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Rudimentary forms of machine learning — whereby machines are trained to learn various tasks and amplify their effectiveness through AI — have been around for a while. But today’s version, which involves the marriage of big data and complex mathematics, is a breed apart. And its uses are multiplying quickly. 

The new paradigm in ML is the eventual evolution beyond systems that perform narrowly defined tasks, as Google senior fellow and Google Brain lead Jeff Dean explained:

“What we really want is a system that can do a hundred thousand things,” Dean has said, “and then when the hundred thousand-and-first thing comes along that it’s never seen before, we want it to learn from its experience to be able to apply the experience it’s gotten in solving the first hundred thousand things to be able to quickly learn how to do thing hundred thousand-and-one.”

Top Machine Learning Companies

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Databricks
  • Dataiku
  • Veritone
  • DataRobot
  • SoundHound
  • Unity
  • Interactions

While the technology may still be advancing, many companies are already taking advantage of what ML can do.

Here are 37 of them you should know.


Machine Learning Companies to Know

Location: Seattle, Washington

OctoML’s goal is to make AI more affordable and accessible to people who are building new tech products. The company provides machine learning tech for hardware, cloud software and edge devices, working with engineers and developers on its Octomizer platform to accelerate their progress with scalable AI tools. 


Location: Fully Remote

Software developers need data to build and test code, but because of privacy laws and ethical concerns, they can’t use actual data. Tonic.ai’s AI-powered “real fake data” is generated by neural networks that approximate real-data conditions, using machine learning models known as variational autoencoders that cohere location, categorical, continuous and events data.


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duolingo, the language-learning platform that encourages people to keep up with their vocab lessons, relies on machine learning to quickly identify the user-reported issues that need to be addressed (as opposed to the ones that are not really issues at all). It achieves this by using a logistic regression algorithm that figures out how likely it is that the issue report is valid.


Location: Stamford, Connecticut

KAYAK is a travel search website that uses machine learning models and gobs of data from various travel service providers to power its recommendation engine. Consumers use the platform to explore and compare rates for hotels, flights, car rentals, cruise and vacation packages.


Location: Madison, Wisconsin 

Veda’s technologies provide a faster way to process data, automate tasks and organize patient information. With ML capabilities, these tools eliminate errors and digest data at a swift tempo. As a result, healthcare organizations can finish processing files within 24 hours. 

The company's solutions handle repetitive and data-related tasks, allowing healthcare institutions to operate more efficiently and let providers direct energies toward treating patients.


Location: Santa Monica, California

FLYR Labs developed an AI-powered revenue management system for airlines to use to make more insightful decisions with their data. From ultra-accurate revenue forecasting to optimal pricing, the platform helps airline partners streamline their processes and deliver their customers better prices.


Location: San Francisco, California

Generally Intelligent is an independent research company developing general-purpose AI agents, with the ultimate goal of helping solve real-world problems. The outfit’s work “combines theoretical understanding of  deep neural networks with pragmatic engineering.”


Location: Fully Remote

Plainsight delivers a convenient platform that enables companies to harness and implement AI technology faster. With these capabilities, businesses can collect and analyze data with camera systems, object recognition features and other advanced tools. 

Industries like agriculture and pharmaceuticals can use Plainsight to streamline operations and ramp up production.


Location: Franklin, Massachusetts 

Interactions supplies companies with Intelligent Virtual Assistants, which combine AI technology and a human touch. These tools can process accents, keywords and other factors to produce natural conversations with customers. Whether it’s over the phone or via text messaging, Interactions is ready to address customer concerns. 

Since IVAs handle a range of conversations and the AI technology can craft social media responses, businesses can automate tasks and conserve resources.


Location: Fully Remote

With the foresight of advanced technology, Urbint is able to map out landscapes and anticipate potential risk factors for companies to consider during infrastructure projects. A cloud-based approach makes processes seamless for businesses, enabling workers to receive updates and undertake actions at a rapid rate. 

Projects become safer for employees and surrounding areas once Urbint paints a clear picture of potential risk. Companies can then take proactive steps to complete tasks while maintaining the health of local environments and communities.


Location: San Francisco, California

Afresh has created technology that helps grocers forecast fresh produce and eliminate food waste. The company employs AI-powered software that will track the demand, perishability, inventory and other data to ensure produce is selling before it spoils. In three months, CUBS, a grocery chain in Minnesota and Illinois, reported a 2.5 percent increase in sales and a 7.4 percent reduction in inventory holds.


Location: Fully Remote

Navigating the residential real estate market may seem like a daunting endeavor, but HouseCanary simplifies the process with ComeHome. This product helps people find the property that fits their budget and personal preferences, resulting in a more transparent and satisfying experience.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

DataRobot uses ML to automate tasks that are necessary to develop AI and ML applications. Its platform enables data scientists at all skill levels to more quickly construct and apply ML models.


Location: Fully Remote 

Quora allows people to pursue their curiosity by connecting them to various communities online. Once users select their subject areas, Quora creates a personalized news feed. If users have more specific questions, they can also submit queries that Quora users around the world can address. The company uses ML for multiple applications, such as ranking answers based on relevance and helpfulness.

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Location: Woodland Hills, California

Convoso provides cloud-based outbound call center software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, the company's Intelligent Virtual Agent puts these technologies to work to support voice and SMS interactions. Convoso says its customers have reported increased sales and contact rates.


Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

TackleAI says its software solutions help to save time and money by transforming “unstructured documents into intelligible and immediately accessible data.” Developed by merging machine learning, computer vision and proprietary neural networks, the company's software has applications for the healthcare, legal, finance and defense industries.


Location: New York, New York

Hyperscience turns human-readable content into machine-readable data by using ML (among other technology) to automate office work. In the healthcare industry, for example, Hyperscience’s platform can be used to process physician order forms and prescription forms faster to reduce costs and cut down on billing mistakes.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

CloudZero helps clients keep track of everything that’s happening on their clouds. Simultaneously, its ML algorithms observe, learn and automatically adjust to — or, if need be, alert clients about — any changes.


Location: Fully Remote

Strong Analytics’ Strong RL, Strong ML, Strong Vision and Strong Forecast platforms give companies custom ML and AI solutions. Strong ML, for example, helps simplify and speed up the process of deploying and managing ML applications.


Location: San Francisco, California

With applications in gaming, film, automotive, transportation, edtech and more, Unity uses ML in its content creation platform.


Location: San Francisco, California

More than 7,000 companies have used Databricks for “massive-scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning and business analytics.” Comcast, Adobe and T-Mobile have been among its customers.


Location: New York, New York

Dataiku offers a platform for designing, deploying and managing AI applications that is capable of building optimized ML models. The company’s partners include Tableau and Google Cloud.


Location: Natick, Massachusetts

Engineers can use MathWorks’ MATLAB products to analyze data, develop algorithms and create models. Customers have used MATLAB and its ML capabilities in developing technology for autonomous vehicles, assessing fall risk for older adults and analyzing data to identify potentially safer battery materials.


Location: Costa Mesa, California

Veritone’s aiWARE platform can support language identification, content classification, transcription, license plate recognition and other AI models. It can help turn audio, video and text into actionable intelligence that can be used to develop solutions for industries such as advertising, energy, government and public safety.


Location: Lenexa, Kansas

TrueAccord is a debt collection platform powered by ML. TrueAccord uses email, SMS and voicemail to reach consumers and the company’s patented ML engine HeartBeat can personalize their experience, giving them the ability to take care of debt “in a totally self-serve fashion.”


Location: Cambridge, MA

MORSE specializes in software development, algorithm development and system integration services for national security applications. The employee-owned company, whose name is an acronym for mission-oriented rapid solution engineering, was selected by the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center in 2022 to develop new software services to test and evaluate AI capabilities for the US military.


Location: Manassas, Virginia

Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing company, uses ML in its development and manufacturing of unmanned flight systems and aerospace vehicles. In its more than three decades, the Aurora has developed and flown 30 different aircrafts.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Attivio employs ML to analyze user behaviors and build relevancy models that learn and improve as content, data and activity grow and expand. Consequently, it’s able to deliver relevant search query results and better understand the “intent” that spurs the queries.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Gamalon deploys ML to read, interpret and summarize the text of customer messages (comments, chat exchanges, survey responses) so its clients can take a more proactive and effective approach to customer service.


Location: Austin, Texas

CollabIP’s Tethr uses ML to transcribe and analyze phone calls with a human-like sensitivity to language. It then provides insights based on that analysis to improve future client-customer interactions.

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Location: Santa Clara, California

SoundHound, an audio and speech recognition company, used ML in the development of its Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technology, which helps listeners find and share the music around them, or even a song that's in their head. The Houndify platform hosts more than 20,000 developers.

SoundHound partnered with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. to assist in the development of the car manufacturer’s voice-enabled AI assistant.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Combining ML with computer vision technology, the Octi app knows where people are in-camera and employs that knowledge to apply different effects. Potential applications exist in fashion, fitness, entertainment and gaming.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Fama uses ML to help companies weed out job applicants by scouring their online presence, including social media, for information that indicates risk, culture fit and performance level. Doing so, the company says, proactively helps stem sexual harassment, bullying and other threats.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Luminoso deploys ML in sifting through massive amounts of text data from call centers, chatbot transcripts, social media posts and more. The company’s platforms can learn from the conversations and feedback to improve client interactions.


Location: Chantilly, Virginia

QBurst employs ML algorithms to make quick data-driven decisions about complex problems that are beyond the human brain’s capacity to solve. The company’s services have applications for several industries, including healthcare, insurance, retail and manufacturing.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Amazon Web Services provides companies with AI and ML services to solve business challenges and speed up innovation. These services have several uses, including conversational AI for customer engagement, identifying fraud and automating data extraction from documents.

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