10 Staffing and Recruiting Agencies in Salt Lake City to Know

These staffing firms can help you find your dream job.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 23, 2024
10 Staffing and Recruiting Agencies in Salt Lake City to Know
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Despite strong employment numbers, many people are looking for new careers and job opportunities, whether for increased benefits or better work-life balance. For many job seekers, staffing and recruiting agencies can help connect them with hiring managers or land lucrative roles in top-tier companies. Below are some of the top recruiting agencies helping local job seekers

Top Staffing Agencies in Salt Lake City to Know

  • Built In
  • SquarePeg Hires
  • Elwood Staffing
  • Kforce
  • EagleCorps
  • Teem
  • Nesco Resource


Top Staffing Agencies in Salt Lake City

Built In connects in-demand talent with thousands of companies, from startups to large enterprises, looking to fill technical and expert-level roles. It focuses on boosting employer branding while publishing industry-leading content and news to target highly skilled candidates. 5 million tech professionals visit Built In every month. Learn More.

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Working with job seekers and employers, SquarePeg is reimagining recruiting with its artificial intelligence tool. On the employee side, the tool analyzes a candidate’s resume to find compatible jobs and automatically contacts the hiring manager. For employers, the tool screens candidates to find the person most qualified for a particular role. 


Elwood Staffing works across multiple industries and provides a range of job placement services, from temp placements to direct hires. The staffing agency has over 40 years of experience and operates throughout the United States. 

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Kforce helps job seekers find rewarding careers. Through its platform, people can browse job postings and submit resumes to connect with recruiters. Kforce fills direct-hire positions and also provides visa sponsorship solutions for international talent. 


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Utah-based EagleCorps addresses the complex challenge of veteran employment. The company works with employers to provide training and job opportunities to military veterans. Additionally, it operates a software development course to help vets land lucrative tech jobs. 


Teem’s platform enables companies to hire international employees easily. The site conducts language, personality and skill assessments for various tech fields and connects the most qualified individuals with employers. Teem also simplifies the legal work for international hiring while handling payments and compliance.


Nesco Resource works with clients in finance, IT and administrative industries to provide flexible staffing solutions. Dating back to the 1950s, the company excels at forging long-term relationships with clients and develops a deep understanding of them to fill vacancies more accurately. 

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AtWork Personnel is a national staffing agency for light industrial and clerical companies. Since launching in 1986, AtWork Personnel has partnered with several thousand clients and expanded to over 90 locations.  


Bloom helps customer support teams find English-speaking candidates in international countries. According to Bloom, it searches for candidates using a social-impacting staffing framework, which reduces turnover and has more benefits than outsourcing. 


Global PEO Services provides international staffing solutions for clients looking to expand. The company’s unique benefits enable employers to rapidly scale in multiple countries without establishing legal entities or handling international taxes.


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