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Cloud • Healthtech • Professional Services • Software • Pharmaceutical
2 Offices

At eClinical Solutions, our goal is to leverage technology to accelerate clinical research and bring life-changing therapies to patients faster. Our industry-leading elluminate® clinical data platform is used by top life sciences companies worldwide to regain control of their data and provide meaningful analytical insights.

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA
16 Employees

Mighty Well is a medical technology company that manufactures and sells home health solutions for use by healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. Specializing in Durable Medical Equipment and medical supplies, Mighty Well is taking advantage of the industry-wide trend shifting from hospital care to home care. A majority of US home health supplies and DME providers remain antiquated, relying on retail locations and paper forms. Mighty Well has the opportunity to disrupt a $53B market through an intelligent platform that leverages telehealth, home care services, and insurance benefits to maximize value to patients while minimizing expenses.

Healthtech • Biotech
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
19 Employees

Nabsys uses proprietary electronic nano-channel detectors to analyze long DNA molecules at high velocity. Electronic detection enables Nabsys to achieve significantly higher resolution than can be obtained using optical mapping methods. Nabsys HD-Mapping™ solid-state electronic nano-channel detectors build whole genome maps with sub-diffraction-limit resolution that are truly high definition. These maps offer compelling advantages for the analysis of structural variation, the assembly of genomes, and as a method for confirming putative variants called using other technologies. HD-Mapping works by adding sequence-specific tags to long DNA molecules. These molecules pass through the nano-detectors at high velocity using a combination of electrophoretic and hydrodynamic control. The detectors report the locations of the sequence-specific tags on the molecules. The information is then analyzed by Nabsys analytical software. Key application areas that are enabled by Nabsys include: • De Novo Assembly • Structural Variant Discovery • Variant Verification • Microbiome Analysis • Metagenome Characterization • Hybrid Assembly Nabsys provides the complete solution for electronic genome mapping. The Nabsys HD-Mapping platform includes: • HD-Mapping instrument • Electronic nano-channel detector chips • Complete run reagent cartridge • Sample prep kit • Comprehensive control and data analysis software Nabsys HD Mapping provides routine, accurate, cost-effective analysis of genomic structural information. The HD-Mapping platform employs fully electronic detection of tagged single DNA molecules to provide significantly higher sensitivity, accuracy, scalability and speed of detection in comparison to existing mapping technologies. Single-molecule reads, hundreds of kilobases in length, have high resolution and low error rates, resulting in high information content per read.

Healthtech • Consulting • Energy
Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA
200 Employees

NECI is a Solutions and Services Provider for industrial automation and digital transformation. We solve process, automation, and data integration challenges in therapeutics, energy, and manufacturing with a broad portfolio of product, project, and service capabilities. Our industry experts excel at collaborating with clients across the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies to deliver physical and digital solutions that secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources.

Food • Healthtech
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
15,777 Employees

UNFI is North America’s Premier Food Wholesaler. We transform the world of food for our associates, customers, suppliers and the families we serve every day. With deeper full store selection and compelling brands for every aisle, built on an unmatched heritage in great food and fresh thinking. And smarter food solutions, from fulfillment to insights and beyond, that help entrepreneurs and major brands alike unlock their full potential and transform their businesses – for the better. Better Food. Better Future.

Big Data • Fitness • Healthtech • Software
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

APE offers a centralized system that enables coaches to track the progressions of their athletes.

Fitness • Healthtech • Retail • Pharmaceutical
5 Offices
119,959 Employees

CVS Health is the leading health solutions company that delivers care in ways no one else can. We reach people in more ways and improve the health of communities across America through our local presence, digital channels and our nearly 300,000 dedicated colleagues – including more than 40,000 physicians, pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners. Wherever and whenever people need us, we help them with their health – whether that’s managing chronic diseases, staying compliant with their medications, or accessing affordable health and wellness services in the most convenient ways. We help people navigate the health care system – and their personal health care – by improving access, lowering costs and being a trusted partner for every meaningful moment of health. And we do it all with heart, each and every day.

Agency • Digital Media • Healthtech • Social Media • Design
8 Offices
279 Employees

Matter is a Brand Elevation Agency that integrates PR, marketing and creative services into content-rich campaigns that inspire action and build value. Founded in 2003, with eight offices spanning North America, Matter works with the world’s most innovative companies across healthcare, high-technology, consumer technology and consumer markets.

eClinical Solutions Thumbnail
Cloud • Healthtech • Professional Services • Software • Pharmaceutical
2 Offices

Providence, Rhode Island, USA
828 Employees

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (bcbsri.com) is a non-profit, community-focused health plan founded in 1939 to help Rhode Islanders finance their healthcare needs. Today, that’s still a big part of what we’re all about. We are committed to improving the health and peace of mind of our members by facilitating their access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our customers and of the people of Rhode Island by improving their health for generations to come. We are an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Hardware • Healthtech • Robotics
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
12 Employees

At Sproutel they make toys that help children newly diagnosed with a chronic illness learn and cope through play!

eCommerce • Healthtech
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
9 Employees

Maternova is a global marketplace and online community for ideas, technologies, and devices that help save mothers and newborns.

Healthtech • Biotech
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
25 Employees

Advanced Image Enhancement's (AIE) core technology evolved from proprietary United States Navy signal and image processing research

Healthtech • Pharmaceutical
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
8 Employees

Vitae Industries offers affordable pharmacy automation solutions.

Healthtech • Pet
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Skyline Vet Pharma is an animal health product development and marketing company.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA
220 Employees

Ximedica is a fully integrated product development firm focused on bringing medical technologies from first concept to market launch.

Healthtech • Information Technology • Social Media
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2 Employees

Accelereach, an online platform, helps health and wellness professionals manage and engage their clients by using a text messaging system.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA
5 Employees

Care Thread provides secure mobile messaging and patient-centered collaboration solutions for healthcare providers.