Brooke Becher
Staff Reporter at Built In
Expertise: Hardware and Robotics
Education: University of Lincoln, United Kingdom; California State University, Long Beach

Brooke Becher is a Built In staff reporter covering hardware and robotics. Based out of Los Angeles, she’s been writing culture features and reporting local news since 2014.

Becher holds a master’s degree in journalism and international human rights from the University of Lincoln, based in the United Kingdom, as well as a bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication from California State University, Long Beach. Her dissertation analyzed the nation’s narrative on rape culture through Western, online news media coverage, spanning the American political spectrum. 

Past works are featured in LA Weekly, The Orange County Register, GOOD Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, California Business Journal and Los Angeles Magazine.

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49 Articles
Brain-computer Interface
May 25, 2023
This microchip for your brain sounds a lot like telekinesis.
Electric plane
May 22, 2023
Startups are piloting battery-powered aircraft for a variety of use cases — but will an all-electric passenger jet ever make it to the commercial market?
four-day work week
May 16, 2023
Can less really be more? The four-day work week challenges companies to reframe productivity in terms of output — not hours.
Best Health Insurance Benefits
May 10, 2023
Job seekers want to work for employers that will invest in their overall well-being — and companies are listening.
surgically implanted brain chip
May 09, 2023
All about the surgically implanted brain chip brought to you by Elon Musk.
drop shipping
May 02, 2023
Drop shipping is a low-risk, e-commerce business model for middleman merchants. These companies make it even easier.
abortion rights
May 02, 2023
In a post-Roe era, these companies revised their own policies to provide their employees with safe routes to reproductive healthcare.
Pomodoro Technique tomato timer
Apr 18, 2023
This time-blocking productivity tool prescribes frequent breaks for more intentional work.
A 3D Printed Sandwich being printed in a 3D food printer.
Apr 18, 2023
With 3D-printed food, researchers, bioengineers and food tech startups are dishing out the most delicious iteration of additive manufacturing.
3D-printed meat
Apr 18, 2023
Lab-to-table meat cuts built layer by layer that replicate the real thing.
A close up of a finger print biometric scanner.
Apr 04, 2023
Biometrics authenticates identity by logging the way someone looks or how they behave.
A pair of noise canceling headphone blocking out noise.
Apr 04, 2023
Noise-canceling technology generates sound waves to block out background noise.