A digital twin is a computer-generated model of a physical system made using real-time data often collected by connected devices. That model allows users to monitor how the physical system is performing, as well as predict potential issues and evaluate possible optimizations. The technology has applications in a variety of fields, including aerospace engineering, construction, medical research and automotive design. The following are some top digital twin companies giving customers across industries the tools to make decisions based on real-world data and virtual modeling.

Top Digital Twin Companies

  • Microsoft
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Ansys
  • Bentley Systems
  • Unlearn.AI


Digital Twin Companies to Know

Founded: 1975

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Microsoft offers the Azure Digital Twins platform, which is available under a platform-as-a-service model. The tool creates digital models of products and infrastructures — like buildings, energy networks and factories — in any connected environment. The program features a live graphing execution and integrated input from IoT devices and systems using the Azure IoT Hub. 

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Founded: 1903

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rockwell Automation specializes in digital twins for manufacturing with its Emulate3D software. The technology can help to enhance productivity and safety by allowing prototypes to be designed and tested in the digital realm, giving operators a chance to train in a low stakes virtual environment before deploying their skills in the real world.


Founded: 1970

Headquarters: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Ansys uses simulation programs to create predictive models for industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and healthcare. With the Ansys Twin Builder, users are able to create digital twins of in-service physical assets, like satellite systems, medical devices and semiconductors.


Founded: 1984

Headquarters: Exton, Pennsylvania

Bentley Systems is a software company that provides infrastructure engineering. It creates software for digital twinning that integrates engineering, geospatial and operational data into a single view. Bentley’s digital twin capabilities have been used in projects like the Doosan Wind Farm and the District of Columbia’s drinking water system.

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Founded: San Francisco, California

Headquarters: 2017

Unlearn.AI uses digital twinning in the healthcare space. The company develops digital twins of individual patients that can be used to predict future health outcomes by pairing artificial intelligence with extensive “what if?” scenarios. The AI models that work these scenarios are trained on Unlearn’s curated datasets, so they can offer probabilistic forecasts.

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