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eCommerce • Edtech • Kids + Family
Boise, ID
175 Employees

Lovevery is a fast-growing direct-to-consumer startup co-founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and based in Boise, Idaho. Our customers are parents, and our mission is to help them feel confident they are giving their children meaningful development experiences in the critical early years of life. Taking a science-based approach, Lovevery products have won awards from Red Dot, Parents’ Choice, and NAPPA. TIME Magazine named The Play Kits subscription offering as one of the Best Inventions of 2018.

Boise, Idaho
12 Employees

Accord LMS - Simple to Manage. Smart Automation. Affordable eLearning Solution.

American Falls, ID
86 Employees

They provide print and Internet hunting safety courses for more than 35 states.

Edtech • Fitness
Boise, ID
99 Employees

Empowered Education is the parent company of Health Coach Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance—the leading online schools for health coaches and wellness practitioners. Empowered Education is a company built on a metrics-driven remote workforce platform with 200+ employees throughout the US and the globe.

Digital Media • Edtech • Software
Boise, Idaho

Booklamp provides users with reading suggestions based on a detailed analysis of the writing styles of their preferred authors.

Edtech • Software
Eagle, Idaho
29 Employees

Tovuti operates as learning management and community building platform.

Boise, ID
41 Employees

CodeWorks Boise is the top choice for anyone wanting to learn modern coding languages. We pride ourselves on teaching developers to think like engineers by instilling a strong working knowledge of programming and its methodologies. CodeWorks Boise provides students the opportunity to learn and study in a team environment that simulates the current industry standards. Student teams are guided by an industry professional who knows and understands the needs of their profession. Each team lead has their own local connections and can provide their team with reference letters to assist with career placement. We carefully build our curriculum to ensure that our students are learning the technology stacks they will be using when they step into their first job. We stress the importance of having clean readable code. Students graduate prepared to offer employers competent coding skills and knowledge from day one.