offers branding, strategy and campaign services, as well as traditional, digital and experiential content creation and strategy. Part of the service it provides is advising clients on how to define their go-to-market strategy and how to make long-range marketing choices that will serve as investments into the future of the business. 


Espresso B2B Marketing is focused on all things B2B marketing, including growth marketing, strategy, messaging, content creation, SEO and social media marketing. It has a “virtual marketing department” package service that provides, on a monthly retainer, access to every niche marketing specialty the agency offers, from copywriting and design to program management. The service is designed to shift throughout a business’ growth. 


Cleverly is a boutique ad and marketing firm that focuses primarily on LinkedIn, handling lead generation, content and paid ads. It has worked with companies like Uber, PayPal and Amazon, pulling data directly from the LinkedIn platform to send out personal messages to potential clients. Cleverly also publishes an asynchronous course for LinkedIn marketing that is geared toward solopreneurs and small businesses. 

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Bader Rutter is a marketing tech company that works with brands to prioritize growth. It provides a full menu of B2B services, starting with strategy and in-house market research and then using media and advertising to increase brand awareness. It runs a Business Consultancy Group that pairs highly experienced consultants with already-thriving businesses to strategize longevity and further growth.

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