20 UI Design Courses and Bootcamps You Need to Know

The subtle interplay of visual design and user interaction is central to the success of apps and websites. Here’s where to learn the art of user interface.
Senior Staff Reporter
January 27, 2020
Updated: June 29, 2022
Senior Staff Reporter
January 27, 2020
Updated: June 29, 2022

How important is interface design? Ask former U.S. presidential contender Al Gore.

In 2000, the Palm Beach County, Florida, elections supervisor enlarged the font size of candidate names on the ballot. She did so to make them more easily legible, but the change resulted in a two-page ballot instead of one — and lots of confused voters. A post-mortem determined that at least 2,000 people mistakenly cast a vote for conservative Pat Buchanan when they had intended to select Gore, who lost the decisive state by mere hundreds of votes.

"You could say that bad typography brought us the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, the housing crisis and a good number of other things," design enfant terrible Stefan Sagmeister recalled years later.

10 UI Design Courses To Know

  • Ironhack
  • Noble Desktop
  • General Assembly
  • Flatiron School
  • Designation
  • BrainStation
  • Springboard
  • Bloc
  • CareerFoundry
  • Learn UI

While most choices made by user interface (UI) designers — those responsible for the visual design of digital interfaces, like websites and apps — aren’t quite as monumental, the 2000 episode underscores the importance of typography, layout, visual consistency, color, responsiveness (all of which UI pros must master), and how those concepts relate to usability. A solid grasp of at least some programming, particularly front-end development, also is beneficial. The same goes for knowledge of UI’s close cousin, user experience (UX), which essentially focuses on how an app works as opposed to UI’s purview of look and feel. Mastering design/prototyping programs like Sketch or Figma is key, as well.

That’s overload for a YouTube tutorial but likely more specialized than a dedicated four-year degree requires. Which is why bootcamps remain a popular route for members of the UI-curious camp — everyone from novices and career-lane-shifters to design pros who want to expand their skill set.

With that in mind, here are some notable camps and courses that design-inclined tech types, or tech-inclined design types, should check out.


ironhack ui design courses companies

Bootcamps and In-Person Training

Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp and Part Time

What it is: Well-regarded design/tech school Ironhack offers on-site classes in several cities throughout the world, including growing tech hub Miami. Students can opt for full-time (nine weeks) or part-time (24 weeks) bootcamps, both of which cover must-knows like design thinking and usability best practices, plus some HTML and JavaScript basics. Current instructors are IBM and Microsoft vet Alex Souza, and former Visa/Rolls Royce creative development guru David Fast. Grads have gone on to companies like Google, Twitter and Florida-based VR leader Magic Leap. No previous design experience required.

Cost: $11,500 - $12,500


noble desktop ui design courses companies
Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop’s UI & UX Design Certificate

What it is: A good option for the NYC-based. Including a 30-hour UX blast (which is also available as a standalone course), the 72-hour-total schedule offers a pair of two-day intensives (one on Sketch, one on core visual design concepts like color theory, layout and typography) plus one-day primers on Photoshop and Illustrator. (Students already familiar with the latter programs can swap out with Adobe XD or Photoshop Animated GIFs.)

Cost: $2,995


general assembly ui design courses companies
General Assembly

General Assembly’s Visual Design

What it is: One of the most noteworthy names in the broader digital-upskilling groundswell, General Assembly has locations in nearly two dozen North American markets, including tech hotspots like San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, NYC and Seattle. This eight-week course doesn’t get into front-end development, but it does cover important principles like design discovery, color strategy, fonts and typefaces and more. GA also takes a progressive approach to financing options. (It’s also laudably stood firm against policies that could allow financial bad actors into the bootcamp sphere.) Online classes are also available.

Cost: $2,800


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flatiron school ui design courses companies
Flatiron School

Flatiron School’s UX/UI Design

What it is: With tuition starting at $15,800 at most locations, Flatiron School represents one of the pricier coursework routes. But it’s strong reputation, enviable alumni list, deep curriculum and money-back guarantee helps assuage potential sticker shock. (The school refunds graduates who don’t land a qualifying offer within six months of graduation, although its high placement rate mitigates the likelihood of such an outcome.) The immersive course spans 24 weeks, covering both technical and theoretical touchstones. At the six-week point, Flatiron students choose one of two tracks to emphasize. U.S. locations are in NYC, Austin, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle. An online option is also available.

Cost: $15,800 - 17,000


brainstation ui design courses companies

BrainStation’s User Interface Design Certificate Course

What it is: Available online anywhere and onsite in several North American locales (Chicago, NYC, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver) the BrainStation course covers an extensive range of core concepts and industry-standard tools. Students learn prototyping in Invision, animation in Flinto, wireframing in Sketch and handoff in Zeplin. Dedicated units also cover app design (both iOS and Android) and visual theory foundations. Scholarships are available, general placement rates are high, and the school partners with some leading tech brands for hiring, including Accenture, Slack and HP.

Cost: $3,150 - 3,540


designation ui design courses companies


What it is: The 24-week Designation course splits the difference between URL and IRL: the first 12 weeks are online; the second 12 weeks are in-person, in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. After an introduction to design and user-research fundamentals, students opt for either a UX or UI track after week five. The full stretch includes a product design sprint, a live client project, design company studio tours and panels with hiring managers. Grads have gone on to work at a host of notable companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Walgreens and Uptake.

Cost: $15,800


university of california irvine ui design courses companies
UC Irvine

University-Affiliated Courses

University of California - Irvine’s Best Practices for iOS User Interface Design

What it is: The full roster of courses included in this University of California - Irvine nine-month specialization, offered online via Coursera, may include more programming than strictly UI paths require or desire. But its Best Practices for iOS User Interface Design lesson, available a la carte, covers important precepts for Apple-focused UI designers, including the Human Interface Guidelines and UITableView. And those who do want to press into the full development course load will appreciate how it incorporates a range of the iPhone’s hardware.


university of minnesota ui design courses companies
University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota’s User Interface Design & Introduction to UI Design

What it is: Led by University of Minnesota professors, this five-month, five-course online Coursera sequence starts off with basics — like the difference in approach when tweaking an existing design versus developing a brand-new one — and culminates with a group-project capstone. In between, the program covers user research, prototyping and usability evaluation. Students can expect to dedicate about five hours per week to watching videos, completing readings or taking quizzes.


calarts ui design courses companies

CalArts’ UI/UX Design Specialization

What it is: Part of CalArts’ online opening learning program, this Coursera program introduces newcomers the basics of both UX and UI over a stretch of four courses: a design theory-centric introduction, the fundamentals of user-experience design, an overview of different strategic approaches (i.e. agile vs. waterfall, apps vs. websites), and a dive into wireframing and prototyping. Like other multi-course options on Coursera, students also have the option to take a single class. The program is led by two veteran L.A.-based graphic designers and CalArts professors.


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georgia institute of technology ui design courses companies
Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s User Interface Personalization

What it is: The Georgia Institute of Technology offers a plethora of interesting online courses, including this free, five-week overview, via edX, of what’s now among the most chattered-about concepts in UX/UI: personalization. That’s the near-ubiquitous design element of self-customizing an app or a website’s experience based on data like location and preference history. Although more niche than other options on this list, it’s easy avenue for exploring a function that’s considered a must-know among many product types.


trilogy education services ui design courses companies
Trilogy Education Services

Trilogy Education Services’ UX/UI Bootcamp

What it is: Bootcamp provider Trilogy Education Services partners with higher-ed institutions to administer its classes, including a UI/UX course, at several universities nationwide. Despite some criticism, it remains an option for those who prize an in-person, on-site learning experience. (For what it’s worth, the company has even had some prestigious sign-ons.) UX/UI locations include UT-Austin, UC-Irvine, UC-Berkeley and University of Denver.


springboard ui design courses companies

Online-Only Courses & Tutorials

Springboard’s UI/UX Design Career Track

What it is: This nine-month course notably offers a high degree of human support, including weekly calls with mentors (Airbnb, Oracle and Whirlpool product-design pros are among the mentorship ranks) and an unlimited number of career-coaching calls. (Springboard guarantees a job offer.) Students learn design fundamentals like hierarchy, consistency and alignment; are exposed to real-world guidelines like Google and Apple platform specs; and get face time with Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma, the latter of which is being rapidly adopted for its nifty real-time collaboration functionality.

Cost: $8,200 - $9,891


bloc ui design courses companies

Bloc’s Designer Track

What it is: The Designer Track is geared toward beginners (Bloc’s mid-career-focused program is no longer available), covering UI/UX essentials like prototyping, mockups, typeface clarity, and color and contrast strategy. It also focuses on the programming foundation, covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There’s a strong focus on portfolio development, with guided reviews and the opportunity to develop as many as a half-dozen projects.

Cost: $8,500 - $9,600


skillshare ui design courses companies

Skillshare’s DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design

What it is: This top-rated Skillshare course drills deep into UI design theory while also offering practical strategic advice. The reasonably priced course encompasses 50 video lectures spanning five hours from UI/UX notable Joe Natoli. That makes it an attractive, low-investment/high-return intro either for bootcamp registrants who want a leg up or for toe-dippers hesitant to drop several thousand dollars on more intensive training.

Cost: $99.99


udemy ui design courses companies

Udemy’s Complete App Design Course - UX, UI and Design Thinking

What it is: Another highly-rated Udemy bestseller, this course offers an enticing option for beginners with a mobile focus. The 60-plus lectures run more than three hours and include sections on color theory, typography essentials, text overlaying and vertical and horizontal alignment. It’s led by the London-based App Brewery, which has a roster of app development online courses that may also be of interest. (App Brewery is also an official partner of Flutter, Google’s UI platform.)

Cost: $199


careerfoundry ui design courses companies

CareerFoundry’s UI Design Program

What it is: One of the most respected online-only tech learning platforms, Berlin-based CareerFoundry has earned high marks for its support structure (highly-vetted mentors who help with portfolio development, tutors who provide daily feedback and student advisors for general assistance), accommodating calendar (either four-and-a-half months at 30 weekly hours or nine months at 15 weekly hours) and high placement rate (96 percent within 6 months, according to CF). Prospective UI students can test the waters with a free mini-course and get a no-charge consultation.

Cost: $6,555 - $6,900


designlab ui design courses companies

Designlab’s UI Design Course

What it is: Unlike so many newbie-centric, comprehensive deep dives, this four-week course caters to mid-career design pros — folks who have professional experience with design concepts and knowledge of some design-related programs, but want to plug the UI hole in their CV. Expect a relatively low-lift option to beef up an existing portfolio while still getting high-quality mentorship and feedback.

Cost: $399


designerup ui design courses companies

DesignerUp’s Product Design (UI/UX) Master Course

This video-driven online course caters to the self-paced learner. It includes 64 lesson videos, plus quizzes and assignments, all of which add up to a roughly 60-hour overall time commitment. Even though the focus is on independent learning, mentors are available as needed through the platform’s Slack channel and Facebook group. The course also includes a 50 percent discount on Sketch for Mac. You can preview most of its seven modules, and DesignerUp offers a refund for those who decide to opt out within two weeks.

Cost: $797


learn ux ui design courses companies
Learn UX

Learn UX’s UI Design Tools Video Courses

Despite the site’s title, Learn UX actually focuses more on interface design than user experience — although both get attention. The video collection — some 50 hours in total — appears to be a particularly attractive option for those homing in on specific programs, with tutorials available for Sketch, Framer, Abstract, Adobe XD, Flinto, Zeplin, Figma, Principle and InVision Studio. The handsomely animated site was nominated for an Awwward, which spotlights the best in web design, so you know they walk the walk in terms of aesthetics.

Cost: 12-month membership for $144; one-month membership for $15


learn ui ui design courses companies
Learn UI

Learn UI Design’s UI Course

Another self-paced video-course option, the course is broken down into 41 manageable lessons — 20-plus hours of demo-focused video in total— with a series of downloadable assignments and a collection of PDF “cheat sheets.” The curriculum kicks off with a Sketch introduction, then moves on to aesthetic fundamentals, color, typography, interface components (including dataviz, photography selection and vector editing) and “real world” tips for things like building a portfolio and finding clients. The course was created by Seattle-based freelance UX/UI designer Erik Kennedy, whose clients include Amazon and Soylent.


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