When an employer’s benefits plan includes coverage for domestic partners, it gives non-married couples benefits that are similar to or the same as what married couples receive. Providing domestic partner benefits can contribute to an inclusive work environment, that ensures all families can get the healthcare and other insurance coverage they need — even if a couple chooses not to marry or can’t marry because of the law. The following companies offer domestic partner benefits like life insurance and coverage for vision and dental services.

Companies That Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

  • PayPal
  • Mattel
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Chevron
  • Intel Corporation


Companies That Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

PayPal’s lineup of financial products allows businesses to accept payments and lets users send and receive money online or using a mobile app. Under the company’s employee benefits plan, domestic partners who have been in a relationship with an employee for at least six months are eligible for coverage options including medical and vision, according to the PayPal Benefits website.

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Toy company Mattel manufactures childhood favorites under brand names like Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price. Its U.S. employees have access to a variety of benefits, and many of them are also available to domestic partners who can count as eligible dependents, according to Mattel’s list of benefit offerings.


Costco operates hundreds of membership-based wholesale stores that sell everything from groceries and apparel to furniture and electronics. The Costco employee benefits package stipulates that domestic partners can qualify for coverage.


Chevron is an oil and gas company with a portfolio that includes natural gas projects as well as deepwater exploration and drilling. The benefits program for Chevron employees in the United States comes with domestic partner benefits that cover both same-sex and opposite-sex partners.

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Intel develops products and solutions for cloud computing, artificial intelligence projects, gaming, 5G networks and a range of other applications. The company’s explanation of its compensation and benefits for employees in the United States shows domestic partners are eligible for health benefits, such as coverage for vision and behavioral health.

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