6 Ways AI Image Generators Can Help Marketers

AI image generators can save time and money when producing all kinds of marketing materials.

Written by Jason Toy
Published on Aug. 17, 2023
6 Ways AI Image Generators Can Help Marketers
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Generative artificial intelligence is streamlining operations for companies in all kinds of industries. Business leaders are employing ChatGPT for social media content creation, adding AI chatbots to their websites to answer visitors’ questions, using AI to create 3D models of new product ideas, and so on.

How Marketers Can Use AI Image Generators

  • Online marketing materials
  • Social media content
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • A/B testing for visuals
  • Personalized branding
  • Graphic design

Now there is a whole new AI realm that companies will find useful for marketing strategies and other tasks: AI image generators. 

Using artificial intelligence to create customized images can help business leaders cut costs and speed up all kinds of initiatives. In my experience as the founder of the 88stacks, an AI image generator, I have discovered many ways AI photo generators can help businesses reach new heights. Here are six to explore. 

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Online Marketing Materials

In today’s digital era, online marketing is paramount for new and established businesses to grow. Companies pay marketers large sums of money to create images for Google ads, email blasts, infographics to send to media outlets and other online marketing assets.

This no longer needs to be the case. AI image generators can help alleviate the cost that comes with employing professionals to create online marketing materials. Business leaders can simply input text that describes how they want an image or infographic to look like into an AI image generator, and it will create that exact graphic.


Versatile Social Media Content

A robust and consistent social media strategy is also essential for businesses. It is important to have a great mix of promotional content and social media posts that are fun and/or provide free value. 

For example, there are always new memes and trends that companies should try to take part in to grow their followers and gain potential customers. AI image generators can be used to create custom graphics for Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is faster than traditional design methods, enabling business leaders to produce content more efficiently, meet tight deadlines and capitalize on trends before they fizzle out.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Should a business send the same promotional email blast to both regular consumers and business customers? No, as creating targeted email campaigns will maximize the effectiveness with both customer segments. Business leaders can use AI image generators to create visuals tailored to specific audience segments, which in turn will increase the conversion rate of each email marketing campaign. 

For example, an email blast sent to regular consumers can show an image of a family using the brand’s product in a house, and an email blast sent to business customers can show a company leader using the same product in an office. An AI image generator can even incorporate each customer’s name into the image shown in the email blast sent to them. 

All of these personalization elements can really enhance the appeal and memorability of each email blast, which can contribute to long-term brand recognition and conversions.


Graphic Design for Print

Companies spend so much money paying graphic designers to create custom images for promotional flyers, posters and other print materials. Businesses may also think it is more cost effective in the long run to purchase pricey graphic design software that is highly technical and confusing. 

However, they then waste so much valuable time trying to figure out how to use this software. With an AI image generator, business leaders can create a ton of high-level and quality-driven visuals at a fraction of the cost and without the technical and creative demand of graphic design and related software.


Personalized Branding

A strong and recognizable brand is vital for businesses to grow their share of the market in virtually every industry. Branding elements like a specific color scheme, unique font, and logo can really help set a business apart from its competitors and add to the overall appeal of the company. 

This in turn can help make the business top of mind when a potential customer is in the market for products and/or services that company provides. Think about it: When you are driving home from work and are in the mood for a cheap, quick and tasty hamburger, you might think of easily recognizable brands like Wendy’s or McDonald’s. 

All that said, an AI image generator can produce custom visuals that align with a brand’s unique identity, fostering stronger brand recognition and customer loyalty. For example, an AI image generator can follow predefined style guidelines to create unique infographics and images for social media and Google Ads that align with a company’s overall brand tone, website aesthetics, and message about the mission it is trying to achieve.

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A/B Testing for Visuals

A/B testing is pivotal for ensuring each marketing initiative is as effective as possible at growing sales. From variations of the copy used in Google Ads to trying out different scripts for cold calls to sales leads, A/B testing can help business owners pinpoint the best marketing elements to use. 

An AI image generator can help with this. Business leaders can use an AI image generator to quickly and easily create variations of visuals to conduct A/B testing, thus optimizing marketing efforts based on data-driven insights. 

For example, a cat-products company can use an AI image generator to create various images that each show a different cat playing with a brand new toy launch. All of these images can be tested in online ads, and the one that leads to the most clicks can be used for all ads. These are just a few ways AI image generators can boost a business.

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