15 of the Largest Tech Companies Building Empires in Philadelphia

Sunny Betz
June 12, 2020
Sunny Betz
June 12, 2020

From its rich history to its enviable cultural scene, Philadelphia stands tall in many arenas. Philly residents have a reputation for being proud of their city, and it’s not hard to understand why: dynamic, scrappy, and inspiring, the "city of brotherly love" is in a class all its own. Philadelphia residents are constantly striving for the bigger things in life, and that definitely plays a part in why so many of the country’s most successful tech companies proudly call Philly home. The empires Philadelphia’s tech leaders have built extend their reach into nearly every industry from healthcare to e-commerce. With such a variety of innovative projects going on within the city limits, there’s a home for every data scientist, design expert, and engineer in this distinctly American city. The largest companies in Philadelphia are leading the next generation of tech. Take a look at how 15 of them are showing the world how it’s done.

Largest Tech Companies In Philadelphia

  • Comcast (190,000+ employees)
  • Day & Zimmerman (41,000+ employees)
  • Clarivate (4,000+ employees)
  • Spectra (1,700+ employees)
  • HighPoint Solutions (1,150+ employees)
  • GoPuff (1,000+ employees)
  • CDI (900+ employees)
  • Odessa Technologies (700+ employees)
Comcast Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 1963

Focus: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 190,000+

What they do: Comcast is one of the leading internet providers in the country, offering customers in all fifty states technology and devices that keep people connected. Under the company umbrella, Comcast provides cable television as well as a variety of wireless and internet services.


Day & Zimmermann Largest Companies In Philadelphia
Day & Zimmermann


Founded: 1901

Focus: Engineering, IT

Number of Employees: 41,000+

What they do: Day & Zimmermann is an enterprise focused on aiding companies in construction and energy, providing a full-service suite of engineering and workforce solutions to help their projects progress smoothly and effectively. Their IT and engineering teammates guide companies in integrating ERPs and applications into their preexisting recruitment platforms, partnering with companies in over 150 global locations.


Clarivate Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 2016

Focus: Analytics 

Number of Employees: 4,000+

What they do: Clarivate teams up with companies of all sizes and specialties to help them integrate information technology and data into their success strategies. Clarivate's technology suite and data team guides companies along the paths of insight analysis and product development by offering them advanced analytics to easily track the impacts of their brand and follow new industry trends.


Spectra Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 2015

Focus: Internet, Events

Number of Employees: 1,700+

What they do: Spectra is in the business of events, and their goal as a company is to support venues and organizations in hosting interactive experiences. Their team has combined experience in a variety of skills and come from a range of backgrounds, and Spectra's full spectrum services cover financing, engineering, customer service and more areas. From providing initial consulting services to delivering software integrated box office management tools, Spectra guides companies in adopting the latest technologies to enhance the success of their events.


HighPoint Solutions Largest Companies In Philadelphia
HighPoint Solutions 


Founded: 2000

Focus: Information Technology

Number of Employees: 1,150+

What they do: HighPoint Solutions is primarily a consulting firm, but their overall operations are geared toward supporting the technological, marketing and operational needs of clients in the healthcare and life science industries. Their data scientists, accounting experts, IT technicians and software engineers work together to help organizations better manage patient and product outcomes, supporting them on their path to success.


GoPuff Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 2013

Focus: E-commerce

Number of Employees: 1,000+

What they do: GoPuff is an e-commerce platform where customers order convenience store items which are delivered directly to their homes. The company owns its own centralized distribution facilities in the markets they serve, from which they deliver snacks, medicines, household supplies and more. GoPuff is based in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood, but the company’s offices are spread throughout the country in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and more.


CDI Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 1950

Focus: IT

Number of Employees: 900+

What they do: CDI is an engineering and IT company that partners with companies in architecture, chemicals and energy to build solid foundations to support their operations. The technology solutions they provide help companies take on challenges ranging from building construction to recruiting. Their team of engineers, designers and technologists work hand in hand to develop projects for their clients tailored to their specific needs, helping companies build agricultural structures, highways, bridges and more.


Odessa Technologies Largest Companies In Philadelphia
Odessa Technologies


Founded: 1998

Focus: Software, Leasing

Number of Employees: 700+

What they do: Odessa Technologies is a leader in the leasing industry, providing lease management software to companies in automotive and transportation. Their technologies and services help their clients manage their fleets and finance their equipment all from one central platform, enabled to be continuously updated with the latest technologies in their fields.


PEI-Genesis Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 1946

Focus: Electronics Manufacturing

Number of Employees: 600+

What they do: The team at PEI-Genesis hones in on manufacturing and development for companies in aviation, transportation, energy and other industries that require cables and electronics to operate. From patient monitoring devices for healthcare organizations to connector assemblies for railway companies, PEI-Genesis works to design and manufacture electronic components and software technologies for some of the biggest industries in the world. 


Almo Corporation Largest Companies In Philadelphia
Almo Corporation


Founded: 1946

Focus: Consumer Electronics

Number of Employees: 600+

What they do: Almo Corporation is a combined e-commerce platform and electronics manufacturer, distributing cutting-edge electronics products for use in homes and offices. For over 70 years, the company has developed and distributed household electronic appliances to customers across the country, with an additional eight locations across the United States. 


IntegriChain Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 2005

Focus: Analytics, Software

Number of Employees: 300+

What they do: IntegriChain offers cloud-powered channel management services for clients in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, helping companies get their products to more customers on a quicker timeline. Their service suite helps prepare companies for product launches by offering patient data refining, retail and inventory analytics, distribution contract management and other services. IntegriChain is the largest business process platform available to life science companies, and their team works hard to help organizations commercialize their therapies and medications to make them more. accessible to all.


Goliath Technologies Largest Companies In Philadelphia
Goliath Technologies


Founded: 2010

Focus: Information Technology

Number of Employees: 300+

What they do: Enterprises that rely heavily on information technology can turn to Goliath Technologies to gain assistance with both integrating new tech into their operations and streamlining the usage of their preexisting infrastructure. Their professional staff helps companies troubleshoot issues with their productivity and user experiences, and they've assisted companies like American Airlines and Office Depot in monitoring and reporting on the performance of their products.


InstaMed Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 2004

Focus: Fintech

Number of Employees: 300+

What they do: InstaMed is a fintech company that partners with healthcare institutions to build payment processing systems for smoother patient onboarding, billing and insurance referrals. The company's cloud-integrated software technologies help providers transfer healthcare information in a more streamlined fashion, simplifying payment processing and improving visibility for patients.


Data-Core Systems Largest Companies In Philadelphia
Data-Core Systems


Founded: 1988

Focus: Information Technology

Number of Employees: 250+

What they do: Data-Core Systems offers IT powered business processing services for companies in healthcare, government, retail, travel and a number of other industries. With an advanced product suite that includes automation, analytics, cloud integration and more, the team at Data-Core Systems helps companies adopt next-level technologies to stay up-to-date with rapidly changing markets.


N2Growth Largest Companies In Philadelphia


Founded: 1946

Focus: Professional Services

Number of Employees: 200+

What they do: N2Growth is a leadership and professional development company that specializes in helping companies utilize the latest technologies and standards to optimize their operations. Working with companies in tech, industrials, finance, healthcare and more, N2Growth supports the efforts of companies both large and small to reach the height of their potential, providing them with design, search and recruiting services to make their goals achievable.

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