In the competitive world of tech, working at an innovative company now comes with the expectation of great benefits and perks. Bean bag chairs and foosball is a nice addition to a workplace, but these days fun in the office is only the beginning. To attract top talent and produce happier work environments, companies are offering employees benefits like free daily meals, unlimited vacation policies and onsite fitness facilities. 

Tech Companies with Best Benefits

  • UiPath
  • CA Technologies
  • Upwork
  • Xactly
  • BCG Digital Ventures
  • Vimeo

To highlight awesome perks and benefits, every year Built In compiles a list of the companies with the best benefits in the tech hubs Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Our list algorithmically analyzes the benefit information provided by companies to our database to determine the best benefits in each location. We give more weight to essential benefits like health insurance and less to nice-to-have perks like beer on tap. You can check our methodology page for more information. Here are the 33 companies that ranked the highest on our lists this year:


ellevation education companies with best benefits
Ellevation Education

Industry: Edtech

Founded: 2011

What it does: Ellevation Education is a platform created by English language learner (ELL) educators for ELL educators. Ellevation helps teachers manage education programs, collaborate with other instructors and track student progress across classrooms and districts.

Benefits: +24 in all, including generous parental leave policies and onsite gym.


datadog companies with best benefits

Industry: Software

Founded: 2010

What it does: Datadog is a data software program that aggregates metrics across the entire DevOps stack, from applications to servers. Datadog also helps teams collaborate, annotate changes and discuss issues all within the platform.

Benefits: +24 in all, including unlimited vacation and performance bonuses.


upwork companies with best benefits

Industry: HR Tech + Software

Founded: 2003

What it does: Upwork is an online destination connecting freelancers to roles in virtually any job category. From short-term tasks to full-time contract work, businesses like Microsoft, airbnb and GE use the platform to fill temporary roles and complete projects.

Benefits: +29 in all, including a pet-friendly office and diversity program.


discover financial services companies with best benefits
Discover Financial Services

Industry: Big Data + Cloud

Founded: 1985

What it does: Discover Financial Services, located in Riverwoods, Ill., is a direct payment services provider and one of the most recognized financial companies in the US. Discover offers a range of services from credit cards and online banking to student and home equity loans.

Benefits: +27 in all, including onsite gym and tuition reimbursement.


paylocity companies with best benefits

Industry: HR Tech + Software

Founded: 1997

What it does: Paylocity, located in Schaumburg, Ill., offers payroll, capital management and other solutions for human resources teams. The platform helps HR departments streamline processes while managing schedules, time, talent and entire employee life cycles efficiently.

Benefits: +28 in all, including flexible work schedule and tuition reimbursement.


pareto benefits companies with best benefits
Pareto Intelligence

Industry: Big Data + Healthtech

Founded: 2013

What it does: Pareto Intelligence is a healthcare analytics company creating solutions for value-based care. Through proprietary algorithms, data science and predictive models, the company offers healthcare providers with cost, quality and risk-adjusted payment models.  

Benefits: +28 in all, including family medical leave and FSA.


bcg digital ventures companies with best benefits
BCG Digital Ventures

Industry: Digital Media + Software

Founded: 2014

What it does: BCG Digital Ventures, based in Manhattan Beach, Calif., is a corporate investment firm, investing, building and scaling startups alongside influential companies. Its incubation services help businesses grow and develop new technologies in locations around the world.

Benefits: +28 in all, including paid volunteer time and life insurance.


flexport companies with best benefits

Industry: Logistics + Software

Founded: 2013

What it does: Flexport, located in Playa Vista, Calif., provides a software platform that enhances global trade. The cloud and data analytics platform offers services for air, ocean, rail and trucking, helping companies have transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Benefits: +26 in all, including relocation assistance and wellness programs.


system1 companies with best benefits

Industry: Adtech + Big Data

Founded: 2013

What it does: System1, based in Venice, Calif., is an advertising technology company that focuses on user intent for ad delivery. The platform uses pre-targeting algorithms to determine the most relevant ads for users without using personal data.

Benefits: +23 in all, including tuition reimbursement and company equity.


stackoverflow companies with best benefits

Industry: Enterprise Web + Software

Founded: 2008

What it does: Stack Overflow is an online community for coders that's visited by more than 50 million developers monthly. The platform acts as a massive online forum, enabling engineers to share knowledge, ask questions and solve problems.

Benefits: +24 in all, including child care benefits and 401(k).


newsela companies with best benefits

Industry: Edtech

Founded: 2013

What it does: Newsela is an instructional content platform, helping students improve literacy and make reading more engaging. The platform offers a variety of content ranging from fiction and historic news to biographies and primary sources.

Benefits: +26 in all, including wellness programs and child care benefits. 


accolade companies with best benefits

Industry: Healthtech + Mobile

Founded: 2007

What it does: Accolade, based in Seattle, provides personalized healthcare experiences and benefits solutions. The company uses technology, clinical experts and advisors to help individuals and families make decisions in every step of their care.

Benefits: +36 in all, including generous parental leave and tuition reimbursement.


xactly companies with best benefits
Xactly Corporation

Industry: Software

Founded: 2005

What it does: Xactly, located in Denver, creates sales performance software that uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to manage planning and performance. The platform includes a variety of products ranging from commission expense forecasting to incentive programs.

Benefits: +29 in all, including pet insurance and stocked kitchen. 

uipath companeis with best benefits

Industry: Robotics + Software

Founded: 2005

What it does: Also ranked in the top five for best benefits in NYC and Seattle, where it has satellite offices, UiPath creates robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for enterprise customers. The company’s platform automates manual and repetitive tasks, enhancing business operations, employee satisfaction and customer experiences as a whole.

Benefits: +28 in all, including an employee stock purchase plan, wellness programs and more. 


ping identity companies with best benefits
Ping Identity

Industry: Cloud + Security

Founded: 2002

What it does: Ping Identity is a security platform providing identity detection solutions across devices. The unified platform lets users securely connect to mobile, cloud, on-premise applications or SaaS through intelligent tools fingerprint detection and facial recognition.

Benefits: +27 in all, including adoption assistance, unlimited vacation and more.


retailmenot companies with best benefits

Industry: E-commerce

Founded: 2006

What it does: RetailMeNot is an e-commerce destination that leverages savings to influence users to try new brands. The company partners with businesses to bring savings and deals to users, while providing companies with customer insights and multi-channel audience reach.

Benefits: +27 in all, including relocation assistance and commuter benefits.


vrbo companies with best benefits

Industry: E-commerce + Travel

Founded: 2005

What it does: Formerly Homeaway, VRBO is a vacation rental destination connecting travelers with homeowners. The online network has more than two million listings across 190 countries ranging from traditional beach cottages to houseboats.

Benefits: +25 in all, including onsite gym and sabbatical.


uship companies with best benefits

Industry: E-commerce + Transportation

Founded: 2003

What it does: is a transportation marketplace connecting shippers and carriers with extra freight space. The company specializes in decreasing prices on shipping large items like vehicles, appliances and heavy equipment.

Benefits: +27 in all, including child care benefits and disability insurance.


ca technologies companies with best benefits
CA Technologies

Industry: Security + Software

Founded: 1976

What it does: CA Technologies provides digital transformation solutions to businesses. The company helps customers compete in a digital world, offering services ranging from analytics and agile management to DevOps and security.

Benefits: +28 in all, including adoption assistance and family medical leave.


fuze companies with best benefits

Industry: Software

Founded: 2006

What it does: Fuze is a communication platform providing call, meeting, messaging and sharing solutions. The unified platform helps companies enhance collaboration within digital workforces.

Benefits: +26 in all, including remote work program and professional development.


circle companies with best benefits

Industry: Blockchain + Fintech

Founded: 2013

What it does: Circle is a global financial company providing individuals and institutions with a platform to trade, invest and use cryptocurrencies.

Benefits: +23 in all, including remote work program and unlimited vacation.


motley fool companies with best benefits
The Motley Fool

Industry: Digital Media + E-commerce

Founded: 1993

What it does: The Motley Fool, based in Lakewood, Colo., is a financial services company using multimedia to create an investment community. The online destination provides information about stocks, investment how-to’s, personal finance and retirement.

Benefits: +27 in all, including company equity and outings.


csg companies with best benefits

Industry: IoT + On-Demand

Founded: 1994

What it does: CSG, located in Greenwood Village, Colo., creates business support solutions like revenue management, customer experience, digital monetization and internet TV. These solutions help customers decrease operating expenses, improve customer engagement while decreasing churn, compete in the global market, and enable quick launches of digital services.

Benefits: +24 in all, including tuition reimbursement and performance bonus.


return path companies with best benefits
Return Path

Industry: Software

Founded: 1999

What it does: Return Path, based in Broomfield, Colo., is a software company providing email solutions to marketing teams. Return Path’s software ensures email deliverability, maximizes subscribers, drives engagement and increases revenue for companies.  

Benefits: +25 in all, including tuition reimbursement and company equity.


healthgrades companies with best benefits

Industry: Healthtech + Software

Founded: 1998

What it does: Healthgrades, located in Denver, is an online destination that connects patients with healthcare providers and hospitals. The resource helps around a million people a day find top-rated doctors, providing reviews, information about conditions and a booking platform.

Benefits: +24 in all, including diversity program and casual dress code.


zestfinance companies with best benefits

Industry: Artificial Intelligence + Big Data

Founded: 2009

What it does: ZestFinance, located in Los Angeles, uses AI and machine learning technology to enhance the underwriting process and decrease risk in credit approval. The platform, ZAML, uses thousands of variables to determine creditworthiness, providing better approval rates and decreases in loss.

Benefits: +29 in all, including parking and onsite gym. 


nom companies with best benefits

Industry: Adtech

Founded: 2014

What it does: NOM, based in LA, is a video advertising and analytics platform helping companies run ads safely across social platforms. NOM provides companies with transparency on campaigns deployed across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Benefits: +23 in all, including generous parental leave and tuition reimbursement.


fluent companies with best benefits

Industry: Adtech + Marketing Tech

Founded: 2010

What it does: Fluent is a performance marketing company creating digital experiences across channels to increase engagement between brands and consumers. Used for mobile acquisition, lead generation, subscription marketing and inbound call marketing, the company leverages data to improve targeting and campaigns overall.  

Benefits: +25 in all, including diversity programs and commuter benefits.


axon companies with best benefits

Industry: Hardware + Machine Learning

Founded: 2013

What it does: Axon, located in Seattle, is using technology to create solutions that enhance public safety. The company makes products and solutions for use in law enforcement, self-defense and the military.

Benefits: +40 in all, including remote work programs and relocation assistance.


vimeo companies with best benefits

Industry: Cloud + Software

Founded: 2004

What it does: Vimeo is a digital video platform providing hosting, collaboration, distribution and more. Vimeo is used by 90 million creators around the world and offers an easily embeddable and flexible platform built for sharing.

Benefits: +27 in all, including job training and disability insurance. 


deloitte digital companies with best benefits
Deloitte Digital

Industry: Cloud + Professional Services

Founded: 2012

What it does: Deloitte Digital is a digital consultancy providing creative and tech-based services. From social and cloud to strategy and design, Deloitte Digital helps businesses navigate a constantly changing digital landscape.

Benefits: +25 in all, including commuter benefits and 401(k) matching.


postmates companies with best benefits

Industry: E-commerce + Food

Founded: 2011

What it does: Postmates, located in Bellevue, Wash., is an on-demand delivery service for food, drinks and groceries. The platform connects local carriers with users to quickly deliver items from the store or restaurant.

Benefits: +35 in all, including relocation assistance and generous parental leave.


blueprint technologies companies with best benefits

Industry: Artificial Intelligence + Big Data

Founded: 2013

What it does: Blueprint Technologies is a Bellevue-based technology firm providing businesses with digital transformation solutions. The firm offers services like data science, analytics, customer experience optimization and launching new cloud and infrastructure

Benefits: +37 in all, including mentorship and wellness programs. 

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