23 Top Graphic Design Companies

These companies help businesses use visual elements to capture attention and stand out.

Written by Brooke Becher
23 Top Graphic Design Companies
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Matthew Urwin | Oct 12, 2023

Graphic design is all about communicating identity. From the fun primary colors of Google’s sans serif letters to NBC’s technicolor peacock, carefully crafted shapes, symbols, typography and hues help businesses build brand awareness, gain visibility, enhance credibility and convey who they are to target audiences.

Top Graphic Design Companies

  • Big Spaceship
  • Canva
  • Clever Code Lab
  • DIA
  • House Industries
  • Penji
  • Radish Lab
  • Saffron Brand Consultants
  • Studio Dumbar
  • Venngage
  • Winkreative

The stakes are high, so businesses better get it right. Thankfully, graphic design agencies can step in to merge visual elements with storytelling, especially when it comes to creating a logo or digitizing the online user experience (UX) by building a memorable aesthetic and intuitive user interface (UI).

And for businesses not looking to outsource, there are also plenty of subscription-based graphic design platforms to take their brands to the next level. Some match clients with an in-house graphic designer, and others hand the reins over — with ready-made, customizable templates.

To give you a sense of what to keep an eye on, here are 23 graphic design companies to know.


23 Top Graphic Design Companies

Big Spaceship brings together product design, brand communications, social connections as well as content strategy and creation. Big Spaceship’s first big breaks were in the movie industry, when it created websites supporting Hollywood movies for Sony Pictures, Miramax Films and Paramount. The company has credited its success to its small organizational structure, even after the 50-person operation expanded four times its size, and has since transitioned to working with web and product design as well as app development with leading brands including Star Wars, Google, HP and Victoria’s Secret.

Services: Brand design, customer research, product design, content creation 

Notable clients: Starbucks, JetBlue, Converse, Google


Bravemark has created an online tool that allows brand designers to hand off interactive logo guides with downloadable assets in under 30 minutes, maintaining the style’s integrity with no coding necessary. Currently in beta, the workflow resource wraps content packages neatly with a live, client-ready URL link — forgoing the old ways of Zip files and static PDF presentations — compatible across any device. 

Services: Brand identity, brand asset design, brand design workflows, client brand presentations

Notable clients: The Golf Guide, Nona, Logofolio, United Capital, Trinity

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Canva is known for its free online design tool that delivers user-friendly, professional-grade templates via a drag-and-drop editor. From business cards, resumes and posters to social media campaigns and video reels, Canva’s library empowers non-designers with 100-percent customizability of over 250,000 ready-made templates.

Services: Brand design, content creation, graphic design, visual design, image and video editing 

Notable clients: PayPal, Gucci, Sony Music, Amnesty International, Danone


Clay is a tech-focused digital product and design firm that specializes in digital strategy, branding, web development and both UI and UX design. Headquartered in San Francisco, Clay creates enterprise software behind consumer apps, like Slack and Facebook, with a unique user experience across all platforms.

Services: Brand identity, brand strategy, UX and UI design, web design, user research, motion design, content strategy, front- and back-end development, mobile app development 

Notable clients: Slack, Meta, Sony, Cisco, Discover, Google, Credit Karma, UPS, ADP


Clever Code Lab builds websites, applications and system integrations from scratch. Clever Code Lab differentiates from the competition by offering one-of-a-kind products with clean, eye-catching designs despite the rising popularity of template-based, AI-generated content. Its team is fluent in Javascript, Laravel, PHP, React JS as well as Android and iOS for mobile.

Services: Brand design, visual design, motion design, conent creation, web design, illustration, mobile app development 

Notable clients: Lumaly, Uzilo, TikTok Growth, Tester.Club


DIA is a branding and graphic design studio that specializes in kinetic, or moving, typography. Founders Mitch Paone and Meg Donohoe challenge traditional design theory by baking movement into its signature brand design systems and generative tools. Unlike animation, DIA’s designs do not follow one track and are constantly transitioning, making for a unique experience each time.

Services: Brand design, graphic design, typography, motion design 

Notable clients: Pinterest, Mailchimp, Squarespace, Nike, Verizon

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Duck.Design hires graphic designers full-time so that small businesses, startups and marketing teams don’t have to. Duck.Design offers a subscription-based service that assigns a designer per project request. Services range from website illustrations and banner ads to logo design and packaging. Its 50-person team has completed 6,900 total designs and manages an average turnaround of nine hours.

Services: Brand identity, illustration, web design, motion design, UI and UX design, mobile app development 

Notable clients: Samsung, Burger King, Virgin Media, P&G


Eat creative, headquartered in Japan, introduces international brands to Asian-Pacific consumers with vibrant designs and a deep local understanding. The brand and communications agency offers brand development and graphic design across photography, illustration, video, web design and print mediums, and has worked with TEDx and Herbalife. 

Services: Market research, brand design, brand strategy, visual design, graphic design content creation 

Notable clients: Mitsubishi, Herbalife, TEDx, Dentsu


House Industries is a design studio and typeface foundry behind some of pop culture’s most iconic images, including the Lucky Charms’ cereal box design, TV Land logo and Green Day’s Dookie album cover. Founders Andy Cruz and Rich Roat opened the Delaware-based firm in 1993, pulling from their love of subversive subcultures like punk, hot rods and skateboarding, according to Fast Company. To this day, House Industries starts out with sketching on paper, then digitizes commissioned collaborations.

Services: Typography, graphic design, brand identity 

Notable clients: The New Yorker, Target, MTV, UNIQLO, Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Minted crowd-sources creative content via a collection of independent artists from around the world. Every month since 2008, Minted has posted a challenge, where graphic designers submit their work — in the form of art, home décor and stationery supplies — which is then voted to the top and sold directly to consumers. All walks of life, from marketers to stay-at-home moms, are encouraged to participate, as founder Mariam Naficy started the e-commerce business to provide a platform for “hidden creative talent” that’s otherwise inaccessible. 

Services: Design marketplace, design e-commerce, design discovery, artist and consumer engagement, stationary and other paper design products 

Notable clients: Independent designers, artists and other creatives


Moburst uses a multi-pronged approach to its creative strategy, which focuses on campaign conceptualization and design. Moburst tells stories using different asset types — like carousels, GIFs or Instagram Reels — with ads tailor-made for each corresponding platform for optimal audience engagement. The company’s portfolio includes collaborations with Google, Uber and Reddit, and it won several awards in 2022.

Services: Brand design, video design, content creation, research and analytics, product design, UI and UX design, mobile app development, web design, marketing strategy

Notable clients: Samsung, Uber, Calm, Reddit, Discovery


Neuron tackles B2B design solutions when a company’s in-house team is at capacity, lacks resources or doesn’t exist from the start. Neuron can add new features, develop a new product or redesign an existing product. It specializes in user experience design, with services that develop product strategy, prototypes and design systems, which serve as a source of truth across a product’s design elements. Neuron’s work has been featured by Ford Models, LinkedIn, Sony and Harvard University, to name a few.

Services: UI and UX design, product design, product strategy, user research, competitive analysis, user testing, prototyping, video design 

Notable clients: Jobble, Vendr, Workforce, Flo, City of Everett

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Pearlfisher creates living brand expressions and multi-sensorial brand experiences from its studios in London and New York. The independent brand design agency offers “bold, lucid and unexpected” designs across visual identity, packaging, digital, structural, CGI and motion mediums. 

Services: Brand design, motion design, visual design, packaging design, digital design, UX design, brand strategy

Notable clients: Coppertone, McDonald’s, Gushers, Tecate ALTA, PYREX


Penji connects businesses to a dependable design team, offering fixed rates for singular projects or a monthly subscription option inclusive of “unlimited graphic design” that spans more than 120 different types of services. The Philadelphia-based firm uses artificial intelligence to match a project to a designer from its database, who can easily be swapped out without any hard feelings. Penji covers digital, print, social media, branding, packaging, illustrations, web and app design and can create everything from logos and typography to animated graphics and book covers. 

Services: Brand design, web design, product design, content creation, illustration, graphic design, mobile app development, UI and UX design 

Notable clients: Reebok, Kohl’s, Uber, Pep Boys

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Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary studio made up of 22 partners that serve as both the owners and graphic designers. Whether working collaboratively or solo on a project, its work encompasses graphics, identity, strategy, positioning, products, packaging, exhibitions, installations, websites, digital experiences, advertising, communications, data visualizations, typefaces, sound and motion. Pentagram has been hired by Jack DanielsVerizon and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, graphic design, product design, web design, digital design, motion design 

Notable clients: The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Motley Fool, Colgate University, Jack Daniel’s, The Mental Health Coalition, Motiva, Verizon


Radish Lab — a certified B Corporation — primarily works with nonprofits. This purpose-driven graphic design company offers web design, development, branding and strategy services with a holistic approach to socially aware, data-informed design.

Services: Brand design, web design, user research, UI and UX design, user testing, brand strategy, visual design 

Notable clients: UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, Women’s Refugee Commission, Equimundo, American Cancer Society


Saffron Brand Consultants is known for advising businesses on brand and strategy, and has a focus on launching company rebrands. This independent global design agency is behind Meta’s blue infinity symbol logo and YouTube’s play button.

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, visual design, motion design, product strategy, UI and UX design, user research, user testing, prototyping 

Notable clients: Meta, YouTube, Engie, ESPN, Real Madrid C.F., Penguin Random House


Starfish offers a unique and nontraditional perspective in its delivery of sound brand strategy. Household names such as Dunkin Donuts, Samsung and Pepsi have hired Starfish for its services, which include brand narratives, experience design, web development, digital marketing, employee engagement and internal communications.

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, content creation, customer analytics, UX design, product strategy, digital design 

Notable clients: Gallup, Dunkin,’ Weight Watchers, PwC, Samsung, 24 Hour Fitness

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Studio Dumbar specializes in visual identity, online branding and communication design. The Rotterdam-based design agency has over four decades in the industry, part of which shapes the visual identity of the Dutch government, designing the imagery for Dutch Railways, its Postal Service and the police. The company also adopted motion design into its repertoire, launching a 24-hour, motion-design festival called DEMO festival featuring 80 screens. 

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, visual design, motion design, graphic design

Notable clients: Utah Jazz, MTV, Spotify, Adidas, Van Gogh Museum, Dutch Government


Triboro creates modern, clean-cut looks for publishing, art, fashion, music, lifestyle and cultural institutions. The Brooklyn-based design firm, made up of husband-and-wife team David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler, builds brands from the ground up and brings established brands up to date. The company is responsible for Marc Jacobs’ lemon-yellow packaging and the visual identity for Vox Media. 

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, graphic design, product design, visual design, typography

Notable clients: The New York Times, Marc Jacobs, Museum of Modern Art, Nike


Venngage makes design accessible by providing thousands of fully customizable, business-grade templates for novices without a design background. Sprouted as an idea from a hackathon in 2011, Venngage helps users communicate complex ideas through visuals. This online tool features a drag-and-drop editor and can be used to create infographics, reports, presentations, diagrams, charts, resumes and other data-based content.

Services: Graphic design, low-code content creation, visual design 

Notable clients: Google, The New York Times, Cisco, HubSpot, Airbnb, Harvard University


Winkreative creates full-service ads and designs, partial to the travel and hospitality sectors. The global branding agency is split between its London creative hub and business center in Zurich. Its 60-member team houses editors, art directors, art buyers, copywriters and account managers.

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, UX design, content creation, 

Notable clients: Government of Thailand, British Airways, Lexus, BlackBerry, American Express, Live Nation, BBC


Xhilarate aims to create memorable, human-centric experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and offer fresh ideas. The Philadelphia-based design agency specializes in creative strategy, content creation, immersive storytelling and cultural engagement with services that include web design, graphics, logos, print and packaging as well as photography and video production.​

Services: Brand design, brand strategy, customer analytics, prototyping, web design, mobile app development, UX design, marketing strategy, content creation, product design, motion design  

Notable clients: Wharton School of Business, Comcast, Procter & Gamble, Discovery, Vanguard, American Express, Temple University, HBO, Pfizer


Frequently Asked Questions

A graphic design company provides services for creating visual media spanning various physical and digital formats. These services may include web design, brand strategy, product roadmapping and customer analytics, among other offerings.

Working at a graphic design company involves lots of collaboration since graphic designers need to work with other creatives and clients to design products that meet a brand’s needs. At the same time, designers also receive plenty of independence to come up with creative designs and approaches to give each brand a unique visual feel and tone.

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