15 Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis Using Tech to Build Powerful Brands

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Dec. 14, 2020
15 Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis Using Tech to Build Powerful Brands
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Growing a business presents numerous internal and external challenges, but knowing how to effectively market a brand is key to reaching new audiences, and ultimately, growing sales. The first step in reaching and connecting with new audiences is learning who they are. 

Audience insights can vary wildly and be comprised of everything from demographic information to the perception of sensations. Acquiring this data allows marketers to build campaigns that connect with audiences, forming a relationship over time.

Effective marketing requires a strong relationship between strategic, creative and data-driven thinking, and these 15 marketing agencies in Minneapolis are home to exceptional thinkers ready to collaborate to build businesses into unforgettable brands.

Marketing Agencies In Minneapolis to Know

  • One10
  • Bluespire
  • MSPC
  • The Lacek Group
  • Gage
  • Collective Measures
  • Jacobs Marketing
  • FRWD
One10 marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2017

What they do: One10 offers a well-rounded approach to internal and external marketing communications that allows companies to launch and maintain exciting initiative programs for their teams and stakeholders. In addition to providing services for event management, product launches, incentive travel, recognition programs and sales incentives, One10 also offers traditional marketing services including creative, analytic and strategic capabilities, keeping companies thriving from the inside and outward.


Bluespire marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2012

What they do: Bluespire ensures that its clients always have access to the martech expertise needed to form a strategy that is relevant now and in the future. Combining strategy, content, creative and design capabilities with tech, web development, digital marketing, social media and marketing automation, Bluespire introduces a new level of marketing efficiency to brands across industries. 

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MSPC marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 1972

What they do: MSPC is dedicated to creating content and strategies that tell amazing brand stories across the channels where audiences are most likely to find them. The agency’s expertise comes from creating intuitive content strategies that keep digital marketing techniques and SEO at the forefront, backed by analytics reporting and paid media solutions to ensure growth is both measurable and authentic. 

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The Lacek Group marketing agencies Minneapolis
The Lacek Group

Founded: 1993

What they do: The Lacek Group is a global leader in driving customer engagement and building brand loyalty through data-driven marketing communications. As a part of the Ogilvy Group, The Lacek Group harnesses global networking power while being able to dive into the intricate nature of how customers value brand uniquenesses, allowing them to build robust programs and promotions driven by the data needed to back them up.


Gage marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 1992

What they do: Gage offers several data-driven marketing platforms that allow brands to better understand their relationship with their customers and develop the right programs to incentivize audiences. The company’s technology suite includes tools for setting up marketing automation, loyalty programs, sales incentives and sales training capabilities for benefiting internal business operations. The platform also offers customer acquisition, experience design, relationship management and analytics tools.


Collective Measures marketing agencies Minneapolis
Collective Measures

Founded: 2005

What they do: Collective Measures, formerly Nina Hale, is a performance marketing agency that relies on building exceptional communication strategies and executing them flawlessly. Capabilities from the agency include strategic planning, paid search, social media marketing, display media, traditional media, SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and more, utilizing a data-driven approach to determining modern customer acquisition. 


Jacobs Marketing marketing agencies Minneapolis
Jacobs Marketing

Founded: 1982

What they do: Jacobs Marketing works with large CPG firms and growing niche brands alike to ensure they have access to the capabilities that allow them to continue developing well into the future. Along with insight into sales, operations and category management solutions, Jacobs Marketing specializes in digital e-commerce strategy and analytics capabilities, providing strategic practices for continuously winning over audiences.


FRWD marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2009

What they do: FRWD is dedicated to moving marketing forward, offering a variety of services that allow organizations to grow their internal marketing capabilities and form stronger connections with their audiences. The company’s strategic approach helps unlock value and expose opportunities for profitable growth, offering embedded staff and training solutions for scaling marketing operations upward to respond to results at an agile pace.


Haworth marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 1970

What they do: Haworth exists as a modern media agency with a focus on creating marketing executions that blend strategy, creativity and a digital-first mentality. Specializing in strategies that activate the right media on the right channels, Haworth’s services include media strategy/planning, channel strategy/planning, media buying, business intelligence and ad ops capabilities. 


Insignia Systems marketing agencies Minneapolis
Insignia Systems

Founded: 1990

What they do: Insignia Systems works with CPG brands and retailers to bring more value to their in-store and digital marketing operations, combining innovation and fast execution to find solutions to unique challenges. Utilizing a combination of creative, strategic and media expertise, Insignia Systems specializes in producing in-store signage, branded shopping experiences, package design and activations, and digital solutions including targeted and measurable analytics. 


TopRank Marketing marketing agencies Minneapolis
TopRank Marketing

Founded: 2001

What they do: TopRank Marketing is a results-oriented digital marketing agency, working with businesses throughout a range of industries to ensure their brand’s messages are received by the widest range of audiences possible. The agency typically focuses on putting B2B marketing strategies into effect when collaborating with its clients, offering services such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising and conversion rate optimization.


Elicit marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2009

What they do: Elicit helps companies better engage with their customers by unlocking solutions that put all stakeholders within an organization in lockstep with each other, bridging the gaps between technology, strategy and insight. Regardless of where a company’s weaknesses lie, Elicit features capabilities that include data capture strategizing, customer interaction roadmap design, customer analytics, quantitative/qualitative research, customer engagement strategy, journey mapping and more, bridging gaps across the entire business.

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Hook Agency marketing agencies Minneapolis
Hook Agency

Founded: 2012

What they do: Hook Agency is dedicated to helping its clients put growth-oriented marketing strategies into place, backing them up with clear deliverables and comprehensive content. Combining the power of website development, content, SEO, paid search and video production capabilities allows Hook Agency to design comprehensive marketing campaigns for clients at any stage of growth, leading to better customer engagement around the clock.  


Snap Agency marketing agencies Minneapolis
Snap Agency

Founded: 2010

What they do: Snap Agency knows how crucial a strong digital presence is to overall business success, so the agency offers a suite of effective marketing capabilities that allow brands to thrive across multiple channels. SEO, web design, social media marketing, web development, PPC and discovery services are all available from Snap Agency to meet a variety of business challenges, leading to unseen opportunities and better customer relationships.  


Firebrand Marketing marketing agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2000

What they do: Firebrand is a team of digital specialists with a knack for collaborating with clients to unlock their most effective pathways to reaching larger audiences and acquiring more customers. A digital toolbox filled with capabilities that include content strategy, influencer strategy, digital experience consulting, website design, search marketing, development and social media engagement is available from the agency, helping companies strategize, create, build and engage across all digital platforms. 

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