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James Evans James Evans
Updated on July 09, 2024

Go Ahead. Explore Large Language Model APIs Beyond OpenAI.

One might just be more suitable for your business.

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Alex Vakulov Alex Vakulov
Updated on April 20, 2024

API Security: A Tutorial

API is everywhere. Here’s how to minimize security risks.

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Julie Taylor and Jacob Dahlman Julie Taylor and Jacob Dahlman
Updated on April 19, 2024

Can Reddit Survive Its API Situation?

Charging for access has thrown Reddit’s developers and moderators into turmoil. What’s the way forward?

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Neha Jangid Neha Jangid
Updated on March 20, 2024

7 Ways APIs Are Fueling Business Growth

Here’s how you can use APIs to build your business to its greatest potential.

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Anthony Corbo Anthony Corbo
Updated on November 07, 2023

What Is an API?

APIs are critical to how software operates and used by software engineers to enable the instantaneous sharing of data to provide seamless user experiences.

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Mojtaba Alfardan Mojtaba Alfardan
Updated on October 25, 2023

How to Develop Large Language Model (LLM) Applications

Integrating LLM APIs into human-to-machine interface apps and machine-to-machine apps present unique challenges. Here’s how to address them.    

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Giorgos Myrianthous Giorgos Myrianthous
Updated on October 05, 2023

API for Dummies

Have you ever heard the term “API” and wondered what it means? Our expert explains it for you in this simple and concise guide.

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Satyam Tripathi Satyam Tripathi
Updated on October 04, 2023

GraphQL vs REST APIs

GraphQL and REST are the two most popular methods for building APIs. Here’s how to decide which of them to use.

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Jayanth Somineni Jayanth Somineni
Updated on September 05, 2023

How to Make API Calls in React With Examples

An API call in React refers to making a request to a web API from a React application. We can make an API call with: XMLHttpRequest, Fetch API or Axios.

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Eric Chi Eric Chi
Updated on May 03, 2023

Build a Discord Bot With Python

This tutorial will get you started on how to create your own Discord bot using Python.

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