11 Companies That Offer Sabbaticals

These companies offer sabbaticals to give employees time to recharge and pursue their passions.

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11 Companies That Offer Sabbaticals
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Margo Steines | Apr 10, 2024

Sabbatical leave gives working professionals an extended, paid break from their job. This time can be spent pursuing personal projects, traveling or furthering their education. Unlike annual paid time off, a sabbatical can last upwards of a month and is usually a benefit reserved for tenured employees. Here are companies that offer sabbaticals to encourage employees’ personal growth and wellbeing.

Companies That Offer Sabbaticals

  • AWeber
  • Zello
  • Toast
  • CompanyCam
  • Skillshare
  • AlertMedia
  • Maven Clinic
  • Wise
  • Trupanion


Companies That Offer Sabbaticals

Fintech company Morningstar manages a family of brands offering products and services that inform investment activities. Morningstar is an international organization, with its workforce spread across more than two dozen countries. The company offers sabbaticals to employees around the world, encouraging them to take as much as six weeks of leave every four years.


Technology company Instacart develops solutions to streamline grocery delivery for shoppers and retailers. Employees who reach their four-year anniversary with Instacart are encouraged to take four weeks off as part of the company’s Four Year Fill-Up initiative. It’s one of Instacart's many employee rewards and benefits, and it serves as a chance for tenured team members to take a rejuvenating extended break.


AWeber is a long-established marketing company that works with small business clients on a monthly or consultancy basis, putting tools for email marketing and automation in clients’ hands. AWeber employees who have been with the company for at least 10 years can take advantage of four weeks of paid sabbatical leave.


Zello’s walkie-talkie app turns any smartphone, tablet or other electronic device into an instant comms system that frontline workers can use without relying on cellular data. The company invests in employee wellness and retention, which includes giving employees multiple weeks of paid sabbatical leave at five years of service.


Toast provides products and solutions to support restaurant operations, including a point-of-sale platform for managing orders and payments, self-ordering kiosks and a kitchen display system to help front of house and kitchen staff communicate. Toast employees who have hit their five-year anniversary with the company can take advantage of up to four weeks of paid sabbatical leave.


CompanyCam makes a job site communication app for contracting teams. In the construction business, photo documentation is an important part of the installation process, and the app allows on-site workers to send photos, videos and annotations to in-office team members. CompanyCam offers employees sabbaticals: one week off with a $1,750 travel stipend on their third employment anniversary, and three weeks with $4,000 for their fifth year.


Skillshare is an online library of virtual classes available to subscribers. The company offers courses on topics like sewing basics, social media marketing, photography and painting with watercolors. The benefits and perks for Skillshare employees include paid sabbaticals for those who have been with the company for at least three years.


AlertMedia builds products for emergency preparedness. Companies of varying sizes use AlertMedia’s solutions to enhance employee safety and ensure they can keep in touch with their workforce even amid a crisis. After an employee has been with AlertMedia for six years, they have the option of taking a six-week paid sabbatical.

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Healthtech company Maven Clinic provides virtual care services, with an emphasis on fertility, pregnancy, adoption, parenting and pediatrics. The company says its care plans are tailored to each patient’s unique needs, and include resources to support their mental health and give them 24/7 access to expert support. Maven Clinic’s array of employee benefits comes with paid month-long sabbatical leave for individuals who have worked for the company for five years or more.


Wise enables users to send and receive money internationally, with support for exchanging funds in 50 different currencies. Its services are available in 170 countries and can be used by individuals or businesses. In addition to their yearly paid time off, Wise employees who have been with the company for four years can also take a paid six-week sabbatical.

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Trupanion is a pet insurance provider. The company offers policies to cover veterinary expenses related to illnesses, injuries, medications and surgeries for cats and dogs. Employees who have reached their five-year anniversary with Trupanion can take advantage of the option for a paid five-week sabbatical.

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