Direct marketing is a strategy for sending messaging that promotes a company’s products or services to a targeted list of potential customers. This approach is typically carried out through methods like mail or email that give the customer a way to directly respond. These five top direct marketing companies work with client brands to help them connect with customers through personalized messaging. 

Top Direct Marketing Companies

  • Jacobs & Clevenger
  • SeQuel Response
  • Propelo Media
  • Beyond Spots & Dots
  • Reachdesk


Top Direct Marketing Companies

Jacobs & Clevenger has been a big name in direct marketing for over 40 years — its founder Rob Jacobs wrote Successful Direct Marketing Methods, a seminal text on direct marketing. The firm offers a full suite of direct marketing services, with specialties in direct mail and digital campaigns for clients including Mercedes Benz and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. 


SeQuel Response offers direct mail marketing, digital marketing and services that integrate both approaches. It primarily serves direct-to-consumer brands and relies heavily on proprietary targeting, testing and reporting protocols to maximize return on investment and help fast-growing companies scale quickly. One of the hallmarks of the SeQuel Response testing strategy is the “FaQtor Test,” which combines traditional A/B and multivariate testing for more nuanced and definitive results to drive strategy. 


Direct marketing company Propelo Media uses an omnichannel strategy, which means homing in on target audience profiles with intricate targeting, then serving the same campaign across all channels, online and offline. It’s a level up from multi-channel marketing in that each person is receiving an increased number of total impressions across channels, and it’s the backbone of Propelo’s work. 

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Beyond Spots & Dots is a family-owned advertising agency that offers a full suite of services, from traditional and digital advertising to marketing, PR and branding. For direct marketing, it offers email marketing, as well as event planning and trade show booth services, providing everything from ideas and strategies to tables, chairs, signage and lighting. 


Reachdesk is a marketing tech company that operates a gifting platform for business-to-business clients. Once they sign with Reachdesk, companies can send gifts to clients, prospects and employees, using gifts as direct marketing to build connections and loyalty. Reachdesk gifting campaigns are closely tracked to measure ROI. The company operates warehouses around the world to streamline the logistics of sending physical gifts.

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