The 18 Best Coding Bootcamps for Beginners and Experts Alike

Sunny Betz
January 29, 2021
Updated: February 3, 2021
Sunny Betz
January 29, 2021
Updated: February 3, 2021

Coding skills are an obvious prerequisite for anyone working towards a career in software engineering, but any tech professional can benefit from a familiarity with coding basics. Whether you're a career developer looking to brush up on your skills, or a beginner with an interest in dipping your toes into the world of software engineering, coding bootcamps offer educational opportunities for everyone regardless of past experience.

From short, one time workshops to months-long programs, there is a broad variety of bootcamps across the country that range in intensity and discipline, with many offering post-graduation support and job hunting guidance. In addition to teaching languages and frameworks like Javascript and HTML, coding bootcamps also teach soft skills like team cooperation and professionalism that set students up for success in their careers.

Take a look at these 18 top coding bootcamps coaching the next generation of tech innovators.

Coding Bootcamps to Know

  • Bocoup
  • Launch Academy
  • Flatiron School
  • Code Fellows
  • The Tech Academy
  • Coding Dojo
  • Ada Dev Academy
  • Codesmith
Launch Academy Coding Bootcamp
Launch Academy


Overview: Launch Academy specifically provides aspiring but inexperienced coders with a bootcamp program that helps them build the skills and the resumes to establish careers in their desired fields. Program students familiarize themselves with coding skills and create collaborative projects that can be used as portfolio pieces when applying for jobs.

Duration: 10 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Rails, Sinatra, JQuery, Capybara, and PostgreSQL. 

Cost: $17,500

Location: Boston


The Flatiron School Coding Bootcamp
The Flatiron School


Overview: Headquartered in New York and operating out of bases across Seattle, Denver, Chicago and a number of other cities, The Flatiron School provides its students courses designed to build their skills in data science, cybersecurity and software engineering. The Flatiron School partners with companies like CitiBank and GitHub, and has received multiple awards and recognition from Career Karma for its course offerings.

Duration: 15 weeks

Languages & frameworks: CSS, Rails, ORM, HTML, OOP Roby, Redux, and React.

Cost: $15,000

Location: New York City


Code Fellows Coding Bootcamp
Code Fellows


Overview: With accolades from Course Report, Switchup, and Career Karma, Code Fellows' program teaches students essential coding skills to prepare them for software careers. Code Fellows offers cybersecurity and coding courses geared toward a range of skill levels from beginner to advanced, and its graduates enjoy a 93% job placement rate upon course completion.

Duration: 20 weeks

Languages & frameworks:  Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and ASP.NET.

Cost: $20,099

Location: Seattle


The Tech Academy Coding Bootcamp
The Tech Academy


Overview: The Tech Academy’s bootcamp programs offer a range of options for students based on time commitment, making it possible to complete courses at their own pace. The Tech Academy aims to make its programs as accessible as possible, with options to study remotely via video conferencing.

Duration: 26 weeks

Languages & frameworks: C#, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python and HTML. 

Cost: Between $6,750 and $12,000, depending on program.

Location: Seattle


Coding Dojo Coding Bootcamp
Coding Dojo


Overview: Coding Dojo offers both full time and part-time coding programs designed to help students build a holistic portfolio and gain well-grounded expertise in software technologies. Coding Dojo welcomes aspiring software engineers of all skill levels, with a bootcamp program that instructs on front end, back end, and three full stack skills.

Duration: 14 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Java, Python, Mean, C#, and Ruby.

Cost: $12,995

Location: Seattle


Ada Dev Academy Coding Bootcamp
Ada Dev Academy


Overview: Ada Dev Academy seeks to empower women, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community to build on their coding and development skills and break into the software industry. With a focus on increasing diversity in tech, the academy's intensive program guides students in establishing software expertise over the course of several months, finishing with a capstone project.

Duration: Six months in-class training, five months internship experience.

Languages & frameworks: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. 

Cost: Free

Location: Seattle


Codesmith Coding Bootcamp


Overview: Codesmith helps already experienced developers build on their coding skills in order to fill higher level positions in software development teams. Codesmith offers both full time, part time and remote learning options, and graduates have gone on to work for leading tech companies like Google and Amazon. 

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages & frameworks: JavaScript, Computer Science, React, Redux, HTML, CSS, Node, Express.

Cost: $18,800

Location: Los Angeles


Hackreactor Coding Bootcamp


Overview: Hackreactor hosts bootcamps and professional development trainings that help coding specialists build the skills needed for careers in software. Hackreactor graduates have used the specialized skills gained during its intensive programs to join software development teams at companies like Facebook, Google and Apple. 

Duration: 16 weeks

Languages & frameworks: JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Node.js

Cost: $17,780

Location: Los Angeles

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Beach Coders Academy Coding Bootcamp
Beach Coders Academy


Overview: Beach Coders Academy welcomes green coders and coaches them in foundational developer skills through a brief introductory bootcamp. One of the more affordable bootcamps, Beach Coders Academy provides curious students with a low stakes program to get a taste for coding. 

Duration: Four weeks.

Languages & frameworks: HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, API’s, and Node Basics.

Cost: $2,077

Location: Los Angeles


General Assembly Coding Bootcamp
General Assembly


Overview: General Assembly trains tech professionals in basic and advanced coding skills, helping graduates begin jobs with Conde Nast, Google, Microsoft and other leading tech-enabled companies. Some of the skills that General Assembly students learn include user experience design, product management, Python programming, digital marketing and more.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages & frameworks: SQL, Java, Python, Rails, C#, PHP.

Cost: $13,390

Location: Austin


Actualize Coding Bootcamp


Overview: Actualize’s bootcamp offers a highly supportive environment in which students can learn basic and more advanced programming and coding skills. The program is unique in that it offers guidance for students even after graduation, assisting them in job search and resume building after they complete their projects.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Rails, Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Cost: $13,900

Location: San Francisco


App Academy Coding Bootcamp
App Academy


Overview: App Academy works to support students as they build strong software skills and as they look for jobs in their field, and graduates have gone on to join teams at Google, Slack and Wayfair. App Academy breaks its program up into dedicated sections for teaching students Ruby coding, full-stack development and resume building.

Duration: 16 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Ruby, HTTP, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript

Cost: $17,000

Location: San Francisco


The Holberton School Coding Bootcamp
The Holberton School


Overview: The Holberton School's program is unique in that it guides students in gaining a strong coding foundation over the course of two years, giving them enough time to delve into topics in depth and to develop a well-rounded portfolio. Students spend the first part of the program learning frameworks and coding skills, and in the latter half elect to either join a tech company or to develop more specialized knowledge in a specific area.

Duration: 24 months

Languages & frameworks: JavaScript, Go, CSS, SQL, Rails and HTML.

Cost: 17 percent of gross income for 3.5 years after graduation.

Location: San Francisco


Code Platoon Coding Bootcamp
Code Platoon


Overview: Code Platoon is a coding bootcamp academy that specifically helps Armed Forces veterans gain software development skills so that they can build careers after leaving the service. The program consists of both educational support and paid internship experience to ensure that students gain the practical skills needed to succeed in the tech workforce.

Duration: 16 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails.

Cost: $12,700

Location: Chicago


Coding Temple Coding Bootcamp
Coding Temple


Overview: Coding Temple's intensive two month program aims to jumpstart the software careers of aspiring developers at any level of experience. Its unique tuition model requires no upfront payment, instead requesting payment only upon employment post-graduation.

Duration: 10 weeks

Languages & frameworks: HTML, CSS, Angular.js, SQL, C#, git, Entity, ASP.NET, and APIs

Cost: $10,000

Location: Chicago


Metis Coding Bootcamp


Overview: Metis is an accredited bootcamp program that provides instruction on basic, intermediate and advanced data science disciplines. Metis offers both individual student enrollment and institutional partnerships to boost their data science capabilities, with a variety of programs ranging from two week courses to intensive corporate training.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Python, pandas, Hadoop, and Javascript.

Cost: $17,000

Location: Chicago


Mobile Makers Academy Coding Bootcamp
Mobile Makers Academy


Overview: Mobile Makers Academy focuses on mobile app development and teaching students how to build their own apps for iOs devices. Aside from coding techniques, Mobile Makers Academy also helps students develop soft skills so they can better work in team environments.

Duration: 8 weeks

Languages & frameworks: Swift, Xcode, Interface Builder, iOS SDK, Objective-C, Instruments and git.

Cost: $10,995

Location: Chicago


Horizons School of Technology Coding Bootcamp
Horizons School of Technology


Overview: Horizons School of Technology's coding and engineering program combines traditional collegiate style education methods with real-world immersion training to help best prepare students for software careers. Providing resources mainly to college age students, Horizons School of Technology teaches skills like website building, mobile app development and team collaboration.

Duration: 13 to 16 weeks

Languages & frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Express.js, Mongo.db, GitHub.

Cost: Summer and semester intensives starting at $9,000.

Location: Boston

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